Our 7 Best Bear Shifter Romances To Get Your Paws On

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Okay, I’ll admit it: if our hero is half-bear, half-man, I’m into it.

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What’s not to love about the exciting world of bear shifters and the protective, dominant heroes that inhabit it?

If you like action, adventure, danger, suspense, and plenty of heat, then you’ll love the following bear shifter romances.

See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

ImageProductWhere to Buy
Hot Shifter Summer: Limited Edition 12 Book Box SetHot Shifter Summer by Haley Weir

View on Amazon
Alpha's Secret: A Bear Shifter Romance (Bad Boy Alphas Book 10)Alpha's Secret: A Bear Shifter Romance by Renee Rose
View on Amazon
The Bear’s Secret Baby: A Bear Shifter Romance (Werebear Ranch Book 1)The Bear’s Secret Baby: A Bear Shifter Romance by Layla SilverView on Amazon
Shifters of Bear's Den Complete Series: A Shifting Destinies Box SetShifters of Bear's Den Complete Series by Cecilia Lane
View on Amazon
Born for the Bear: A Paranormal Shifter Romance Novel (Curves for Shifters Steamy Paranormal Romance Novels Book 2)Born for the Bear: A Paranormal Shifter Romance Novel by Annabelle Winters
View on Amazon

Hot Shifter Summer by Haley Weir

Hot Shifter Summer: Limited Edition 12 Book Box Set AMAZON >>

The perfect getaway whether you’re stuck in the house or on the beach. 3 best selling box sets bound up into one easy read. Join a scandalous dating agency nestled in the lonely town of Hayden Springs. Feel the protection of a viking lord bloodline that will never lead history repeat itself. Get drawn in by enigmatic single dads living off the coast who must protect their secrets.

Loved by a Bear by Lauren Lively

Rose moves to Black Salmon Falls, hoping to leave behind a broken life of pain and abuse. Rose’s only loved one, her aunt Paula, is dying, and Rose will stay with her to take care of her while also getting her own life back on track.

Then, Rose meets Asher, and she begins to fall for him. There’s a few problems, however, as Asher is a werebear who is supposed to be married to the daughter of the chief of another prominent clan.

When killings mysteriously occur, it begins to test the trust between the two clans, and a war begins. Will Asher be able to protect his clan, be with Rose, and save Black Salmon Falls?

Read to find out, especially if you’re into:

This fantastic love story is more than just romance, but a riveting and suspenseful murder mystery.

Asher is a protective alpha who has a lot of responsibilities, but is simultaneously a swoon-worthy hero. The steamy scenes are sure to fog up your reading glasses!

For the Heart of an Outlaw (Outlaw Shifters Book 3) by T.S. Joyce

For the Heart of an Outlaw (Outlaw Shifters Book 3) AMAZON >>

After suffering a tremendous heartbreak, Karis Dunway is ready to start fresh. She joins a matchmaking service that matches her to predator shifters.

This is how Karis meets Colton Dorset, a bear shifter looking for the right woman to tame his inner beast. Karis finds herself falling for Colton, but is concerned that he’s also known as “the Warmaker.”

Colton himself is also falling hard for Karis, but he isn’t sure what kind of shifter that she is, just that she has an animal within.

As secrets are revealed and inner beats unleashed, will Karis and Colton’s love be strong enough to survive?

If you like

  • damaged and broken protagonists,
  • romantic suspense,
  • and a splash of humor,

then read this book A.S.A.P.

Both the hero and the heroine are strong leads. They both have been burned, but when these damaged souls come together, they are whole again in the most beautiful way.

Their love story is exciting and suspenseful, and some laugh-out-loud moments are peppered in.

Paranormal Dating Agency: Too Much To Bear by Reina Torres

Boone Wayland, a protective shifter who fosters a handful of teenage boy shifters, is ready to settle down with a mate. Running a store and a household doesn’t allow a lot of time for traditional dating, so he turns to the Paranormal Dating Agency.

Enter Willa Barnes. She’s eager for a family of her own after she’s suddenly dumped by the man who was supposed to be her future.

When Willa has the opportunity to get matched with shifter Boone, she can’t resist. But will she be able to handle the hectic life of Boone and all his boys?

