75 Best Lesbian Romance Novels to Read

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Who doesn’t enjoy a great love story?

Everyone does, and up until now, those stories were all about the male-female relationship. Fortunately, all of that has changed, and now there are beautiful love stories between two people, regardless of their sexual orientation. So if you’re interested in reading about lesbian romances, you’re in luck. Enjoy the following romance stories … all are stories you’ll never forget.

Here are some of the top lesbian romance books that you should be reading…

55 Best Lesbian Romance Novels

Needing Her

Needing Her: Lesbian Romance Short Story Bundle
Author: Cassandra Michaels
A steamy collection of lesbian stories that leave very little to the imagination. Features best sellers such as “The Protege” and “The New Girl on Campus”. A must-get for the voracious reader.

Full Bodied in the Vineyard

Full Bodied In The Vineyard
Author: Nicolette Dane
Shannon is about to turn 40 and has no special love interest in her life. When she reconnects with an old college friend on social media, she finds in Alina the free-spirited, sensual woman she remembers, and she hopes their relationship will be what both of them need.

Ask, Tell

Ask, Tell
Author: E.J. Noyes
Sabine is a captain in the army who is deployed in Afghanistan, and when she meets Rebecca, she is immediately smitten. Even though she thinks Rebecca is interested in her as well, she can’t help but notice Rebecca’s wedding ring. In addition, because of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law, Sabine is reluctant to pursue Rebecca, but she also can’t stop thinking about her.

Far From the World We Know

Far from the World We Know: A Lesbian Romance Novel
Author: Harper Bliss
Laura heads to a small town in Texas after a rough breakup, where she immediately meets Tess and becomes interested. However, Laura is afraid of being hurt again and approaches the situation with caution. Will she ever let down her defenses enough for Tess to claim her heart?

Floats Her Boat

Floats Her Boat: A Lesbian Romance Novel
Author: Nicolette Dane
When Brooke heads to Minnesota to prepare her family’s vacation home for the sale, she intends to stay there only a short time, but when she meets Hailey, her neighbor, she starts to change her mind. Can this famous singer and lovely woman convince Brooke to stay in Minnesota instead of going through with her plans to sell the house?


Jericho (A Jericho Novel)
Author: Ann McMan
Sometimes it takes awhile to notice the obvious. Syd is straight and going through a divorce, but her attraction to Maddie is undeniable. The whole town knows Maddie is a lesbian, but how long will it take Syd to notice? And will it make a difference in the end?

Swearing Off Stars

Swearing Off Stars: A Novel
Author: Danielle Wong
Lia and Scarlett have a brief fling in London, and years later, neither has forgotten the other. Lia begins a search for Scarlett, who is now an actress, and will stop at nothing to find this remarkable woman so that she can renew their relationship and be happy once again. But after all these years, is this even possible?

Changing Leaves

Changing Leaves (A Lesbian Romance Novella)
Author: Edie Bryant
Gina and Jess have lost touch with one another, partly because of what Gina had done to this lovely woman. But when Gina returns to her hometown to take care of her dying mother, the two meet up once again. Will Jess forgive Gina? And how will Gina reciprocate?

The Intern

The Intern: A Sweet Lesbian Romance
Author: Mia Archer
Nicole wasn’t too happy with her life, especially her job, but when she meets the new intern, her interest is piqued. The intern is actually an heiress working under an assumed name, and she isn’t thrilled about her new position. But, both ladies learn to enjoy one another’s company, even though they have no idea if it will last.

The Boss of Her

The Boss of Her: Office Romance Novellas
Author: Julie Cannon
Enjoy three novellas about office romance. In the first one, Riley’s stripper-lover shows up as an employee at her company, but will it wreak havoc on Riley’s life? In the second story, Elisa is a lawyer whose firm takes on a case that involves her law school crush. In the third story, Stephanie tries to handle her new assistant’s kindness and loveliness without getting too attached to her.

A Way with Words

A Way With Words: A Lesbian Romance Novel
Author: Nicolette Dane
Evelyn is a writer whose editor is begging for another manuscript, but she is stuck in a rut. When a former student, Meadow Sims, becomes attracted to her, Evie is unsure of what to do next. She wants to explore a relationship with Meadow, but conventional wisdom tells her not to do so. What will she choose in the end?

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort
Author: Skyy
Katrina has a choice to make. She can have either Willow, a new acquaintance, or an old flame who once broke her heart. Each situation has its own advantages, so which one will Katrina choose in the end?

