8 Best Sexy Cowboy Western Romances to Bring Out Your Wild Side

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Let’s be real: Cowboys are the epitome of romantic heroes.

It’s hard not to be enchanted by their southern charm (and their sexy bods).

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Here are the my 8 best western romances with sexy cowboys that’ll have you swooning.

  1. The Bad Boy Cowboy (Morgan Ranch) by Kate Pearce 
  2. The Cowboy’s Baby: A Small Town Montana Romance (Corbett Billionaires Book 1) by Imani King
  3. Toughest Cowboy in Texas: A Western Romance (Happy, Texas) by Carolyn Brown
  4. How To Catch A Cowboy: A Small Town Montana Romance by Joanna Bell
  5. Manhunt (A Rocky Mountain Thriller Book 1) by Ann Voss Peterson 
  6. Country Nights by Winter Renshaw 
  7. Southern Desire (Southern Heart Book 2) by Kaylee Ryan 
  8. Billion Dollar Cowboy – A Billionaire Romance by Rowan Underwood

1. The Bad Boy Cowboy (Morgan Ranch) by Kate Pearce 

The Bad Boy Cowboy (Morgan Ranch Book 4)

H.W. has always been the wild child of the family and exceptionally charming. He uses charm to navigate his life, but his charm can’t earn him 1st place in in the Nationals Final Rodeo. After coming in 2nd place, he decides to hang up his hat for a while and return home to the ranch that his brothers have been converting into a dude ranch.

They all throw themselves into the work, committing themselves to revamping the family ranch. The brothers have been through their fair share of hardships in their childhood with their mother having suffered from postpartum depression. She has put her kids in perilous situations, even trying to stab their father before fleeing the family. Needless to say, H.W. hasn’t had it easy and lives his life with his guard up.

Enter Samantha. She, too, has had her fair share of trauma as she was deployed in Afghanistan when an attack on her unit left her missing the lower half of her left leg. She will now spend six weeks at the Morgan Ranch, where she’ll meet H.W. as he coaches her through equine therapy.

There’s a palpable sexual energy between the two. It’s hard to deny that their feelings have grown into an irrevocable passion for each other. Both being broken individuals and survivors of trauma, it’s hard for them to let their walls down. Can love be the therapy they need to heal and allow themselves to live happily ever after? Their story is heartwarming, emotional, and filled with past demons they’ll have to learn to combat if they want their happily ever after.

This novel is ideal if you like:

  • Heroes who have troubled childhoods
  • Strong female leads.

I love the characters of this story! There’s something exceptionally sweet about two damaged people coming together and finding solace when they least expect it. Sam is an exceptional heroine, as she was wounded in combat but isn’t defined by her injury. She is a total bad a**, making her the perfect match for the reformed party animal that is H.W.

The author has written two fiercely strong and passionate characters who have a connection that grows throughout the story. Plus, I have a huge crush on the perfect bad boy H.W. There’s no lack of steamy scenes between him and Sam. You’ll feel super satisfied sexually and emotionally when you finish this book!


2. The Cowboy’s Baby: A Small Town Montana Romance (Corbett Billionaires Book 1) by Imani King

The Cowboy's Baby: A Small Town Montana Romance (Corbett Billionaires Book 1)

When Tia’s parents die in a car wreck, she has to go live with her aunt and uncle in RIver Bend, Montana. Trying to navigate life after an unfathomable loss, the last thing Tia expects to find is love.

Same can be said for sexy but surly cowboy Dallas, who has experienced great loss himself. He served twice in Iraq, and now lives more or less like a recluse with his animals in a cabin, not able to deal with the horrors of war that he witnessed. It seems like nothing can break through the tough wall he hides behind–until Tia.

Tia is smart, sexy, and confident. Despite how brash Dallas can be, she is able to see a softer side to him. Dallas so badly wants to resist. He knows he’s not in a place where he’s capable of the kindness Tia deserves. Despite it all, he finds himself falling hard for her. She’s not like any woman he’s ever known. She brings out a side to him he thought was long gone.

These two broken souls may have a chance at happiness and healing their wounds if they can fight off their demons and allow themselves to fully trust each other. With twists, turns, a pregnancy, and plenty of steam, this story is an engaging tale of what happens when two people discover the healing power of love.

If you like:

  • Billionaires
  • Old-fashioned love stories!

…then you’ll have to read this one!

This story is written so well, it was nearly impossible to put down. The author has a way of writing that is absolutely captivating. Passion pours from the pages, and you’ll be rooting for these two throughout. Both characters deal with trauma and loss, and the way they are written is extremely heartfelt. When they do finally find some happiness thanks to each other, it’s so incredibly sweet.

We know they haven’t had it easy, and seeing our hero and heroine find peace makes for an emotional journey that you’ll never want to end. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Dallas is an incredibly sexy and buff cowboy, even if he has rude tendencies. It’s such a turn on.


3. Toughest Cowboy in Texas: A Western Romance (Happy, Texas) by Carolyn Brown

Toughest Cowboy in Texas: A Western Romance (Happy, Texas Book 1)

Lila has a bit of a reputation as the “bad girl” of Happy, Texas. When she was a teenager, she was the talk of the town–and not for good reasons. Twelve years after her breakup with sexy cowboy, Brody, and her departure from Happy, Lila returns to the gossipy town to take care of her mom’s cafe.

