75 Best Erotic and Steamy Romance Novels

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Looking for some erotic and steamy romance novels to read?

75 Erotic and Steamy Romance

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BROTHERS BRIDE: A MFM MENAGE JILTED BRIDE ROMANCEBrothers Bride: A MFM Menage Jilted Bride Romance by Samantha Twinn

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The Man Without RulesThe Man Without Rules by Tyffani Clark Kemp
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The Guy Next Door: Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, series (Book One)The Guy Next Door: Sex, Lies And Family Secrets by M. L. TompsettView on Amazon
Cruise Into Eden (Eden Series: Naralina Book 1)Cruise Into Eden (Eden Series: Naralina Book 1) by Lexi Post
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Royal Baby MakerRoyal Baby Maker by Nora Flite
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Here’s a list of our top 75 that you won’t be able to put down!

Make Me Wild

Make Me Wild: A Light and Steamy Quick Escape

Author: Adele Hart

An older man having a sexy relationship with a younger woman is nothing new, but what if that man is the woman’s boss? And what if he is rich and successful enough to have any woman in L.A., but chooses her instead? How long can such a relationship last? These are things that both Ian Archer and his hot new assistant, Jaime Clark, tend with on a daily basis. They both know the relationship is unlikely to last, but they cannot keep their hands off of one another. After a mix-up lands them in the same hotel room on a business trip, their relationship explodes, and they both wonder what will happen next.

The Reluctant Bride

The Reluctant Bride. (Regency Undone Romance Book 1): Regency Romance Novella

Author: Claire Firth

When a strong-willed young woman is forced to marry an Earl to save her father’s estate, she realizes she has been sold to the highest bidder, but after spending a few passion-filled nights with him, experiencing feelings she never knew she had, she realizes that she may not be completely unhappy that this union exists. Her new husband starts to have true feelings for this woman for more than just sexual reasons, but is all of this enough to keep their relationship intact?

Three Date Rule

Three Date Rule: A True Love Romance Novel

Author: D.G. Whiskey

A young woman named Madison, who has always had a strict rule about never going on more than three dates with someone, meets handsome Carter, to whom she is immediately attracted. She soon finds herself in his arms and craving more than just his body. He is perfect in every way, she believes, until she realizes that her heart may be irreparably broken from an ex and therefore, she is reluctant to trust anyone ever again – including Carter. Will she learn to trust again, or she should stop seeing him now?


Arrogant: A Steamy Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (New York Heirs Book 1)

Author: Drea Blackery

Allie is a regular girl with a life of her own, when she is reacquainted with Ryland, a man from her past with a secret and an heirship worth billions. The only thing stronger than her desire to stay away from him is his desire to get her in bed, so which one will win in the end? Even when they clash, Allie feels sparks, but her stubbornness does a great job of keeping her away from him … at first. And she is constantly wondering how long that will last.

Two Cabins, One Lake

Two Cabins, One Lake: An Alaskan Romance

Author: Shaye Marlow

Set in beautiful Alaska, this is the story of Helly, who enjoys being alone in her cabin on the lake, with just her dog for company. When Gary, a helicopter pilot, moves in across the lake, she is bothered less by the fact that she is no longer alone than she is by the fact that he puts her stomach in a nervous thunder. Is it his penchant for trespassing and walking around in his birthday suit that bothers her so much, or something much more volatile?

Lying and Kissing

Lying and Kissing

Author: Helena Newbury

When Arianna, who spends her days as a CIA employee listening in to the phone calls of a man with a Russian accent, is sent to seduce that man so that she can learn his secrets, she is confident at first that she can do the job. When she meets him, however, things change. She loves everything about this mysterious man, and she’d love to be a real girlfriend to him, but that is not her mission. To top it all off, if he finds out who she really is, her life could be in danger, meaning everything is now on the line.

Prom King


Author: Penny Wylder

On her prom night, Ollie and Adam were chosen king and queen, but it ended up being a joke that ruined Ollie’s self-esteem. When she reluctantly attends her high school reunion and sees Adam again for the first time in ten years, she is surprised to find that he is actually looking at her as if he is interested in her. The two embark on a steamy love affair, and the only thing that might stop it is the fact that an immature girl from high school is determined to keep the two of them apart.

