35 Best Teacher Student Romance Novels to Read if You’re Feeling Naughty

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Looking for the best teacher student romance novels to read?

best student teacher romance novels

See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

ImageProductWhere to Buy
Can't Have Him: A Student Teacher Romance (Hot, Short, Sweet Book 1)Can't Have Him: A Student Teacher Romance by Kate Hunt

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My TeacherMy Teacher by Sam Crescent
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Her Master's TeacherHer Master's Teacher by Lily WhiteView on Amazon
Just Between Us: Student-Teacher RomanceJust Between Us: Student-Teacher Romance by Suzanne D Williams
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Here are 35 that you won’t be able to put down. Just don’t get caught reading them in class.

Author Gigi Thorne

Coco is a combination of sweet and sexy, and she has an online suitor that she doesn’t know is actually her English teacher. She also has a crush on said teacher, but what she doesn’t know is that he has the hots for her, too. In the classroom, he is Mr. Professional, but what he wants more than anything is to teach her something besides English. How long will this scenario last before one of them speaks out about their feelings?

The Ivy Lessons

The Ivy Lessons: Forbidden romance books (Ivy Lessons Series Book 1)

Author Suzy K. Quinn

Sophia is doing post-graduate work at a well known drama college and begins taking classes with Marc, a drama teacher who is strict, stern, and even a bit arrogant. When she quickly becomes attracted to this aloof young man, she embarks on a sexual journey with him that she is only partially prepared for, but to which she quickly becomes addicted. They both know their relationship is forbidden, but they can’t help it … the relationship is something that feeds them both just what they need.

Extra Credit

Extra Credit: A Teacher & Student Romance

Author Gigi Thorne

Samantha has graduated from college and is going back to her high school as a teacher. Suddenly, students are writing naughty things about her on the walls and parents are complaining about her wardrobe. But, Samantha presses on, and soon she is tutoring a student named Troy so he can pass English and graduate. But, soon Troy becomes interested in more than his teacher’s educational skills, and he is determined to have some fun with her.


Forbidden: A Student Teacher Romance (School's Out)

Author Amanda Heartley

When Lennon attends a wedding soon after he breaks up with his cheating girlfriend, he sees an underage girl sneak a beer under her skirt and catches her drinking it in his car later on. They enjoy a quick tryst in his car afterwards, and Lennon is convinced he’ll never see her again. But, he’s wrong. On the first day of his teaching job, there she is – in his class. They both know it’s wrong, but with each day they both get closer to the inevitable, with delicious results.

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher (Unprofessional Bad Boys Book 1)

Author Clarissa Wild

Thomas Hard is a man that works diligently to live up to the reputation attached to his name. He loves women, but after a one-night stand that he thoroughly enjoyed comes back to haunt him, he doesn’t know what to do next. The girl ends up being one of his students, and his life is now turned upside down. A tale of wild sex and the ultimate forbidden fruit, filled with corny humor and girls who seem innocent, but really aren’t.

Author H.P. Mallory

Nikki is a college student whose life seems chaotic until she finds a handwritten notebook in the library that promises to teach her how to be a great seductress. She soon sets her sights on Derek, one of her professors, and intends to practice her newfound skills on him. Derek is someone who wants a physical-only relationship because he doesn’t like commitment, so when the two of them get together, sparks fly. A tension filled and sometimes funny story you won’t soon forget.

My Strict Professor

My Strict Professor: A Student Teacher Romance (Taught)

Author Mia Luxe

Olivia is a student in Bruce’s class, and she finds herself mouthing off to him in class one day. Afterwards, she is sent to his office for her punishment, but there’s a problem. Bruce is drawn to this girl in more ways than one, and Olivia finds herself both nervous and excited while waiting for him to open the door. A story of desire, obsession, a forbidden relationship, and potential ruin because this relationship has very high stakes.



Author Hadley Raydeen

While Addison is trying to graduate from law school, she begins to notice one of her law professors in a way she never looked at another professor. Unbeknownst to her, Reid has been lusting after her for a very long time as well, and only time will tell how their story will end. One thing is certain – one of them has to move quickly because Addison is getting ready to graduate, so they don’t have much time to act on their desires.

Mr. Malloy

Mr Malloy: A BWWM Teacher-Student Romance

Author Cherry Kay

Amara is a law student in the United States, and Jason is one of her professors. When something happens that forces them to confront their feelings for one another, it isn’t long before they succumb to their desires and enjoy each other’s company. A great forbidden love story that involves different ethnic groups, different races, but the same things that bring many other people together every day.