Read this book to find out, especially if you like

  • romance on the sweeter side
  • and stories about family.

Willa and Boone are the sweetest couple. It isn’t just “instalove,” but the author takes the time to slowly build their relationship.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming and romantic relationship that will leave you feeling good, then look no further.

Lucky Bear: A Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty Romance by Harmony Raines

Lucky Bear: A Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty Romance (Silverbacks and Second Chances Book 2)

Ruth moves to Bear Creek ready to prioritize her own needs after raising her siblings for most of her life. She’s becoming a teacher, and would like to have a mate if fate allows.

Michael is known as a “lucky” bear for winning the lottery. With his winnings, he buys a large part of the forest where he tends to the land, but what he really wants is a family.

When two foster cubs come into his life and Ruth arrives in Bear Creek, it seems the stars may have aligned for Michael. Will he remain lucky and get his happily ever after?

If you’re into

  • emotional and sweet stories
  • and second chance romance,

then get your paws on this book today!

Ruth and Michael’s love story is so sweet and full of joy. You’ll shed a tear as well as have a few chuckles along the way.

The story presents the concept of “instaparents,” a fun route for a shifter novel that will warm your heart along the journey.


Bad Blood Bear (Bad Blood Shifters Book 1) by Anastasia Wilde

Bad Blood Bear: A Bear Shifter Fated Mates Paranormal Romance (Bad Blood Shifters Book 1) AMAZON >>

When Lissa Ramsey was 16, she escaped her abusive stepfather by fleeing to the Bear God cult, where she thought she’d find family and protection.

However, the leader, Brother Damien, unleashes something unknown and seemingly demonic inside of Lissa, sending her on the run again. She’s risking it all, struggling for survival, when she catches the attention of sexy shifter Tank Morrison.

Tank recruits his motley crew of shifters to create an army for protection against Brother Damien. Drama, action, secrets, and a steamy romance all ensue on this wild and dangerous adventure.

If you like

  • action and adventure,
  • emotional intensity,
  • and strong, brave heroines,

then you’re going to adore this book.

The author does a wonderful job developing these characters. Lissa is a well-developed heroine who shows compassion, bravery, and strength.

Tank is absolutely gorgeous, sweet, and could make anyone weak in the knees. The chemistry between them is off the charts, leading to plenty of steamy scenes!

The Bear Shifter’s Virgin (Fated Bears Book 1) by Jasmine Wylder

The Bear Shifter's Virgin: A Paranormal Romance (Fated Bears Book 1) AMAZON >>

Best-selling author Rebecca Lake has a busy life that doesn’t leave much time for men, until her gorgeous, ripped neighbor, Isaias, catches her attention.

Isaias is a billionaire shifter who can’t keep his eyes off of Rebecca, the shy virgin. Isaias is in a bit of bind and needs Rebecca to be his pretend fiancé.

When Rebecca’s life is in danger, she and Isaias will have to put all their trust in each other in order to save their lives.

Read to find out what happens, especially if you’re a fan of

  • curvy heroines,
  • romance with a virgin,
  • and billionaire alpha heroes.

Getting to see Rebecca develop throughout the story is a joy. She’s insecure, and doesn’t think Isaias could possibly be attracted to her.

When they get together, you can’t help but cheer for Rebecca. Isaias is the ideal alpha bear shifter — gorgeous, ripped, and relentlessly protective.

Bear Mountain Bride (Bear Mountain Shifters Book 1)

When Tessa finds out that her husband, Lucas, has been cheating on her and dealing drugs after 15 years of marriage, her life spirals into chaos.

She files for divorce and ends up in the protection of a pack of shifters, specifically the deliciously handsome pack leader, Atticus.

The pack must protect the land and protect Tessa from Lucas, who has been tormenting her since she left him. A dangerous journey of survival and romance ensues.

If you like

then you’ll love this book.

Lucas as the jealous and monstrous ex-husband makes for a great antagonist. He’s a perfect bad guy for Atticus, who is so devoted to protecting and loving Tessa that it’s heartwarming (and sexy!).

The sexual energy between Tessa and Atticus will keep you furiously flipping pages.

Which was your favorite?

Which shifter pack can you see yourself joining?

Do you have a sexy new book boyfriend who is half-beast and all hottie? Comment your favorite book below!

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