Author: Joanna Blake

When Clint McRae, a real cowboy who is tough and good at his job, starts to train Pheonyx Delancey for the national championship, he starts to find it more and more difficult to pay attention to the training and not the rider herself. He wants to kiss her and take her to bed, but she’s just feisty enough to stay out of his reach. But Clint is determined to change that … as quickly as possible.

Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy

Author: Donna Alam

With a touch of sexy banter, humor, and of course, steamy romance, this is the story of Nell and Ben, who is the younger brother of Nell’s best friend and whom she still considers to be a pest. When he comes home from the military looking hotter than Nell ever remembered him looking before, she is immediately taken aback. But she feels that he is off-limits because after all – sisters before misters. But how long can she deny her feelings for him, and will their relationship ever be more than just physical?

Author: Meg Jackson

Gabriella escapes her abusive husband with a duffel bag full of cash and little else. Oh, and there’s also the dead body in her home, which no one needs to know about. When she meets Reign, a motorcycle enthusiast who is interested in her as soon as she walks into the biker bar, she becomes his one-night stand, but afterwards he feels the need to protect her. He just isn’t sure why.

On a Sunny Day

On a Rainy Day - Falling in Love at the Bus Stop: A Steamy Urban Romance

Author: Max Carezza

Martina is a clumsy, awkward woman who is also very endearing. When Jozef rescues her on a rainy day by offering her an umbrella, both of their worlds change forever. The book has romance and a lot of hot passion and sex, but this relationship is more than just physical. It is one that will have you cheering loudly for them from beginning to end.

From Ice to Flames

From Ice To Flames: A Stand Alone Friends To Lovers Single Dad Romance (A West Brothers Novel Book 2)

Author: A.M. Hargrove

Milly is a divorced woman with a wall around her heart and a newly inherited dog named Dick. After meeting her veterinarian neighbor, Hudson, she is interested but still guarded. However, when tragedy occurs, and Dick is in need of a vet, Hudson immediately comes to the rescue. Milly is smitten, but Hudson has a five-year-old son to raise and likely has no time for Milly. Or does he?

His Captive

His Captive : steamy Erotic Thriller

Author: Robin Strays

What happens when it’s Friday night, you live alone, you have no obligations for the weekend, and suddenly, an intruder breaks into your home? This is the situation Pat finds herself in one evening, but this intruder is a little different than she expected. He claims to be a sex thief, and he promises to give her pleasure like she’s never before experienced. But is he for real? And does he really intend to hurt her in the end? She will eventually find out the odd answer.

Searching for Mister Right

Searching For Mr. Right: Steamy Erotic Romance Novel (Erotic Romance, Romance, Love Affair, Love Story)

Author: Sally J.

Ashley is constantly searching for Mr. Right and is currently dating a man whom she considers less than her equal. When she meets up with a high school crush in the grocery store, she can finally let her true feelings be known, but will he reciprocate those feelings? And what about the guy at home? Ashley is a bundle of nerves as she flits through her life trying to find that special someone, but she is not going to quit anytime soon.

Cut to the Core

Cut to the Core: A Medical Romance Novella

Author: Sara Bee

Gina and Lucas have known each other most of their lives, and when she finds that he is her new boss on the first day at the hospital for her internship, the dislike between the two of them is quite obvious. Each assumes that the other one hates them, but the truth is, their true feelings are right at the surface of their emotions, ready to spill over at any moment. What will it take for both of them to admit the truth?

Texas Kissing

Texas Kissing

Author: Helena Newbury

Lily comes to Texas from New York to escape her mob-boss uncle and to start a brand-new life. When she meets Bull, the local stud and a professional cowboy, her emotions are immediately in an upheaval. She’s trying her best to stay closed-off and single, but each day Bull makes that more and more difficult, especially because he is very determined to become familiar with every inch of her so that he can discover her secrets and have her completely.

The CEO and I

The CEO & I

Author: River Laurent

Jade needs a job. Luke needs an assistant. There’s only one problem. Luke’s secretaries keep falling in love with him and leave because they can’t have him, so he only hires middle-aged or married women. No problem. Jade dresses up as such and gets the job, but while on a business trip to Thailand, Luke sees her in a whole new light and discovers he has troubles – big troubles. And in more ways than one.