Touch & Taste

Touch & Taste (Love at First Sight Book 1)

Author Mia Madison

Joshua and Brooke are professor and student and they know their relationship is against the rules. But their sexual tension runs high, and despite their 18 year age difference, they begin a behind closed doors, passionate affair. The story is hot, sexy, and even fun, and goes into great detail of their love affair. It even has a good ending, because the couple eventually discover they are in love and they decide they want to be together forever.

First Semester

First Semester (Elton Hall Chronicles Book 1)

Author Sarah Fischer

Violet is in her first year of college, and she is thoroughly enjoying the perks of college life. She feels her life is right where it should be, until she walks into a class being taught by one David Berneli. She is immediately smitten with the gorgeous professor, and after some time she is able to impress him and attract his attention. Now, it is only a matter of time before she gets to be with him, but soon an old threat is out to get her, and it may mean the end of her relationship with David.

A Different Blue

A Different Blue

Author Amy Harmon

Blue was abandoned by her family at the age of two, and she doesn’t even know her real name or who her real family is. She is in high school at the age of 19 and struggling to keep up with the other students. When she meets a British schoolteacher who takes an interest in her, she is immediately smitten. It isn’t bad enough that she doesn’t know who she is, but the teacher knows exactly who he is, which could make their love affair a lot more complex.

Author Madison Faye

Tempest is a student that wears a plaid skirt and knee-high socks to school every day. She is like most other students except for one thing – her headmaster wants her. He wants her bad, and he’ll stop at nothing to get her. She is not just a student and a temptation, but an obsession. He’s blurring the lines and crossing into a territory he has no business in, but he considers it worth the risk.



Author Charleigh Rose

Remi is a nontraditional girl who starts attending a private school during her senior year of high school, and it isn’t long before she sets her sights on one of her professors, Mr. James. While most girls her age would find themselves doodling his name on their notebook and keeping their crush to themselves, Remi decides to pull out all the stops and go after the man she wants. The one she needs. The man she is dying to touch and take advantage of.

Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits: A Forbidden Student/Teacher Romance

Author Brooke Cumberland

When an art student volunteers to pose nude for one of her classes, the main reason she’s doing it is to attract the attention of her professor. The odd thing is, something in his eyes is telling her he is interested in more than just her willingness to help the students improve their art skills. He looks at his student and sees more than just her physical attributes, which are scrumptious. She is in control, and she is convinced her goal of getting her professor where she wants him will be met very soon.

Good Grades

Good Grades

Author Jacey O’Gallagher

Maya has a problem. She is getting bad grades, regardless of how hard she tries when writing her essays. When she meets with her professor to find out what she can do to improve her grade, he offers her a solution – but not the one she’d hoped. If she agrees to be his sex slave for one month, she can consider herself passing the class. He even offers to pay her for the services with cold, hard cash. It’s an offer she can’t refuse, so she jumps in with both feet on the ground – for now.


Temptation (The Hunted Series Book 1)

Author Ivy Smoak

James is Penny’s professor, and they couldn’t be more different. James is wealthy and attractive, but also has a dark and mysterious side. Penny is sexually inexperienced, but is an exhibitionist wanting to gain some experience in that arena. After they literally bump into one another and James catches Penny in his arms, they discover one another again in the classroom, and from that moment on Penny’s number-one goal is to be his lover, regardless of what she has to do to get it.

The Muse

The Muse: A Professor/Student Forbidden Romance

Author L.M. Halloran

Iris is finishing up her graduate degree and takes a class with a gorgeous writing professor named James Beckett. He is both brilliant and sexy, but Iris has no idea how dangerous he can be. When he sets his sights on Iris, she realizes a relationship with him could ruin everything for her, including her academic goals and her future career. But, the harder she fights the inevitable, the harder it becomes to resist his temptations, leaving her in a true dilemma.

Rule Him

Rule Him: A student/teacher romance (Forbidden Fantasies Book 1)

Author Gisele St. Claire

Candy lives in a wealthy world that allows her to fulfill all of her dreams, but all she wants is to finish her senior year so she can become an English teacher or a writer. When she discovers her grades are less than desirable, she decides she needs a tutor. Enter the new English teacher, who is not only smart, but hot as hell. Soon, she finds herself wanting him for more than just his knowledge, and something about his behavior makes her think he wants her, too.

Crossing the Lines

Crossing Lines

Author Colby Millsaps

Carter is a prim and proper high-school senior who sticks to herself, doesn’t date, and never attends parties. All she wants is to do what it takes to graduate so that she can move forward with her life. Noah is the new teacher who always obeys the rules and already knows how much is riding on his new job. He decides nothing is going to get in the way of him doing a great job, until Carter comes along. Then, all bets are off.

