50 Best College Romance Novels to Read

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Looking for some of the best college romance novels to read?


We’ve got you covered. You’re going to love our top picks below…

After We Collided

After We Collided (2) (The After Series)

Author Anna Todd

Tessa and Hardin are in a relationship – one that is working. That is, until an unexpected revelation about Hardin’s past threatens to ruin it. Tessa has put a lot on hold for their relationship, including school, family, and friends, but now she wonders if it is all worth it. Still, she can’t just walk away from the passionate nights that they’ve shared, and Hardin isn’t making it easy to let go, either, although he knows he has to make some changes if they want their relationship to last.

November 9

November 9: A Novel

Author Colleen Hoover

Ben is an aspiring writer who is working on a novel, and when he meets Fallon on her last day in L.A., she becomes the inspiration for that novel. They go through the trials and tribulations that most couples go through, even meeting on the same day every year for a reunion. But it isn’t long before Fallon starts to wonder if he is in this relationship because he cares for her or simply because he wants to see how the story ends so that he can complete his novel.

My Oxford Year

My Oxford Year: A Novel

Author Julia Whelan

Ella has agreed to accept a position on a candidate’s run for president, and when she realizes she can still go through with her dream of attending Oxford because she has agreed to work remotely, she heads off to England. She meets Jamie by accident when they get into a car accident, but their relationship quickly turns to something special. When it’s almost time for her to leave the country, she finds herself in love with Jamie and is hesitant to go. Are her current dreams the same, or can she be satisfied with new ones?

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday

Author Colleen Hoover

Sydney is a college student with a great life until she discovers her boyfriend has been cheating on her. However, it isn’t long before she is attracted to a guitar-playing neighbor named Ridge, who is both devilishly handsome and somewhat mysterious. This story is all about friendship, betrayal, and the often-tumultuous love lives of college students that offers a glimpse into one of the most interesting times of most people’s lives.

180 Seconds

180 Seconds

Author Jessica Park

Allison is a college student who finds it impossible to trust other people, thanks to her unnerving upbringing being bounced from foster home to foster home. When a social experiment has her interacting with a man named Esben, who is a complete stranger to her, for 180 seconds, they both sense that something unique and special just happened. They continue to explore their relationship bit by bit, and it isn’t long before Allison realizes that Esben might be the one person who proves to her that trust can be a good thing.



Author Lulu Pratt

When a man agrees to look after his best friend’s younger sister when she heads off to college, it proves to be more difficult than he thought it would be. Turns out, this girl is not the geeky little girl in pigtails that he remembers from his youth. She is now stunning and has a figure he just wants to devour. This is Jackson’s dilemma, and with Emma right under his wing, it’s going to take every bit of willpower to resist her charms and concentrate on his studies.

Until Tomorrow

Until Tomorrow (Christy And Todd: College Years Book 1) (Christy & Todd: College Years)

Author Robin Jones Dunn

Christy is going to college in Switzerland and is awaiting her two best friends so they can take off on a three-week trip around Europe, but when Todd and Katie get there, something is different. She thought her relationship with Todd was real, but now she is sensing feelings between him and Katie. Worse, she can’t get any time alone with him so they can talk about everything because Katie is always in the way. She only has three weeks to figure out the truth, but will that be enough time for her?


Conflicted: A Reverse Harem Romance Duet (VIP College Book 2)

Author Athena Wright

Aubrey is a romance writer at a college who is in a relationship with three different men – Riot, a rock star with a closed-off heart; Luka, a regal prince; and Jaeson, a billionaire with quirks. Even though her stories are loved by most of the students at her university, a blackmailer is threatening to take it all away from her, so Aubrey must decide if she is able to get rid of two of the men or if the three of them will be able to share her.

Catching Callie


Author Claire Woods

Gabe is a college football player with hopes of playing for the NFL until a scandal makes him hide from everyone until things start to cool down some. When he runs into Callie, a girl that has real problems believing in happy endings, she stops him dead in his tracks. He knows he is in control on the football field, but this girl is making him lose control of everything else – quickly. He only has a short period of time to get her back and make her his own, but will his past scare her away for good?

My Best Friend's Ex

My Best Friend's Ex: A New Adult College Romance (Beta Brothers Book 1)

Author Hazel Kelly

Zoey has had a crush on Logan since she was in her early teens, but when her best friend Piper strikes up a relationship with him, she is devastated. Since her crush is known only to herself – or so she thinks – she figures it does no good to share those details with anyone else. Still, she cannot get Logan out of her mind, and she quivers whenever she is around him. A second-chance novel that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.