Smokin': A Firefighter Romance (Lake Chelan Novel #3)

Author: Shirley Penick

Amber and Jeremy both have secrets, but Amber wants to concentrate on her restaurant and nothing else, and besides, she is convinced Jeremy isn’t interested. When her restaurant catches fire, Jeremy, a volunteer fireman, comes to the rescue, and he realizes that he’s been interested in her for a very long time. Because of their secrets, they are both a little hesitant to explore the relationship further, but will that be enough to keep them away from each other for good?

Beautiful Potential

Beautiful Potential: A Second Chance At Love Standalone Romance

Author: J. Saman

When a young midwife finds herself working with the doctor who saved her life and whom she’s falling for, she is confused by his personality. One minute he is sweet and charming, the next he is arrogant and contemptible. She also knows that Dr. Finn Banner has secrets, so what is the point of pursuing him when she knows that she’ll never have him? Of course, the heart always wants what it wants, so all of these feelings may be for naught in the end, especially because she is finding it harder and harder to resist him.

Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk (Pushing Boundaries Book 1)

Author: Lauren Landish

Derek has a radio talk show where he hands out relationship advice. When he and his Kitty Kat – Katrina, called Kat by her friends – start up a relationship, it ends up being a little backwards. They have a sexual relationship first then get to know one another. Kat is untrusting, but Derek is ready for a real relationship. But between their unconventional relationship and her trust issues, will Derek ever prove to be the real “love whisperer” and break through to her heart?

Love Thy Neighbor’s Hotwife

Love Thy Neighbor's Hotwife

Author: David Stone

After Donna admits to an affair with her neighbor, her husband Don is devastated. But more importantly, he suddenly becomes even more attracted to her. Much to their surprise, their love life explodes and becomes what many couples only dream of. It seems, in fact, that it cannot get any better, but is this newfound sexual addiction going to be enough to keep them together in the end?


Owned: Dark Romance (Decadence After Dark Book 1) (A Decadence after Dark Novel)

Author: M. Never

Ellie owns an import/export business where the gorgeous, blue-eyed Kayne is a client. After a year, she invites Kayne to a party for the company’s clients, and the two of them hit it off immediately. When it’s time to consummate their relationship, however, Ellie is in for a surprise because Kayne has not-so-nice desires and a very secretive life. As soon as she enters his home for their sexual escapade, she starts to wonder if she’s made a mistake and whether this darkness will be too much for her.

Author: Marie Alexander

Elsie is Jack’s goddaughter, and he has always protected her. But now that she is growing up and about to leave the nest, he is having mixed feelings about her leaving. Neither of them realizes that they have the same feelings toward one another and that neither of them wants Elsie to leave. Who will speak up first? And will it be enough to make Elsie stay so that she and Jack can explore their relationship and take it to new heights? A love story that is both sweet and sexy.


Dirty: A Dive Bar Novel (Dive Bar Series Book 1)

Author: Kylie Scott

After finding out that her fiancée is having an affair with another man on her wedding day, Lydia is devastated, so when handsome bartender Vaughan lends her a shoulder to cry on, she wants to simply thank him and go on her way. After all, Vaughan is a little rough around the edges and quite different than the businessmen she is used to dating, but what is wrong with a little experimentation? Mr. Right turned out to be all wrong, so maybe playing a little dirty is the way to go!

Alaska Wild

Alaska Wild

Author: Helena Newbury

When the plane carrying an FBI agent and the fugitive she is bringing back to prison crashes, they realize they will have to depend on one another for survival. Can a city girl who is attracted to her charge and the rough-and-tumble fugitive resist their desires for one another? And what about the other prisoners from the plane – the ones who are out looking for them and trying to hunt them down?


Ride: A Cowboy Romance

Author: Roxie Noir

When Mae, a photographer, visits Texas for a shoot that could make her entire career explode, she meets up again with Jackson, a bull-rider whom she knew once, a long time ago. They are both convinced the other one wouldn’t remember the incident, but when they meet, sparks instantly fly. Still, Mae is trying to concentrate on her photo shoot, while Jackson is concentrating on her, and neither one of them has any idea what is in store for them.

Loving the White Billionaire

Loving The White Billionaire (A Sexy BWWM Romance)

Author: Monica Brooks

After being dumped by her fiancée, a shattered Jaida heads for a vacation in the Caribbean, where she meets the hunky Axel. They flirt for awhile then take their relationship to the next level, but when they return back home, they are both curious about what to do next. This is the story of Jaida’s journey that takes her through heartbreak, the search for a new Mr. Right, and everything that she goes through to make that happen.