The Private Life of Jane Maxwell

The Private Life of Jane Maxwell (Hopefuls Book 1)
Author: Jenn Gott
Jane Maxwell is a comic strip artist who finds herself in a parallel world where her characters come to life and she becomes their leader. This puts her face-to-face with a family she almost doesn’t recognize and even her dead wife, making the navigation of this alternate life a lot harder than she thought.

Seeing Double

Seeing Double: A Lesbian Romance Novel
Author: Seeing Double
An unlikely incident brings Anna and Emily together – they are both dating, but being cheated on by David. As their friendship develops into something more, they try to turn this negative incident into something positive and beautiful.


Cheer: A Lesbian Romance
Author: Mia Archer
Life gets confusing for a high school cheerleader who suddenly develops a crush on her long-time best friend, Candice, especially since Candice doesn’t know the depth of those feelings and thinks that her friend is straight.

The Cruise

The Cruise
Author: Lise Gold
Cara is between careers and takes a job on a cruise line, along with Billie, who is her friend Dan’s girlfriend. Suddenly, the two see one another as more than friends, and Cara feels like she is in a dilemma, especially because her friendship with Dan is so important to her.

No products found.

No products found.
Author: Briar Lane
Catie and Anya have been best friends since they can remember, and they are now both planning a wedding. But when Anya starts relying on Catie more than she does her fiancée, she feels it could spell trouble for her future. What’s a bride-to-be to do?

Meet Me Halfway

Meet Me Halfway
Author: Eija Jimenez
Alyssa and Vivien come from two different worlds, but their worlds collide when Vivien, a budding photographer, and Alyssa, a dancer and bartender, meet in the bar where Alyssa works. They form an immediate attraction, but neither is sure their differences can overcome their growing love for one another.

The Long Weekend

The Long Weekend
Author: Clare Lydon
Nine friends meet for a fun weekend at the English seaside, and their lives intertwine more than any of them were prepared for, but are these relationships weekend flings or meant to last? No one knows for sure.

Teacher’s Pet

Teacher's Pet (A Sweet Lesbian Romance)
Author: Briar Lane
Katie is a young single mother with few friends and no love life, so when she meets Lana she thinks she’s found a new best friend. Fate, however, might turn this friendship into something much more.

Survival Instincts

Survival Instincts: A Dystopian Novel
Author: May Dawney
Civilization is gone and animals have taken over when Lynn Tanner is born. When her guard, Dani, starts to intrigue her more than Lynn thinks she should, she starts to wonder if being alone for the rest of her life is really the smartest option for her after all.

The Daughter’s Bite

Lesbian Romance: The Daughter's Bite (The Daughter of The CEO Book 2)
Author: S.B. Sheeran
Carmen is living at luxurious Shadow Woods and coming to terms with her sexuality all at the same time. When she meets Bonnie, she decides to take her newly discovered sexuality to the ultimate height, and she hopes Bonnie will come along for the ride.

Turning the Page

Turning The Page
Author: Georgia Beers
While living with a cousin temporarily, businesswoman Melanie meets Benjamin and his daughter, Taylor. She is surprised by the feelings she has for both of them, but decides that she’s going to explore all of those feelings and see where they lead her.

An Act of Love

An Act Of Love: A Lesbian Romance Novel
Author: Nicolette Dane
Jessica moves to LA to open a yoga studio, only to find that her long-time friend, Liberty, is now an actress on a television show. The two renew their friendship, but soon Jessica wants more. Liberty, however, has problems with her newfound celebrity and can’t always tell the difference between fantasy and reality, so Jessica wonders how it will all end.


Blossom (A Lesbian Romance Novella)
Author: Edie Bryant
Olive is happy with her life; Gabby is less so, but when the two meet, Olive is determined to have a relationship with Gabby, even if she has to take things slow to get there.

Susannah’s Roses

Susannah's Roses
Author: Susannah’s Roses
Jessica is on sabbatical and in Australia, where a woman from the past, Susannah, has a life that inadvertently mingles with Jessica’s. The past and present come together, and Jessica feels it is her destiny to finish what Susannah started long ago.

Dormitory Dearest

Dormitory Dearest: A Lesbian Romance Novel
Author: Nicolette Dane
Natasha begins college as a nerd, somewhat introverted and afraid to explore her sexuality, even though she already knows she likes girls. Hosannah is a bit older and living in Natasha’s dorm, and she is upbeat and positive about her sexuality. Can the two ever make it together, or is their relationship doomed from the start?