Filthy Professor

Filthy Professor (A Forbidden Student Teacher Romance Novella)

Author Lila Younger

Ian is Kaitlyn’s thesis professor, but the two are instantly attracted to one another. Ian knows he is risking a lot to be with her, including the career he’s worked so hard for, but the two can’t keep their hands off of one another. This is a fast-paced, hot, and sexy novel with a few twists and turns you won’t expect. The ending is also unexpected, but nonetheless interesting, and it will have you rooting for the main characters to the very end.

Only Between Us

Only Between Us (Starving Artists Book 1)

Author Mila Ferrera

Caleb is an artist and teacher whose paintings only sell to his young, sex-starved students. But, when a student named Romy comes along, she sees something deeper in the young, handsome art teacher. She seems to know what is in his soul, which makes Caleb appreciate her even more. However, just when things look like they may have a shot at a relationship, demons from both of their pasts come back to haunt them, making it more complicated than they are prepared for.

The Lessons

The Lessons (Off-Limits Book 1)

Author Elizabeth Brown

Natalie is a 30-year-old woman who is hiding a secret – she is still a virgin. When she decides to take care of her “problem,” she hires the services of a sex therapist named Ryan. Ryan is merely doing his job, but soon Natalie is starting to have feelings for him that she isn’t sure are appropriate. This is an unconventional story that is engaging, steamy, and even humorous in some scenes. There are also some surprises along the way to look forward to.

Game On

Game On: A Student Teacher Romance

Author S.C. Daiko

It isn’t always male teachers who desire a relationship with one of their students. Beth is a dedicated teacher who nonetheless finds herself in a dilemma when Ryan, one of her students, develops an infatuation with her. Ryan is likeable, and soon their relationship turns hot and steamy. But, after a while, it also turns into something more meaningful, and they are determined to make it work, regardless of the challenges in front of them.



Author D.G. Whiskey

Landon was a friend of Addy’s brother, but years later after he becomes a teacher in one of her classes, her view of him changes completely. Their attraction is immediate and very intense, with Landon looking at her as more than just a kid “sister” and Addy looking at him as a potential lover. Addy is looking for extracurricular activities to fill her calendar, and Landon fits the bill just right. Powerful. Deep. Unforgettable.

Author J.L. Beck

Ava is a student who has to pass Andrew’s class or she will lose her student aid. Andrew doesn’t want that to happen to her, but the plan he offers to her is forbidden and not allowed at their school. They do eventually cross the line, however, and even though they reach their happily ever after at the end of their story, they have to first go through some betrayals and disappointments. Nevertheless, this is a good read that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry

Author Aria Cole

Devon teaches high-school chemistry and has never before had inappropriate feelings towards a student. That is, until he meets Karoline. They decide to wait until Karoline turns 18 before acting on their feelings, but when Devon walks in on another student trying to assault Karoline, he pitches a fit. It may threaten the chance of him and Karoline ever being together, but he is nonetheless determined to protect Karoline so that she can be safe from now on.

Stay After Class

Stay After Class: The Professor Will See You Now

Author A.C. Rose

An enticing and sexy love story, the tale revolves around Jem, an art professor, and his student Amanda. Because Amanda is a virgin, Jem decides to take their relationship slowly so that she can learn what true lovemaking is all about. Between Jem’s upcoming art show and his escapades with Amanda, his life is very full, but he is determined to take Amanda not only to the heights of ecstasy, but also show her what real love is like in the end.

Secret Lucidity

Secret Lucidity

Author E.K. Blair

This is Camellia and David’s love story, and their story starts when Camellia’s life takes a turn for the worse and she needs someone she can lean on. David is both her teacher and her coach, but he quickly becomes her rock as well, and because of the turmoil in her life and the fact that she feels all alone, she takes to David’s charms right away. Their relationship survives, regardless of the customs and taboos of their society, and they are determined to keep it going, regardless of what other people think.

Master Class

Master Class: A Student Teacher Billionaire Romance

Author Linnea May

Jackson is a self-made billionaire who is hired to teach a class on how to be successful, and Lana is one of his students. She is making his classes a lot more interesting, and all he wants to do is teach her a lesson of a different kind. She may be the model student and diligent in her studies, but Jackson is looking for a reason to spank her and make her his. A hot, steamy story that will have you looking forward to what happens next.