Afterglow (Four Corners Book 1)

Author: Artemis Anders

Teagan and Aaron are both coming off of a divorce when they meet in Arizona for a party, and they share a few very passionate days and nights together. When she returns to Colorado, Aaron finds any excuse available to inch back into her life, but unbeknownst to her, he has a dark secret from his past – a secret that could ruin not only their relationship but her trust in men forever. Still, she is plunging forward with this man because of the feelings that he produces in her, and she is not likely to stop anytime soon.


Salvation (Heal Me Book 1)

Author: Stephanie John

This is a stand-alone first novel in a set that deals with a woman named Kara, who has been burned before and is struggling to put her life back together. When she meets a dashing man named Nathan, she realizes that what he wants is her. But is her heart ready to trust again, or should she let him go to one of the thousand other women who want him so that she can build her trust up some and become ready for another relationship with a man?

Tragic Beauty

Tragic Beauty: A Dark Romance (Beauty & The Darkness Book 1)

Author: Iris Ann Hunter

This is a very dark and romantic novel that centers on Ava, who is broke and terrified, and now indebted to the one man who scares her to death. Shayne is her obsessor and her tormentor, her savior and her foe, all at the same time. Even when she decides to “take” something from him by spending an evening with him, things go terribly wrong and her heart needs some pampering afterwards. With raw grit and very intense characters, this is one story that you are not likely to forget anytime soon.

His Erotic Obsession

His Erotic Obsession (The Jamison Sisters Book 1)

Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Rebecca has been in love with her boss, Marcus, for a very long time, but she has never shared that secret with him. In fact, it would do her no good, since Marcus is attracted to a lovely singer and jet-setter named Delilah. Soon, however, Marcus begins to notice Rebecca and wonders what she’s all about, and he starts to fantasize about being with her outside of the office. However, he thinks that she hasn’t noticed him, so is it now time for Rebecca to share her secret with him and see how the cards play out?

Author: T.W. McBride

Jennifer, AKA Lovely, works in a brothel and tries to hide the pain of selling herself to the world. When she meets Clarence, she is immediately interested in this very interesting soul, even though all that most people see is a simple gentleman. When Clarence notices her, it changes both of them from that point forward, but can they get past what she does for a living and eventually develop a meaningful and loving relationship? Jennifer certainly hopes so.

One with You

One with You (Crossfire Series Book 5)

Author: Sylvia Day

The final saga in the Crossfire series of books, this is the story of husband and wife Gideon and Eva, whose relationship is funny, tense, passionate, loving, and mysterious all at the same time. When their marriage starts to get a little rough, they both find out that the one thing that has kept them together so far just might end up tearing them apart eventually. There are several relationships explored in this novel, and not a single one of them is boring.


Chaser: A Dive Bar Novel (Dive Bar Series Book 3)

Author: Kylie Scott

When Jean finds herself pregnant and alone, she moves to a small town so that she can be the mother she always wanted to be. There she meets sexy bartender Eric, who has recently decided to change his bad-boy ways and maybe – just maybe – even settle down. He is attracted to Jean but doesn’t necessarily like the idea of raising another man’s baby. When Jean goes into labor, a car accident brings the two together in an odd way, but will it be enough to keep them together in the end?

Hard Pressed

Hard Pressed (Talbott’s Cove)

Author: Kate Canterbary

Annette and Jackson have a steamy, passionate night together, after which Annette completely regrets what has happened. She writes him a letter asking that they be “just friends” from then on, and she expresses her regret for her fling with her small town’s sheriff. She is also embarrassed because she feels that she made a fool of herself, but is this what Jackson thinks? And is it too early to assume that he actually wants to be “just friends” and nothing else?

Master Over You

Master Over You: A Dark Romance Novel (Extended Version, Author's Preferred Text)

Author: Cerys du Lys

Noah and Angeline are not nice people. In fact, Noah kidnaps women and sells them to the highest bidder. He is the monster in every woman’s closet. But when Angeline turns the table and does the same thing to him, he learns what it’s like for the shoe to be on the other foot. Both characters are extremely dark and violent, so this isn’t a book for people who are sensitive to this type of book. However, this is one book that you will never forget reading.