Her Hardest Choice

Her Hardest Choice (A Historical Lesbian Romance)
Author: Jesalin Creswell
Lady Vivian is tired of grieving her husband and tries to move on with her life. It isn’t long before she meets a younger woman, Millie, who knows what she wants and goes after it. But, Lady Vivian is unsure how to proceed, because she knows how much she’ll be giving up if she chooses to love Millie.

Double Pleasure, Double Pain

Double Pleasure, Double Pain (Urban Books)
Author: Nikki Rashan
Kyla is a part-time university student who is happy with her four-year relationship with her boyfriend, but when she returns to school and meets Steph, she is surprised by what she is feeling for her. Suddenly, she is questioning everything she thought she knew about love and relationships, and she has no idea how this will end.

Match Me

Match Me
Author: A.J. Adaire
Casey and Mica are partners in every aspect of their lives except for one, until they agree to work with a dating service called Match Me. This is a romantic comedy that allows the two women to explore each other’s strengths in a way they never have before, and it proves that “getting there is half the fun.”

At the Water’s Edge

At the Water's Edge
Author: Harper Bliss
Ella returns to her hometown and immediately meets Kay, who owns a resort nearby. Ella is disinterested at first because she thinks she has no time for love, but her feelings for Kay may make her feel otherwise.

Darkness Remains

Darkness Remains (The Darkness Trilogy Book 2)
Author: K.C. Luck
Four women are together when the world ends, and none of them knows what will happen next. This includes Laura, who is now homeless; Sam, a vet student; Taylor, an Army veteran; and Jackie, an ex-CEO. Which one will survive and find something special?

When Sara Met Myra

When Sara Met Myra (A Lesbian Romance Novella)
Author: Viki Santos
Sara, a woman at a crossroads, and Myra, a woman who can challenge everything Sara ever believed about herself, have a love story that you’re not soon to forget.

Sara’s Induction

Sara's Induction (A Lesbian Romance Novella)
Author: Viki Santos
Sara is right in the middle of exploring herself and exploring others when she meets a sexy new neighbor who wants her bad, and the two women enjoy themselves in a way neither of them had in the past.

Rising Shot

Rising Shot: (Lesbian Romance) (The Other Side of the Net Book 1)
Author: S.B. Sheeran
Leslie seems to have it all, including a great boyfriend. But when she meets Jenna, all the turmoil that has secretly been inside of her for a long time comes to the surface, and she wonders if she will ever be the same again.

Back in Service

Back in Service (Service Girl Chronicles Book 2)
Author: Heidi Lowe
Erica returns home after her first year of school and looks forward to seeing her clients again, particularly one of them. But after a year, it seems that someone else is in Dana’s heart, and Erica is bound and determined to do something about that.

The Girlfriend’s Secret

The Girlfriend's Secret (Thirsty Thursday #3): A Package Handler's Novel
Author: Kyle Autumn
Two women, who have been best friends for over 10 years, discover they are now in love with one another, and decide to explore their feelings even though it may mean disapproval from their families.

Melanie and Her Lipstick Lez

Melanie & Her Lipstick Lez: A Lesbian Lovers Novel (Lesbians in Love Book 2)
Author: Josie Jax
When Melanie decides to help her lesbian boss enter a dance contest, she has no idea the type of desire it will produce in her. While she is teaching Leslee to dance, Melanie starts to feel a type of passion she’s never felt before, and she decides to explore it further.


Dormitory: A Lesbian Romance Novella
Author: Anja Talbot
When Millie switches to a new college, she finds it is better than the older one in many ways, including its selection of women. When she meets lustful and playful Rex, she is automatically smitten, but will Rex’s reputation – real or not – prove to be the end of the relationship before it has the chance to blossom?

Lesbian Romance: A Secret Romance

Lesbian Romance: A Secret Love: An Amish Love Story (Book1) (Love Matters Book 4)
Author: Cara S. Thomas
Two Amish women fight their desires, but secretly wish to be together. Saran was once in love with a man from the English world, and Miriam is trying to love a man within the Amish community, but she is unsuccessful so far. Will the two women ever be able to be together?