She finds Happy is exactly how she left it, with judgments about her being whispered as she passes. Oh, and her ex Brody is still there, working on the ranch. There’s still something between them, too, and neither of them can deny the sparks. Are sparks enough, though?

Brody broke Lila’s heart back when they were teenagers. He profusely apologizes and wants to mend the fracture in their relationship. He comes to realize he feels the same way about her that he did twelve years earlier. He is instantly attracted to her again, and now she’s grown up and not the wild child the town has imprinted in their minds. Even his mother and grandmother don’t think very fondly of Lila.

Lila is weary of Brody, afraid to get heart broken by him again. Despite everything working against them, the two find themselves unable to deny their passion, determined to make the most of their second chance at love.

If you’re a fan of:

  • Small town settings
  • Second chances

…you’ll be a fan of this story!

I love how heartwarming this book is. It’s a feel good story that will have you hooked from the get-go. Happy, Texas is an appropriate location for this love story because you really will feel great while reading. I laughed plenty, cried a little, and felt deeply attached to both Lila and Brody.

The characters are lovable, and I found myself hopelessly pining for them to work out. It’s not often we get a second chance at love, and with such likable characters in the vibrant world the author has created, you’ll find yourself rooting for the duo from beginning to end.


4. How To Catch A Cowboy: A Small Town Montana Romance by Joanna Bell

How To Catch A Cowboy: A Small Town Montana Romance

Blaze is only trying to do her job as an IRS agent when she shows up at Sweetgrass Ranch. She needs to check that Jack, the handsome cowboy, has his finances in order as he runs the family ranch. Her job means everything to her, and there’s no room for error. She’s a an independent, no-nonsense woman from D.C, focused on getting the job done and determined to avoid distraction.

Distraction takes the form of romance, however, when she meets Jack. It’s impossible to diffuse the fire that burns between them. He can’t keep her eyes off of her curvy figure, and she can’t deny her attraction to the rugged cowboy.

Blaze knows getting involved could potentially put her job on the line, and Jack knows getting involved with her could put his ranch on the line. Despite all the risks involved, they can’t shake their feelings for each other. There’s a cosmic energy pulling them towards each other and towards the bedroom.

Will their fiery passion for each other be enough to overcome to obstacles ahead in their relationship? Can Blaze, who has been taught to always follow the rules, learn to let go and throw caution to the wind? Both Jack and Blaze have skeletons in their closets and secrets in their past that could threaten not just their relationship, but their lives as they know it.

If you like:

  • City girl heroines in the country
  • And stories featuring BBWs

…then get yourself a copy of this book!

It’s hard to pick my favorite part about this book when it offered so much. There’s so many elements that make for a great story. There’s two people who seem like complete opposites coming together despite their differences.

I love bringing a city girl into a romance with a cowboy. It makes for several hilarious and heartwarming scenes, like when Blaze interacts with the farm animals. This book also tackles financial hardship, family drama, and pregnancy, and, of course, there’s no shortage of sizzling romance.


5. Manhunt (A Rocky Mountain Thriller Book 1) by Ann Voss Peterson

Manhunt (A Rocky Mountain Thriller)

When Shanna accepts her boss’s invite to come on a company hunting trip, she never could’ve expected the events that would unfold. Even though Shanna had never fired a gun in her life, she knows this trip could be the opportunity she’s been after.

She’s desperate to prove herself and earn a promotion so that she can provide for her daughter. Unfortunately, Shanna’s trip turns into a nightmare when she becomes the prey. Her boss begins to fire at her, and Shanna must flee. She finds a rancher’s truck and takes cover, hoping she’ll be able to stay safe from dangers both natural and man-made.

The truck that she hides in belongs to Jace Lantry. Jace is a rugged, sexy ex-cop who now works as a rancher. He at first isn’t even sure if he believes Shanna’s tale of being hunted, but when he looks into her eyes, he can’t deny the fear. He turns out to be quite the cowboy, helping Shanna face a multitude of dangerous forces including a snowstorm and a grizzly bear.

Shanna and Jace try to figure out why Shanna’s boss turned on her and why even the police won’t help her. As they attempt to find safety and answers, the heroic cowboy finds himself falling for Shanna. The chemistry is intense, and there’s plenty of steam. Will Shanna’s nightmarish journey into the wilderness end up being the reason she finds unexpected love?

If you like

  • Action and adventure
  • Romantic suspense

…then read this book A.S.A.P.!

Without a doubt, this was one of the most exciting western romances I’ve read. There’s so much action both in the mountains and between the sheets for Shanna and Jace! From being betrayed and hunted to a treacherous storm to a run-in with a grizzly, there’s not a dull moment for our characters.

I love the rugged cowboy falling for a gutsy heroine amidst even the most dangerous and terrifying situations. I found myself rooting for the characters throughout the novel while on the edge of my seat, not knowing what dangerous situation they’ll find themselves in next.