My Filthy Fireman

My Filthy Fireman (A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance)

Author: Mia Madison

Luke is a fireman, the older man to Olivia’s young self. First, he rescues her from a fire at a party. Next, he discovers that he is living next door to her. At first, Luke thinks that she is too naïve, young, and inexperienced, but as time goes on, he starts to change his mind. In the meantime, Olivia has been seeing Luke in her dreams a lot more often than she’d like him to be there, but since each of them is hesitant about taking the first step, who really knows when this relationship will flourish?

Spy Thy Neighbor

Spy Thy Neighbor: The Story of Hunter Kane (Hunter & Paige Book 1)

Author: Shandi Boyes

An author with severe writer’s block – and a deadline quickly approaching – goes to a secluded place to get some ideas for her next book and finds herself with a next-door neighbor in a glass house that allows her to spy on him when he’s making love to the pretty blonds in his life. The man is muscular and tattooed and has a perfect physique. Suddenly, she has loads of ideas for her book, but as soon as he notices that she’s spying, she feels that trouble is right around the corner.

Author: Diana Quippley

Dr. Rockard has enjoyed watching his daughter’s friends grow up, until he notices just how some of them grew up. A few of these young ladies have created a fire in him that he didn’t quite expect, but he realizes how inappropriate it would be to pursue a relationship with one of them. Or would it? This is a steamy novel with an “I know I shouldn’t” storyline that is bound to have readers craving more from the very first page.

Own the Wind

Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel (The Chaos Series Book 1)

Author: Kristen Ashley

Tabitha is the daughter of a motorcycle club member whose other members have always treated her like a daughter, but when one of those members named Shy starts looking at her in a different manner, she realizes she is attracted to him, too. The two fight off their urges – after all, Tabitha is Shy’s friend’s daughter – but they soon realize they are fighting a losing battle, which brings them together in a passionate, steamy way.


Twist: A Dive Bar Novel (Dive Bar Series Book 2)

Author: Kylie Scott

Love is sometimes a lot hotter with a twist, which is definitely the case with Joe and Alex. Joe goes into his brother’s online dating account to shut it down, but instead he discovers Alex, and the two begin emailing on a regular basis. There are two problems, however. One is that Alex lives on the other side of the country, and the second is that she thinks that Joe is actually his brother. When they finally meet, however, they discover that the only thing that matters is their passion for one another.


Fearless: McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series - Book 2

Author: April Wilson

Beth and Shayne have a great relationship, until someone from Beth’s past comes back to haunt her and to break up their relationship. Shayne is determined not to let that happen because it took him a long time to convince Beth that she could trust him. In fact, Shayne is not going to let anything bad happen to her from now on, and he will do anything – anything – to keep her safe.

Once Bitten

Once Bitten: A Sweet and Steamy Second Chance Romance

Author: Daisy Allen

When a woman visits Paris and finds herself face-to-face with the man who did her wrong at her high school prom fifteen years earlier, she doesn’t know whether to get excited or demand an apology from him. At first, she is turned off, but she still can’t help but notice how gorgeous he is now. She reluctantly accepts an apology from him, then instantly wants to take him to her bed. If “what happens in Paris stays in Paris” really is true, will she be able to pursue him before it’s time to go home?

Mixed Up Love

Mixed Up Love: A mistaken identity romantic comedy

Author: Natasha Madison

Hunter agrees to go on a blind date for a friend and meets Laney, who is only going on the date because she recently found out that her ex-boyfriend is engaged. On her third martini when Hunter arrives, Laney is only half-prepared for this date, but the truth is that they both see something in the other that they like, even though she considers him to be a little cocky for her tastes. A few dates later, she also finds out he’s a liar, but that doesn’t stop her from being intrigued by him and yearning for more.

Fire Inside

Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel (The Chaos Series Book 2)

Author: Kristen Ashley

Hop is a rough-and-tough member of the Chaos Motorcycle Club, and he catches Lanie’s eye. Though he’s not her type, she propositions him for a one-night stand, which of course he accepts. He does this even though he feels like she is much too classy and sophisticated for his tastes. However, after that one passionate night, he forms an attraction to her that is way more than just physical, but how is he supposed to convince her that the two of them should be together?