Stripped: A Lesbian Romance

Stripped: A Lesbian Romance
Author: Mia Archer
Taylor and Jasmine were not looking for one another, but they found each other nonetheless. Can a girl who’s considered “one of the guys” and a beautiful stripper ever be happy together?


Drowning: A Steamy FF Romance Novel
Author: Briar Lane
Jessica left her religious parents behind so that she could be who she is without judgment, but she broke Amy’s heart in the meantime. Now Jessica is back, but can Amy ever forgive her so they can rekindle the flame they once felt?

Friends Forever

Friends Forever: A Sweet Lesbian Romance
Author: Briar Lane
When Talia gets a call from her best friend, Jamie, who is now married, she expects the two women will merely be catching up about their past, but it soon becomes obvious that there is much more at stake than just two friends chatting about their lives.

Time of Grace

Time of Grace (Lesbian Historical Romance)
Author: Gabriella West
Shy Caroline is working at Thornley Hall in Ireland when she meets Grace. Their friendship quickly evolves into something much more, but Caroline is afraid the upheaval in 1915 Ireland is going to make it impossible for them to stay together.

Finally Free

LESBIAN ROMANCE: Finally Free: Older Mature MILF and Younger Teen Fiction - Novel (2016 Romantic Short Stories - Mature and Young Gay Lesbians Love and Seduction - Fiction Books)
Author: Eliza Duncan
With her two daughters going off to college, Maddie finally decides to do something about the fact that she is gay. On a bonding trip to Hawaii with her girls, she meets Britt, who shows her passion that she’s never felt before. But, is it enough to last once they get back home? And how will she tell her husband?

Sinning Forever

Sinning Forever (Beautiful Sin Saga Book 3)
Author: Heidi Lowe
Jean is riddled with guilt because of her part in Lissa’s accident, and she will do anything to keep the truth from coming out, even if it means destroying what she has – or could have – with Lissa.

Belly Laughing

Stand Up Girl: A Lesbian Romance Novel
Author: Nicolette Dane
Macy is a stand-up comedienne in Chicago with a life that’s as rough onstage as it is offstage. Her best friend Petra is her biggest fan, even though Macy tends to prefer the bad girls. Will love win out in the end, or will Macy continue on her dangerous trail until it is too late?

Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification (Wedding Novellas Book 4)
Author: Meghan O’Brien
Willa and Rae celebrate the legalization of gay marriage by getting hitched and taking a honeymoon to Europe. Unfortunately, things happen there that make them question if this was the right decision, even though they’ve been together for more than 10 years.

Home for the Holidays

Comfort and Joy (A Holiday Romance)
Author: Karin Kallmaker
Milla comes home from the holidays not wanting to concentrate on anything except quiet and tranquility, but when she meets a woman who is unlike anyone she has ever known, she starts to change her mind and desires a walk on the wild side.

Passionate Nights

Passionate Nights: A Lesbian Romance Collection
Author: Nicolette Dane
In her steamy trilogy, Ms. Dane takes us to a winery, a drive across the country, and more, all the while leaving you breathless with different women’s tales of ecstasy and lovemaking. If you love your novels risqué and filled with lusty ambitions, you’ll love this trilogy of stories.

As Weak as a Kitten

As Weak As a Kitten: (Lesbian Romance)
Author: S.B. Sheeran
Faith has moved back to her hometown to open a vet clinic and has rekindled a friendship with Natalee, but since the two women have always had feelings for one another, is a friendship going to be enough? And who will admit first how she feels?

Her Most Secret Affair

Her Most Secret Affair (Historical Lesbian Romance)
Author: Jesalin Creswell
Fate has caused Miranda to turn to the world’s oldest profession for survival, and when Valerie, a madam at a nearby brothel, hires Miranda, the two are instantly attracted to one another. But Valerie remains scared that Miranda will leave someday, and it’s a fear that consumes her every night and every day.

Sweetheart Starlet

Sweetheart Starlet: A Sweet Lesbian Romance
Author: Nicolette Dane
Tabitha is a writer on a comedy show with little time for a personal life, until one day a lady named Corinne guest hosts the show, and Tab’s world is turned upside down. Although Corinne has dated some of the world’s hunkiest men, she seems to have an instant attraction to Tab, making both of them wonder what will happen next.

Princess Charming

Princess Charming: A Sweet Lesbian Romance
Author: Mia Archer
Princess Amelia has come to the United States after a photo of her kissing a girl went viral, and Dani just broke up with her boyfriend because she’s accepted the fact that she’s gay. Both girls want a relationship, but are they ready to get rid of the obstacles in their way first?