Author Rebecca Shea

Jessica is a good girl with big plans for her life, and she hopes those plans include Gabe, a college football player whom she is smitten with. But when tragedy strikes and changes Jessica’s life, she thinks it has struck too deep to be repaired. Can Jessica’s relationship with Gabe withstand the tragedy, or will she learn that some cuts are too deep to ever be healed completely?

Misadventures of a College Girl

Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures Book 8)

Author Lauren Rowe

Zooey enters her freshman year of college with one goal in mind – to lose her virginity. When she meets Tyler at a football players’ party, she thinks that she may have a shot at it. Their first meeting doesn’t go so well, however, so when the two find themselves in the same two classes, they start all over again. Zooey doesn’t want a boyfriend, but the more she gets to know Tyler, the more she starts to fall for him. Can she give him her body without giving him her heart as well? Zooey isn’t sure.

Dare Me

Dare Me

Author River Laurent

When Dakota and Trent enter into a contest that could mean a million dollars to whoever wins, they go at it with fervor, even though the last thing either of them expects is to fall in love. She thinks he is insensitive and arrogant; he thinks she is a stubborn pain in the butt. But even though love is the last thing on their minds, it ends up being exactly what each of them needs in this quirky, heartwarming love story that everyone will enjoy.

Hooking Up

Hooking Up (Inked Hearts Book 2)

Author Crystal Kaswell

Walker is not one for commitments, mostly because he feels like he is too busy to have one. Iris is a college student who wants a friends-with-benefits arrangement, so when the two get together passions ignite. It is supposed to be a physical-only relationship, but soon Walker is unable to do anything because he can’t stop thinking about Iris. A story filled with heat, a little humor, and a lot of passion between characters that you will not soon forget.

As You Wish

As You Wish (Christy And Todd: College Years Book 2) (Christy & Todd: The College Years)

Author Robin Jones Gunn

Christy and Todd are now in the same college after Christy returns from some time overseas, but instead of their relationship picking up where it started and growing, the couple finds that it will take a little work to get the results they were hoping for. They are both older and wiser now, but they have to work through their insecurities and doubts to make their relationship work, even though they both know it will be worth it in the end.

Because of Lucy

Because of Lucy: A New Adult College Romance (Butterfly Days Book 1)

Author Lisa Swallow

Ness already knows how many women fall in love with Evan, but she is determined never to be one of them. After all, what does this poetry-loving English student have that other men don’t? As it turns out, the answer is, a lot. Their relationship starts out as only a physical one, but even though they are complete opposites in almost every way, they are soon headed to one that involves a whole lot more. All because of Lucy.

Cross Stroke

Cross Stroke (On The Edge Book 1)

Author Elizabeth Hartey

This book describes the romance between Tracey and Dak. Tracey is a college student and champion figure skater, and Dak is the captain of the hockey team. Dak’s love life consists of one-night stands because of his first love’s death, and Tracey has walls around her heart thanks to her own demons. But when the two get together, the attraction is immediate and fierce, and if they can each get past their insecurities and pain, they might be the best things that ever happened to one another.

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits: A Steamy College Romance (Beta Brothers Book 2)

Author Hazel Kelly

When Carter’s relationship with Nina goes from friends to friends with benefits, he is determined to make it go even farther, but is this a realistic expectation for him to have? An amazing read with some twists and turns you won’t see coming, it will have you guessing with each page you read. Follow Carter and Nina as they work hard to get just what they want out of each step of their relationship, and see how they deal with the impossible.



Author Ashley Claudy

Brook is happy to finally be in college and away from the drama that plagued her at home, and she is hoping for a low-profile college experience. But that all changes when she meets Andrew, who is good-looking, popular, and in an on-again, off-again romance but no real commitment. As the days fly by, she finds it more and more difficult to stop thinking about this striking young man, but if she wants to remain under the radar, her only choice is to forget about him.

Daddy's Little Angel

Daddy's Little Angel

Author Mia Clark

Grey and Fiona have an explosive relationship. It started when she started calling him Daddy and teasing him about being the best friend of his little sister. No one knows how it will end, but, in the meantime, the relationship is enjoying a lot of hot, steamy passion and mind-blowing sex that many people only dream of. Enjoy everything that makes their relationship amazing, including chaos, fireworks, and even tears.

