7 Best Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romances That’ll Set Your Heart On Fire

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If a guy could turn into a fire-breathing dragon, he'd sure have my attention. 

What could be more exciting than a magical adventure with a handsome dragon shifter by your side? 

If you're a fan of shifter romance with protective alpha heroes, suspense, action, drama, and fantasy, then you'll love the following books. 

See our newest picks for the month in the chart below: 

ImageProductWhere to Buy
The Dragon Shifter's Mates: The Complete SeriesThe Dragon Shifter's Mates: The Complete Series by Eva Chase

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Hot Shifter Summer: Limited Edition 12 Book Box SetHot Shifter Summer by Haley Weir
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The Dragon Shifter’s Duty: Paranormal Security and Intelligence Ops Shadow Agents: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops Book 2)The Dragon Shifter’s Duty by Mandy RothView on Amazon
Draekon Warrior: A SciFi Dragon Shifter Romance (Rebel Force Book 1)Draekon Warrior: A SciFi Dragon Shifter Romance by Lili Zander
View on Amazon
Dragon's Guard: A Shifter Paranormal Romance (The Dragon Shifter's Mates Book 1)Dragon's Guard: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Eva Chase
View on Amazon

Hot Shifter Summer

Hot Shifter Summer: Limited Edition 12 Book Box Set

Author: Haley Weir

Wolfs, bears and DRAGONS! This is the box set that you need to read this summer. It has a cast of characters and plot lines that you'll get totally addicted to:

  • Hot single dads, 
  • Viking lords 
  • Scandal-filled dating agencies. 

If this sounds up your alley, then you'll want to pick up this book today.

Skyborn (Dragons and Druids Book 1) by Leia Stone

Skyborn (Dragons and Druids Book 1)

When Sloane Murphy graduates college and goes on a solo hiking trip to the Grand Canyon, the unthinkable happens. She’s falling to her death when she shifts into a dragon, flying herself to safety.

Now, she’s on the run from hunters and trying to grapple with her newfound inner beast.

Sloan meets Logan Sharp, another dragon shifter who thought he was the last one remaining, and their adventure together begins. 

If you like

  • young adult romance
  • sorcerers and magic
  • and fast-paced action

then read this book today!

Sloane is great heroine because she’s realistic and relatable. She’s a tough fighter but also has her insecurities and her flaws.

You’ll be rooting for her from the first page to the last!

Dragon Lord (Dragons & Phoenixes Book 1) by Miranda Martin

Dragon Lord: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Shifter Novel (Dragons & Phoenixes Book 1)

Mia lives in a world that is sick with pollution, forcing humans to remain protected from the air in domes while dragons and phoenixes have free range of the world. Mia makes her living as a transporter of goods, mostly from shady employers.

When she’s blackmailed into delivering a kid who is half-human, half-phoenix, she must make the dangerous journey through the Dragon Lord’s territory.

Mia will learn more about herself than she ever could’ve anticipated. 

If you like

  • post-apocalyptic romance
  • phoenix shifters
  • and resilient heroines

then you’ll love this book.

From beginning to end, this book will have its readers on the edge of their seats.

The world-building is complex, the heroine’s adventure is a thrill, and the Dragon Lord is incredibly sexy! 

Lure of the Dragon (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 1) by Anna Lowe

Lure of the Dragon (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 1)

When private chef Tessa Byrne is attacked on the job by the rich CEO Damien Morgan, she learns that dragon shifters are real and that her attack plans to claim her as his own.

To escape Damien, Tessa she travels to Muai for safety. where she meets dragon shifter Kai and his squad of shifter friends. 

Kai and Tessa find themselves falling in love, but will they be safe from the forces out there who want them apart? 

Read to find out, especially if you’re a fan of

  • action and adventure 
  • tropical settings
  • and romantic suspense 

The setting of tropical Maui adds a fun twist to dragon shifter genre.

Kai’s motley crew of shifters makes a great ensemble for this romantic adventure!

Dragon Fire and Phoenix Ash: Paranormal Shapeshifter Weredragon Romance by J.T. Thompson and Mina Carter 

Sula is a phoenix shifter who was captured as a small chick and now lives out her days enslaved in a cage. She’s given up hope until she’s rescued by Damian, a dragon shifter whose job is to protect dragons and all shifters. 

Damian never expects the little chick with big warm eyes to shift into the woman standing in his home.

Sula and Damien may have a chance at an unexpectedly happily ever after if they can survive the dangerous slave masters looking to hunt Sula down and reclaim her. 

If you like

  • dragon/phoenix romance 
  • action and adventure
  • and romantic suspense

then read this book today!

Damian is a compassionate hero who goes above and beyond to protect Sula.

The story is a wonderful combination of action, adventure, humor, and the power of hope. 

Bride of The Dragons: Shifter Menage Fantasy Romance by Selina Coffey

Elokon, the alpha of his tribe, and Siron, the tribe omega, both need to find mates.

Elokon will be stripped of his role as alpha if he doesn’t mate soon, but there isn’t a woman human or shifter that feels like the right match.

That is, until they meet Adelina. She plans to catch the attention of the richest nobleman, but instead is irresistible to not one, but two dragon shifters who want to have her as their mate. 

If you like

  • three-way romance
  • two heroes
  • and action and adventure

then look no further than this book. 

The three MCs embark on a dangerous and thrilling journey with plenty of sizzling hot romance throughout their adventure.

What’s better than one sexy hero? Two! 

A Mate for the Dragon (Lost Dragons Book 1) by Zoe Chant

A Mate for the Dragon (Lost Dragons Book 1)

When Holly Edwards wants to take time to herself to mend her broken heart, she takes a trip to a cabin in the woods to find some peace.

That’s where she meets Stefan, the irresistibly handsome and charming dragon shifter. Stefan needs a mate to keep his lineage but knows that whoever she is will be then pulled into his dangerous world of rival dragon clans out for blood.

There’s a powerful connection between Holly and Stefan, but will love be strong enough to fight the destructive forces threatening them? 

  • If you like
  • curvy heroines
  • suspense
  • and action-packed romance

then you’ll love this story!

Stefan is protective, sweet, and gorgeous. The way he’ll stop at nothing to make sure Holly is safe is heartwarming and beautiful, especially considering how Holly’s been treated in the past.

Can you say “swoon”? 

Fire In His Blood: A Post-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance (Fireblood Dragon Book 1) by Ruby Dixon

Fire In His Blood: A Post-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance (Fireblood Dragon Book 1)

Claudia has survived in a world overrun by fire-breathing dragons. Through the fire and the ashes, Claudia hangs on for survival and after a run in with the law, her only real hope is to tame a dragon.

When the sexy and wild dragon shifter Kael claims Claudia as his mate, he has no intentions of being tamed. Will the unexpected lovers be able to survive a world that threatens to destroy them? 

Read to find out, especially if you like

  • dystopian fantasy
  • sci-fi romance
  • and action and adventure 

then you’ll love this book.

The author does a wonderful job creating both dynamic characters and a dynamic world. We’re able to get a look at the MC’s deepest emotions and get to know the characters well.

Also, there’s plenty of steamy sex scenes between Kael and Claudia that will melt your Kindle! 

Which is your favorite?

Which fantasy world did you most enjoy escaping to? Is there a sexy new dragon shifter in your ever-expanding list of book boyfriends?

Comment below to let me know!

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