He’s the enemy I can’t resist, but fate has other plans. I had my heart set on finishing college and living a normal life, but trouble from my mafia past ruined those plans. Now, I’m having to face demons and shadow mist that no one can see but me. Just as secrets about my shifter path surface, I meet a dark, ruthless, and powerful man who fills me with an unrelenting desire. Will he be the one to lead me to my destiny, or my undoing?

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I’m being held captive, and I can’t remember anything… When someone finally comes looking for me, I don’t know who to believe. Is Tav trying to protect me? Or, is he the one who hurt me?

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Hi, my name’s Mabel and I’m the universe’s worst monster hunter. I mean, it doesn’t help that I keep falling in love with them… They said a meek human woman could never kill monsters–and they were right. The only problem was my father accidentally killed a nobleman and the king needed a new monster slayer. I am a debt that has to be paid. Now, my family is long dead, I am no longer meek, and I am still charged with killing every non-human entity that the latest king bears a grudge against. If I could just stop loving them…

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