Lie with Me

Lie With Me: Dark Romance (Decadence After Dark Book 4) (The Decadence After Dark Series)

Author: M. Never

C.J. and Tara spend three passionate, steamy days together and consider that to be the end of their time together, but fate has other plans. This is a dark, erotic novel that displays unbridled desire and a dark part of the human psyche. This couple eventually finds out that falling in love is easier than they thought and that fantasies can, in fact, become reality – an idea that both of them are counting on for the future.


Lead: A Stage Dive Novel (Stage Dive Series Book 3)

Author: Kylie Scott

Jimmy is a rock-and-roll bad boy who lands himself in rehab, and he is immediately introduced to his new assistant Lena, who is hired to keep him out of trouble. However, there are two problems with this arrangement. The first is that Jimmy is determined not to be tamed, and the second is that things sizzle every time the two of them get together. Which one of these challenges will be the one to destroy them – or bring them together in a way neither of them is prepared for?

Shimmers of Pearl

Shimmers of Pearl (The Pearl Series Book 3)

Author: Arianne Richmonde

Pearl’s life seems perfect, even down to the perfect man she’s about to marry. But when haunts, deceit, and painful hurts from the past come back and haunt her, what is she supposed to do? Should she trust the man she loves and trusts, or should she trust her instincts which are telling her that he has secrets as well? When push comes to shove, what will she do in the end – remain alone, or trust that neither of their secrets will be able to tear them apart?

Love in a Pawn Shop

Love in a Pawn Shop

Author: Bonnie Edwards

Dix has a pit bull, a pawn shop, and a teenaged brother who gets on her nerves. But with her brother about to graduate, she is feeling like a change in her life – can anyone say Paris? When Dane, a cop, comes into her store looking for stolen goods, he changes her life forever. If she goes with her gut reaction, Dix could lose her heart and therefore her chance to get away from it all, but Dane is determined to show her that love is worth any sacrifice that she has to make for it.

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember: A second chance returning home romance

Author: R.C. Matthews

Meeting up again at a charity auction, Anna and Brett go on a date after she wins that date in the auction. They knew one another in college, and Anna was the only woman to refuse him then, while she was the only one whom he wanted. Anna is determined to make him want her once the date is over, but when Brett shows that he’s interested in more than just her body, both of them realize they could be in for more than they bargained for.

Author: Lora Leigh et al.

These are three novellas that start with the story of Sheila and Nick, who attempt to be “friends with benefits” because neither of them is ready for a serious relationship, and it ends with the relationship between Cody, a police officer trying to find his parents’ killer, and Megan, whom he is determined to have. In the middle is a story about Keri and Adam, who are both after the same killer. All three are about love, determination, and of course, passion.

Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision: A Dark Romantic Suspense (The Vision Series Book 2)

Author: H.M. Halloran

Love. Betrayal. Intense passion. Hindsight that isn’t 20/20. All of these combine when London heads out to England to start a new life and ends up working as a bartender in a sex club, which has gained her a lot of money, friends, and happiness. The only challenge in her life is Dominic, whom she thinks she doesn’t want or need – that is, until the ghosts from her past come calling, and she is left wondering what to do next.

Lottery Losers

Lottery Losers: A Steamy Romance Novella

Author: Lucy Felthouse

Susie and Peter have won the lottery and are living their dream life, until Susie decides it is not all it’s cracked up to be and that she is actually bored. When her husband notices this fact, he decides to do something about it, but what does he have up his sleeve? In fact, he has a lot up his sleeve, and Susie will not be let down by the list of activities he has planned for the two of them, even when their lives seem to be in danger because of it.

Stolen in Love

Stolen in Love: An Opposites Attract Second-Chance Romance (Love and Lawbreakers Book 2)

Author: G.G. Andrew

Kim loves to steal things, even though she knows it’s wrong. When her house in ransacked she knows that she has taken the wrong thing from the wrong person. Scott wants Kim, but as a police officer and a single dad, he knows she’s untouchable. That is, until someone threatens to sell information to harass women online and Scott is assigned to keep her safe. That is when Scott realizes that Kim is going to find it even easier now to steal the one thing he doesn’t want her to have – his heart.

Burned Deep

Burned Deep: A Novel (Burned Deep Trilogy Book 1)

Author: Calista Fox

Ari is a woman in control because she saw her parents divorce and decided that the only way to avoid having this happen to her is to keep a wall around her heart. Until she meets Dane. Dane is her new boss and creates a stirring inside of her whenever she’s around him that is hard to explain. But he is the one person who might make losing control worth it in the end.