Well Played

Well Played

Author J.S. Scott

Graham is the best friend of Lauren’s brother, and after college, they each have their own plans of what they wish to do next. But when Lauren sees Graham’s fiancée having sex with another man, she decides to give Graham some sympathy and ends up in bed with him. After that, everything seems different, because Graham no longer wants to see Lauren. He feels that he has a bad-boy side that he doesn’t want her to see, but Lauren is not willing to give up on him anytime soon.

Falling for Mr. Slater

Falling for Mr. Slater: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy

Author Kendall Day

Roxie has just begun an internship at the middle school she once attended, and she is hoping not to run into Mr. Slater, who blocked her chances at a basketball scholarship all those years ago. But when she enters the familiar hallways of the school, he is one of the first people she sees. Instead of forgetting about the past, it comes back to her with a vengeance. Can she forget everything and work with this man during this important time in her life, or will everything come crashing down in the end?


Test (Gentry Generations Book 3)

Author Cora Brent

Derek and Paige both have secrets, and even though Derek considers his secrets to be worse than most, Paige is intrigued by him. When the worst thing imaginable happens to her, she ends up in Derek’s arms and afterwards, she finds herself wanting to be in that same position again and again. But in order for their relationship to succeed, they’ll both have to confront their past and deal with their demons, which might be easier said than done.

Love Plus One

Love Plus One (G-Man series Book 2)

Author Andrea Smith

Can a relationship between an FBI agent and the college coed he is put in charge of protecting ever work? This is Lindsey’s dilemma, and when she is threatened after her stepfather’s entrance into her life and needs someone to look after her, Taz is assigned the job. But Taz thinks of Lindsey as his best friend’s step daughter only, even though Lindsey wants more, and herein lies the problem. Can they get past these challenges and finally have the happiness they both deserve?

The Rivarly

The Rivalry

Author Nikki Sloane

This is the story of two sports lovers who represent rivalry teams but find themselves falling for one another. Kayla is falling for Jay, who seems to be perfect in every day, but there’s one problem. He plays for the team that she has hated her entire life. They’re not supposed to like each other, much less feel more than that. A fascinating read that will have you looking forward to what is going to happen with each turn of the page.

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Author Katie Kyler

When playboy and personal trainer Tyler finds himself in need of a place to live, he ends up being a roommate to Graycey, a client of his from the gym. Between his ability to attract any woman he wants and her desire to have him at all costs, not to mention an ex that just may reappear in her life, Graycey doesn’t know what is going to happen from one day to another. A great HEA story that will have the reader cheering in the end.


Lovely: An Emotional College Romance

Author Beth Michele

College is supposed to be fun and easy, but Ashton and Cara have a relationship that is making it a bit of a challenge. Ashton has had it made his entire life and was able to have anything he desired, but things change when he meets Cara. Cara is a challenge in practically every way, and between her broken past and his tough exterior, they both know they will have to work hard to get what they want out of the relationship in the end.

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Author Amber Heart

Silas is a single dad trying to balance college life with his responsibilities for his one-year-old daughter. He is therefore not looking for a relationship, so why is it that he can’t stop thinking about the woman he just met? Chance has a few secrets up her sleeve, and when she meets Silas she finds she gets along great with both him and his adorable daughter. As much as Silas is trying not to fall too hard for Chance, the longer they know one another, the more difficult this task becomes.

Once Call Away

One Call Away

Author Emily Goodwin

When Chase enters Sierra’s bookstore, their attraction to one another is immediate. Sierra heard rumors that he is only passing through town and that he is dangerous, but she insists she isn’t afraid of him. Since Sierra’s heart was previously broken into a million pieces, she proceeds with caution but she can’t deny her desire for this man. Will Chase be able to break through Sierra’s pain and win her heart, and will this be enough to keep him in town for good?

The Professor

The Professor

Author Luke Prescott

Emma is finishing up her degree in psychology, but her newest professor, Drake Grayson, has her heart in knots. This extremely handsome mentor of hers has her daydreaming about learning more than psychology from him, but the student-teacher relationship is strictly forbidden in their university. But when the attraction becomes mutual, will they be able to resist one another for long, or is it only a matter of time before they consummate their relationship?