Breaking Point

Break Point

Author Rachel Blaufeld

Juliette is a tennis player starting over at a new university because of hazing that occurred in the last one. Her new coach, Drew, is both talented and has muscles that Juliette can’t keep her eyes off of. This story involves a very pissed-off woman, stuck-up teammates, and a hot coach that Jules would love to play singles with. Years later, Drew and Jules run into one another again, and it is obvious there is still some spark between them. But, will this be enough to cement their relationship and make it permanent?

Professor with Benefits

Professor with Benefits (Blackwell After Dark Book 1)

Author Mickey Miller

Rose is a virgin who is nonetheless studying to be a sex therapist. She carefully does her research and decides that Cole, a football star turned Ph.D., should be the one to “teach” her the ropes. She approaches him with a proposal – two months of teaching her to be a submissive to Cole’s dominant. Sixty days. But, there’s only one problem; Cole doesn’t feel that is long enough to teach her everything he wants to teach her. Not by a long shot.

First Man

First Man

Author Ava Martell

Adam is a teacher who has suffered a lot of loss in his life, and Ember is a student in his English class who is used to getting what she wants, which at the moment is Adam. When she decides to participate in an extra-credit project to spend more time with him, Adam suspects nothing at first. But, soon Adam is attracted to her as well, and their relationship doesn’t take long to build up steam.

Professor's Kiss

Professor's Kiss: A Forbidden Bully Romance (Irish Kiss)

Author Sienna Blake

Ailis and Danny have known each other for some time, but the two people could not be any more different. Their on-again, off-again relationship is tumultuous, but when Danny becomes Ailis’s professor, things heat up again. A well-written story that explores every aspect of what makes this couple tick – collectively and individually – and which will leave you with emotions you won’t likely get over anytime soon.


Voyeur (A student/teacher romance) (Voyeur Series)

Author Fiona Cole

Voyeur is a place where men can go to watch half-clad women do a variety of things, and when a professor discovers that one of his students is one of the girls he’s used to spying on there, he knows he should stop going to see her. But, he can’t and even though she is attracted to him while they are in the classroom, she has no idea that he is the same one who watches her behind a glass wall while she’s at work.

What You Need to Know About Student-Teacher Romance Books

While the genre can be considered taboo by many, student-teacher romance tropes in romance books, remain popular.

It might have something to do with a reader’s fantasy regarding something that most people avoid or prevent in real life, especially the forbidden nature of the relationship between the teacher and the student.

Readers enjoy the various possibilities found in student-teacher romance books: A graduate student falls for a history teacher, for example, or a literature professor finds love from a creative writing class student.

Read on to learn more about this genre and why the secret school sweethearts and age gap between characters have sophisticated charm despite the sensitive subject matter.

1. What is the student-teacher romance trope?

Some also call this trope forbidden romance, featuring the power play between student and teacher. It is not uncommon to see how their daily interactions and normal life turn into an affair. For instance, a college professor pursuing a romantic relationship after a chance tropical island tutoring stint.

Usually, one character has authority over the other, creating an uneven power dynamic between those in the relationship.

Some readers might also find this romance unsettling, especially if set in high school, but not so much when both teachers and students are older. For example, a 31-year-old professor going on a heart-stopping first date with a grad student is considered more acceptable by conservative readers.

2. Is this “age gap romance” always forbidden?

No. The forbidden romance ones with the whirlwind romance are only those with a significant age gap.

Most readers prefer student-teacher romance novels with characters being closer in age. In this case, readers tend to view the budding intriguing passion with a more welcoming attitude.

3. What else can I expect from these types of books?

We guarantee that you will find variety in these types of books. For one, readers become immersed in a mix of school settings: community college, graduate school, and the like.

These teacher student romance books can have almost every iteration possible: an English teacher sharing amazing slam poetry moments with a brilliant writing student.

You can have a history teacher having his crappy life turned upside down by romance or a 28-year-old calculus teacher sharing creative and intimate ways to solve math problems.

Readers can also choose novels depending on their teachers’ preferences and gender. Some books feature a high school teacher and even teaching assistants.

So whether it’s “Gabriel’s Rapture” by Sylvain Reynard that you want to pick up first or about to introduce yourself to well-known characters in the genre like Emeric Marceaux or Julia Mitchell, you might just be in for a new guilty pleasure if this something that floats your boat.

Just remember: it’s okay to enjoy these stories while also being mindful of real-life situations, such as the affairs being taboo behavior under teachers’ code of ethics. It’s okay to enjoy fantasy and romance once in a while, with the caveat that it does not mean one tolerates the taboo in real life.

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