She Sins at Midnight

She Sins at Midnight

Author: Whitney Dineen

Lila has a successful career in Hollywood and has even started publishing steamy novels – under another name, of course, because she is a proper young lady. But when she heads home for a month to get away from her hectic life, she meets and falls in love with a man whom she wrote about in her book, even though she doesn’t want him to know that. A very sexy and funny story you’ll enjoy to the very end.

Ethans Fall

Ethans Choice: A Scorching Beach Romance (The Choices Series Book)

Author: Dee Palmer

Few things are as exciting as love on the beach. When Ada, a woman with more than one secret in her past, meets Ethan, a self-centered alpha male who treats her like dirt, she finds it harder and harder to concentrate on her most important task – self-preservation that will allow her to live. But Ethan finds her attractive and will stop at nothing to get her, putting a damper in Ada’s plans and making her even more afraid of the things that are coming back to haunt her.

And Then There was You

And Then There Was You: a steamy contemporary romance (Suzy Turner's Chick Lit)

Author: Suzy Turner

Steamy, sexy, and very compelling, this story is about one Eve Brooke, who enjoys the most passionate night of her life when she finds herself in a brief affair. She is having enough trouble forgetting about the affair, but what is she supposed to do when he moves right next door? After a while, she begins to think that fate has brought the two together again, but how can she ever know for sure?

The Weekend Girlfriend

The Weekend Girlfriend

Author: Emily Walters

When Kyle, Jessica’s boss, needs a weekend “girlfriend” because he doesn’t want to attend a wedding alone, Jessica agrees. Their relationship takes a different turn during that weekend, and neither of them is sure how they will feel once the weekend is over. A non-typical love story that will have you guessing until the very end.

Author: Olivia West

When Lindsey’s fiancé Patrick dumps her on the night of their engagement party, she runs off to a friend’s secluded cabin for some alone time. When that friend’s brother, Harris, shows up unexpectedly, he assures her that he will not be in the way. The attraction between the two is fast and intense, but when her ex-fiancé shows up again to reclaim her, which man will she choose – the one who broke her heart or the one she feels so passionate about, but whom she barely knows?

Fire Bear

Fire Bear: Alpha Hunter: -— A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance

Author: Bella Carson

Sam is a monster hunter working in the Pacific Northwest and with no time for romance. Clay is a roadhouse owner who wants Sam as soon as he sees her curvy figure and her luscious lips. But Sam has been fighting demons all of her life, and she is not about to let anything stop her now. Until, that is, Clay shows her what she has been missing all this time.

Author: Stacey Kennedy

Liam and Jackson, successful businessmen and arch enemies, each take home the other one’s assistant in a charity auction and think that this will cement their rivalry and nothing else. But the joke is on them when they find out that they actually have feelings for these women, making their competitiveness that much more intense. Hot and steamy and with unexpected endings, these two novellas will have you breathless from the first chapter to the last.

Skirt Chaser

Skirt Chaser (Filthy Dirty Love Book 2)

Author: Stacey Kennedy

Greyson is a successful businessman who knows what he wants, and what he wants is Evie. But Evie is currently his company’s decorator, and he has a strict no-employee-dating policy. When Evie finds herself in need of a date for her friend’s destination wedding, however, she asks Greyson and he agrees, mostly because he wants a piece of Evie once they get there. Evie also thinks it’s just for fun, until the first time they are intimate, then she wonders how she’ll ever live without him.

Deep Inside

Deep Inside: Extreme Erotic Fantasies

Author: Polly Frost

For sex addicts, no type of activity is too much to get the pleasure they need and desire. These are stories that include sex toys, Viagra addicts, a nervous virgin, and a dominatrix with a discipline problem. Settle back and enjoy their stories, which break every taboo you know of, and relish their lives and many exotic and passionate adventures.

Author: Lucy Wild

When a man decides to take revenge on the man who stole his home, he waits until a beautiful woman moves in with him, then decides to take the woman away and teach her passion she’s never experienced before. The dark story of a man with intense sexual desires, he ends up with a difficult decision – let her go or find out about her secret, which can be found in a small wooden box.