Binding 13

Binding 13: Boys of Tommen #1

Author Chloe Walsh

Johnny and Shannon couldn’t be more different, and the only thing they seem to have in common is that they go to the same college. Johnny is a rugby star with everything going for him, and Shannon is the shy transfer student trying to escape her demons. Two people from different sides of the track whose worlds are about to collide. This story includes first love, pain, rising fame, and horrible secrets, rolled into a tale that you will not soon forget.


Loaded (Players)

Author Teagan Kade

When a motivated young woman with her life planned out meets a college baseball player whose escapades off the field are as infamous as those while he’s playing, she remains determined to stay away from him and concentrate on her goals. But things get challenging when she starts dreaming about him being in her bed, and she can’t seem to stop. When she becomes his supervisor after he is tasked with doing community service, things become even more heated, but will the inevitable be in competition with what they both want in their lives?

The Roommate Dis-Agreement

The Roommate 'dis'Agreement

Author Leddy Harper

When a divorced man finds himself in need of a roommate, he finds a single mother who needs the same. This is the predicament that Cash and Jade find themselves in, but it becomes more challenging once their friendship becomes a little bit more than either of them are prepared for. A funny, amusing, and interesting story that describes the past challenges of both characters and will keep you wanting more until the very end.

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Author Johanna Hawke

When a college athlete kidnaps a young coed on a dare, she wants to hate him. But she can’t. Despite the stunt he’s just pulled, she finds herself oddly attracted to him, and it isn’t long before she starts dreaming about being in his arms … and his bed. He is so smitten that he can’t concentrate on anything, including his studies; and she is super anxious to run her fingers over his rock-hard abs. Their bodies can’t survive without one another, but is this type of relationship one that will last?

Tell Me You Want Me

Tell Me You Want Me

Author Amelia James

Jane is a bookworm who concentrates on her studies more than she does her extracurricular activities, and Austin is convinced she needs a little more fun in her life. Even though he is a heartbreaker, Jane agrees to a relationship with him to expand her college experience, but soon both of them are dealing with more than they bargained for. A sexy story with a lot of passion and two characters you will never forget, this book is a great read every time.

Thrill Me

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Author Adele Hart

The story of a bad boy and a virgin who is determined to lose her virginity before she graduates from college. Cassie and Ty have a hot relationship that starts when they are co-workers at the same bar, and soon he is feeding her chocolates and treating her like a queen. This is a sexy book that is also a little bit dirty, and it will feed the desires of anyone who is looking for a story that has plenty of hot, passionate sex in it.

Hating the Rick Bastard

Hating the Rich Bastard (Hate Love Book 2)

Author B.B. Hamel

Alice comes to Ben’s home to tune his piano, but soon they are enjoying one another in a much more intimate way. When she learns she’s pregnant later on, she is determined to raise the baby alone because she assumes that Ben is too much of a playboy to be a good daddy. In many ways, Alice hates Ben, but when he offers her thousands of dollars for helping him record an album, she jumps on board because she needs the money. Will she tell him about the pregnancy? And if she does, how will he react?

Pucking Parker

Pucking Parker (Face-Off Legacy Book 1)

Author Jillian Quinn

Bex is the daughter of the hockey coach, and Preston is one of his players. One of his most handsome players. The one that Bex can no longer keep her mind off of. Bex’s dad has a strict rule about her not dating any of his players, but that is becoming more and more difficult because she has already seen what he looks like in the locker room. A story you are guaranteed not to be disappointed with, this is one tale that you’ll enjoy to the very last page.

Cherry Popper

Cherry Popper: A Curvy Girl Romance 3

Author River Laurent

Jesse is a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks, and at first he is completely turned off by Mia, a rich girl who experiences a life he’s only dreamed about. The thing is, they are both smitten with one another, even though neither of them knows it. When they finish college and meet at a mutual friend’s wedding many years later, sparks fly instantly, and they are both determined not to put off their desires any longer.

Once Upon a Halftime

Once Upon A Half-Time: A Sports Romance (Touchdowns and Tiaras Book 3)

Author Sosie Frost

Lachlan is a rookie football player and Elle is the team photographer. Their three-day Vegas trip included a lot of passion, but when Lachlan proposes marriage afterwards, Elle is skeptical. He promises her she’ll be in love with her soon if they go through with the marriage, so Elle eventually accepts. This is a story with a wonderful ending, even though it is not the typical fairy-tale ending, filled with new beginnings, laughter, and some very unexpected results you won’t see coming.