Before You Were Mine

Before You Were Mine
Author: Heidi Lowe
Abigail wakes up after a bus accident with no memory of who she is. When a beautiful nurse, Tiffany, takes care of her, the two women embark on a passionate love affair, even though Abby has no idea who she is. Unfortunately, her husband James remembers her, and when he finds her, she’ll have to choose between the two loves of her life.

Paper Love

Paper Love
Author: Jae
Susanne is a tech-savvy woman who is sent to save her uncle’s stationary store, which is hopelessly out of date. Her aloofness turns off the only full-time employee, Anja Lamm, until she starts noticing what is underneath Susanne’s tough exterior. Susanne is supposed to stay employed at Paper Love for only three months, but will her attraction to Anja be enough to make her stay longer?

A Proper Cuppa Tea

A Proper Cuppa Tea
Author: K.G. MacGregor
Channing heads out to England after a painful breakup to prepare a manor she inherited and put it up for sale, and Lark has just taken a job with a pharmaceutical firm that takes her to the same location. Both are from the New England area, but will they both decide to stay in England, or will one of them eventually wish to return to the States?

Wait for Me

Wait For Me
Author: Susan X. Meagher
Molly Bradley joins a book club to help her through a tough year, even though she isn’t sure she can read a book a week. However, when she meets Alexa, the host of the meeting, she decides that it is worth it just for the two of them to spend time together. But is Alexa as interested in her as she is in Alexa, or is it better that they simply remain friends?

Love’s Verdict

Love’s Verdict
Author: Carsen Taite
Landon and Carly are both lawyers working on a high-profile case, presumably to determine which one will get a promotion. However, the two women develop more than a friendship, and they both wonder whether their career will get in the way of love, or will love get in the way of their careers?


Author: Breanna Hughes
Stuntwoman Jessie Knight made it a policy years ago not to date co-workers, but when she meets the beautiful actress, Elliot Chase, she starts to change her mind. When they spend a passionate night together and have a sex tape to prove it, and when that tape goes viral, they both wonder if their careers are over, and they will have to work hard to make sure that they aren’t.

The Best Lines

The Best Lines (Chicago Series Book 1)
Author: Nicole Pyland
When Eva Dash loses a job she loves, she feels a great disappointment. She then meets Ember Elliot, who has decided to stop playing around and finally look for Ms. Right. But with both of their lives and careers at a turning point, is it possible for Ember to treat Eva with the respect she deserves? And is their relationship destined to dissolve in the end, or will it last

Coach Z

Coach Z
Author: Q. Kelly
A reluctant basketball player from a family of coaches and players, Melissa is playing for Richmond College when she meets Coach Andi Zappa, who is fighting demons of her own. Both devoted to the team, they decide to work hard towards the upcoming championship game, but in the meantime they also find themselves playing with matters of the heart.

Mission Compromised

Mission Compromised
Author: Graysen Morgen
Natalie is looking forward to her vacation in Fiji, until she discovers she’ll have to have a roommate because the hotel is double-booked. Christian is in Fiji for a working vacation, and she is not happy with her uptight roommate. Fate intervenes, however, and sends the two women halfway around the world, and neither of them knows how it will affect their relationship in the end.

Second Chance

Second Chance
Author: H.L. Logan
After having her heart broken by her ex, Clare runs into a former classmate, Mary, and their relationship takes both of them by surprise. The relationship progresses slowly, but each of them still wonders about a “happily ever after,” especially considering all of the baggage that both of them are carrying.

When the Stars Sang

When the Stars Sang
Author: Caren J. Werlinger
When Kathleen heads back to where her grandmother once lived, she brings memories of her brother who drowned there decades earlier. Her arrival wreaks havoc on the town, many of whom still remember the incident. However, when she meets Molly, the two soon become involved. Since Kathleen’s visit there is supposed to be temporary, can Molly possibly make her stay, or is she about to get her heart broken?

Precipice of Doubt

Precipice of Doubt
Author: Mardi Alexander et al.
Jodi, a veterinarian, is having problems with her business and finds it difficult to concentrate, but her assistant Cole is working hard to get her back on track. Jodi soon becomes attracted to this girl, but because of Cole’s past relationships, she is hesitant to commit to anyone else, making it difficult for Jodi to continue to work with her.

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