6. Country Nights by Winter Renshaw

Country Nights

All Leighton wants is to escape to the country. When she sees her family’s old home is being rented out, she takes it as a sign to stay there for a few months to clear her head. Upon arrival she’s greeted by a surly cowboy named River. He says that he owns the home and there’s no way it is for rent, and that Leighton was victim to an online scam.

After being turned away, and having emptied her savings into her plan, she decides to crash in her car. This isn’t exactly the get-a-way that Leighton envisioned for herself. But at least she’s away from her awful ex-fiance.

River takes pity on the poor woman left to sleep in her car, so he cuts her a deal. She can stay for two months rent-free if she works for him on the ranch. There’s an undeniable attraction between River and Leighton, and the boss-employee relationship is soon replaced by something much sexier.

Even though Leighton meets new people and even goes on a few dates, there’s something about the cocky, smart-mouthed River that keeps her eyes on him. He can’t resist his attraction to Leighton, even if she is loud and somewhat of a busy-body. The two find themselves in the throws of passion, unable to keep their hands off each other. But there are exes, secrets, and family drama threatening their happiness.

Will the city girl and the country boy get their happily ever after?

This book is perfect if you like:

I love that this book has a little bit of everything going on. It keeps the story fresh and exciting. There’s emotional intensity stemming from family drama, exes, and tragedy. There’s plenty of action and adventure, including action in the bedroom. There’s no shortage of heat when this sexy cowboy wrangles the city beauty.

This steamy read will have you rooting for the hero and heroine to get together from the get-go. They both have big personalities that click together in a beautiful way. I could not put this book down!


7. Southern Desire (Southern Heart Book 2) by Kaylee Ryan

Southern Desire (Southern Heart Book 2)

Whitney is grieving the devastating loss of her mother to cancer. She decides to leave the city and head to the country to be with her remaining family. While there, she meets the charming cowboy Aaron. He’s a perfect southern gentleman. He cares about family, he is respectful, and oh so sexy.

Whitney is still in a fragile place and he only wants to help her to heal. He can’t get enough of her curves, her kind heart, and her ability to be her authentic self despite her loss. There’s definitely explosive chemistry between the cowboy and the city girl.

Whitney and Aaron start the story as strangers, and their relationship develops into a great friendship before they become romantically involved. Aaron’s philosophy when it comes to women is that he isn’t interested in dating unless he can absolutely see it headed somewhere serious. He thinks he found this with Whitney. However, Whitney has a secret.

This secret causes her to leave her life that she’s so effortlessly adjusted to in the country, including her new friends and Aaron. Will Whitney come back to Aaron so they two can find their much-deserved happiness within each other?

If you like:

  • Stories about tragedy and grief
  • Perfect southern gentlemen
  • Lots of emotion

…then treat yourself to this book!

First and foremost, Aaron is the dream book boyfriend. He’s respectful, sexy, sweet, gentle, and kind. He’s patient with the grieving Whitney and helps her find happiness when she needs it so badly. The way they find strength in each other is beautiful. This story really does a great job handling grief and how it changes people.

It was hard to get through this one with dry eyes! But, there’s plenty of joy and plenty of sexy, steamy scenes throughout to give you a little bit of everything you could want in a western romance.


8. Billion Dollar Cowboy – A Billionaire Romance by Rowan Underwood

Billion Dollar Cowboy - A Billionaire Romance

Rose is not only baffled but humiliated when she finds out she’s been passed over for the promotion at her law firm. The hard-working lawyer has lived under immense pressure from her parents to do her best no matter what. She assumed she was a shoe-in for the promotion, and when it doesn’t play out that way, she decides to leave the city for a bit to catch her breath.

She rents a cabin in the country for a week, hoping for some quality time with herself to reflect and unwind. The last thing she expects to find out in the wilderness is romance.

Branch is a billionaire rancher. He used to practice law himself, but now he lives a quiet, private life away from all the drama of the city. Having been burned before, he’s built a wall to protect his heart. The last thing he expects is to fall for the woman he’s renting his cabin on the ranch to.

He rescues her after she gets stuck in a ditch, and immediately the sparks between them fly. Wanting so badly to resist and keep his heart protected, Branch tries to deny any fuzzy feelings he has for Rose, but the bold and beautiful woman has a way of pulling him out of his shell and bringing out his best side, despite his efforts.

What starts as a friendship slowly heats up into something deeper and more powerful than they could’ve ever anticipated. But, it’s not all happy-go-lucky. They both have skeletons in their closet and demons from their past that could threaten their newfound connection. Will their love grow strong enough to last, and while doing so, can these broken people heal?

Read to find out, especially if you like:

Watching the hero and heroine fall in love is swoon-worthy. Seeing Rose able to make Branch a little more social and a little more comfortable is so sweet! They both help each other overcome personal obstacles, and we come to really root for the two to get together.

The story is also beautifully written. The author eloquently uses description to set the scene for this country tale. There’s plenty of hot, steamy action packed into these pages that’ll make this light, easy read so enjoyable.


What’s Your Favorite?

Did you find yourself falling for a perfect southern gentleman? Or maybe a surly but sexy cowboy? Comment your favorite, and let me know who you’d want to lasso!

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