COACH (Boston Terriers Book 3)

Author Jacob Chance

Zeke is the captain of the women’s football team at the college where he works, and when he meets their new quarterback, the last thing he expects is for her to be so luscious. Soon, things that are off limits become more tempting, lines become blurred, and temptations are starting to become way too hard to resist. Can this tattooed, arrogant coach and an athlete bound and determined to play by her own rules resist the urges they are both feeling?

Outside the Box

Outside the Box (Blythe College Book 3)

Author Rochelle Paige

Aubrey has a rather promiscuous past, but a pregnancy scare puts an end to all of that and causes her to concentrate on her studies more than the boys at her school. When she meets Luka, those things change. Luka has built a wall around his heart after a bad breakup, and because of Aubrey’s past he assumes she would never be interested in a serious relationship. But both Aubrey and Luka secretly want the same thing, so it is only a matter of time before they get it. Or is it?

Scoring the Quarterback

Scoring the Quarterback

Author S.M. Soto

A page-turner for anyone who loves a good college romance story, this is the tale of Luke, the quarterback on the football team, and Natalia, who is turned off by everything he represents. At least at first. Their relationship progresses slowly, but they soon find they cannot live without one another. From a great friendship to a great love story, this is a sexy and humorous book that will have readers cheering for their relationship from the first page to the very last.


Sacked: A Novel (Gridiron Book 1)

Author Jen Frederick

Knox is a great football player with hopes of playing for the NFL after college, but he has a secret he doesn’t want to share with anyone – he is still a virgin. And he’s decided on the girl he wants to change all of that. Her name is Ellie, and she is a teammate’s sister. But she doesn’t realize he exists – almost literally. Ellie, however, isn’t interested in any type of commitment at this point in her life, in part because she, too, has a secret. Both are determined to stay true to themselves, but how long will that last once they finally get together?

The Hard Way

The Hard Way: a Sports Romance

Author Katie Ashley

Cade and Avery knew one another in high school, and Cade made Avery’s life a living hell. She thought she could escape all of that by attending college out of state, but when Cade shows up to do community service at the facility where she works, she finds a lot of the feelings she had for him coming back. But she has one thing on her mind – she is not the doormat that she used to be, and she is about to give Cade a run for his money, all in a good way.

One Good Play

One Good Play (Kelley University)

Author Meredith St. James

Wren and Carter are a mismatch in many ways. Wren is used to doing everything alone, and Carter feels like he is never alone. Carter is the star quarterback and gets a lot of attention – much of which he doesn’t want. Eventually, they find one another and their relationship grows, but a secret from her past could threaten it all. This is a great college romance story with the usual relationship ups and downs, but it has an ending that the reader will love.

Gridiron Bad Boy

Only In Dreams: A Military Romance

Author Eddie Cleveland

Cameron is a football player with hopes of playing for the NFL one day, and because he and Chelsea are continuously crossing paths, it is only a matter of time before they get together and develop a meaningful relationship. Chelsea feels that she can trust him, but she is unsure. She sees the football groupies and knows about Cameron’s reputation, and she is also slightly afraid. But while she is deciding what to do, Cameron has already decided he is going to win her over – and he always gets what he wants.

One Wrong Move

One Wrong Move (Kelley University)

Author Meredith St. James

When Travis runs into an old flame in his new hometown of New York, he is surprised that he has once again found the only woman he’s ever loved. But Ronnie is still haunted by her past and is cautious about entering into a relationship with him. These two southerners have to decide if they can forget all about the past and move forward, or if past heartbreaks will prevent them from having the happiness they both deserve.

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Author Kate L. Mary

Anne cannot wait to get to college so she can check off some of the items on her bucket list. Things like skinny-dipping, getting a fake ID, and enjoying her very first kiss. However, it gets complicated when best friends Ryan and Chris both become interested in her. And there are things on her list that she wants to do with each of these hot, sexy, very funny guys, although not at the same time.


Undeclared (Burnham College) (Volume 2)

Author Julianna Keyes

Kellan is a big man on campus, an athlete and ladies’ man whom everyone knows. But during his third year of college, Andrea suddenly reappears in his life. Andrea, who was his friend, then his lover, then someone whose heart he broke. If he wants her in his life for good, he’ll have to confront their past, but first he’ll have to admit his true feelings toward her, and that might be a lot more difficult than he imagined.

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