Author: Kitty Kendall

A flirty, sexy novel, this is the story of a woman who has to figure out the rest of her life after a difficult breakup. Jane dresses up in stiletto heels and goes out with an ex-boyfriend, which results in mind-blowing sex. She has given herself a disguise so bold that she doesn’t even recognize herself, but when she runs into the man of her dreams while on one of these escapades, she feels that lying to him and being someone she’s not is perhaps not the best way to pursue a relationship with him.

For Maggie’s Sake

For Maggie's Sake

Author: Lora Leigh

Maggie winds up in protective custody with her ex-lover’s Navy SEAL team. Her ex, Joe, intends to seduce her because he thinks she is hiding some valuable information from him, and his plan is to seduce her to get that information. Neither of them is enthusiastic about the “arrangement,” but when passion sizzles as soon as they get together, Joe starts to think twice about his “use her and leave her” plan.

Sheila’s Passion

Sheila's Passion

Author: Lora Leigh

Nick, a former marine, is having a hard time forgetting some of the things he’s experienced in the field. He attempts to put some of it to rest by pursuing Sheila, his best friend and the only woman he’s ever wanted. But Sheila’s not ready for romance; in fact, she has sworn off of love after having her heart broken one too many times. So Nick tries something else – suggesting that they temporarily be “friends with benefits.” Will this arrangement be enough to satisfy Nick, and what will it do to Sheila’s already fragile heart?

Sex in the Saddle

Sex in the Saddle: Extended & Uncensored (A Raw, Billionaire Cowboy Pregnancy Romance)

Author: Talia Day

If you like to read about sex in wild and kinky ways and which takes place in every room except the bedroom, this book is a perfect read. When Callie heads out west from New York City to experience some down time, she ends up getting roped-down and tied-up by some men she had no idea existed. The sex is passionate and kinky, and she enjoys it a lot more than she thought she would. Now, however, going back to the city isn’t so appealing.

Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask: A Steamy, Contemporary Romance (Halloween Seduction Book 1)

Author: Robbie Cox

Emma Rochester craves sex. Not just vanilla sex, but the type of sex she’s dreamed about for many years. When she decides to accept an invitation to a Halloween party, she plans to use that as a way to find a man who will help her fulfill her fantasies. But when she finds herself working with Jacob on a Saturday, and noticing his furtive glances that keep coming her way, she realizes she has two choices – go to the party and maybe find the sex of her dreams, or go out with Jacob and see if he can fulfill those fantasies. What a delicious dilemma!

Dirty Country Love

Dirty Country Love: A Step-Brother Romance Novella

Author: Candy Quinn

When a country girl meets a step-brother who ran off to the city many years earlier, the attraction between them is both provocative and intense. But he has changed and is no longer the naïve farm boy whom she remembers from her past. Now he is covered with tattoos and has a body to die for. She sees more kindness in him, he sees more sensuality in her, and before you know it, they are unable to keep their hands off of one another.

Author: Kylie Dettmer

After Molly moves into a new home, she finds the diary of the previous owner and starts to read through it. She discovers much is written about a man named Hugh, who obviously gave the previous occupant a lot of sexual pleasure. She decides to seek out this Hugh, and what she gets when she finds him is much more than she ever thought possible. Over time, she finds out that the diary did this man no justice, and she is continually looking forward to her next visit with him.

Author: Olivia West

When Hannah’s figure-skating dreams are dashed due to an accident with her leg, she finds a job at a law firm. When she meets Andrew at a local ice-skating rink, he encourages her to get back on the ice, and she soon realizes that he may be the key not only to giving her back her skating dreams, but also to providing her with a life she never even knew she desired.

Broken Crown

Broken Without Her: A Second Chance Rock Star Romance (Sand & Fog Series Book 1)

Author: Susan Ward et al.

When a man who is now a major rock star decides he still loves Chrissie, the girl that got away many years ago, he decides to go after her. After all, he can have any woman he wants, so why not her? He decides to stop at nothing to find Chrissie and make her his. This is a very sensual, epic story that starts getting exciting once he finds out that they are both single at the same time, then he pulls out all of the stops until he gets what he wants.

Damage Control

Damage Control: A Dirty Money Novel

Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Shane has a corrupt family and an intense desire for Emily. Emily is trying to steer clear of Shane, but his touches are too much for her to ignore. Every time they’re in bed, Shane wonders if he has trusted the wrong person, or if it is going to be Emily – and not his brother, like he originally thought – who is going to end up destroying his family for good.

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