75 Best Young Adult Romance Novels

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Looking for some young adult romance books to read?

best young adult romance books and novels

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Looking to ScoreLooking to Score by CoraLee June

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No White Knight (Heroes of Heart's Edge Book 6)No White Knight by Nicole SnowView on Amazon
Knocked Up by the CEO: A Second Chance Romance (Office Romances Book 2)Knocked Up by the CEO: A Second Chance Romance by Annie J. Rose
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The Dare (Truth or Dare Book 1)The Dare by Lauren Landish
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Here are 75 that you’re going to be totally addicted to.

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Kiss Me

Kiss Me (The Keatyn Chronicles series Book 2)

Author: Jillian Dodd

Young Keatyn is trying to make it through each day at her boarding school, while trying to stay as hidden as possible so that she can protect herself. Away from her family, she is dealing with a girl who hates her for no reason and several young boys who have her emotions running amuck. There’s Dawson, who is hot and sexy, and Aiden, who feels like he’s torturing her every time he smiles. Add to that the fact that she is still trying to pick up the pieces of her life, and you’ll understand why this book has so much to offer.

My Life as a Country Album

My Life as a Country Album: A Coming-of-Age, Boy-Next-Door Romance (my life as an album Book 1)

Author: L.J. Evans

Cam thinks of her life as a country album because everything seems to be going that way. The story tells the relationship between her and Jake, whom she’s known since childhood, and their sometimes tumultuous feelings toward one another. When he tells her that he loves her and promises to never leave, she is elated, but when he breaks that promise, through no fault of his own, she is left wondering what to do next.

Author: Wende Dikec

When Lily has a near-death experience after a bad manicure at the nail spa, she awakens with the ability to see ghosts. She meets an alleged outsider, Zoe, a ghost who ends up being not that different than she is, and a ghost named Nick whom she finds that she is falling for quickly. But Lily soon finds out that helping the ghosts is likely to mean giving up Nick, and she is nowhere near ready to do that.

Making Faces

Making Faces

Author: Amy Harmon

Ambrose comes back from the war broken both psychologically and physically. Fern is a girl who knew him back when he was beautiful and wonders if she is the one who might help him put his life back together. This story has a lot of loss in it, but it also features courage and steadfastness in the face of unimaginable pain. A girl’s love for a broken boy is rarely the foundation of a relationship, but in this case it might be that and much more.

Cinder & Ella

Cinder & Ella

Author: Kelly Oram

Ella is a young girl sent to live with the dad who abandoned her after a car accident that takes her mother’s life. To pass the time, she communicates online with an actor named Brian. Across the country in Hollywood, Brian is trying to transition from heartthrob to a serious actor and goes into a fake engagement with a co-star. He hates the whole idea and is quite miserable, until he hears from a girl far away that he’s never even met.

Ryan’s Bed

Ryan's Bed

Author: Tijan

While Mackenzie is staying overnight at a friend’s house, she goes into what she thinks is that friend’s sister’s bedroom and crawls into bed, only to find Ryan there instead. She starts to leave, but he won’t let her, and the comfort she feels there is indescribable. Mackenzie and Ryan develop a relationship, which becomes especially important after her twin sister kills herself later on, and she needs his shoulder more than she’s ever needed anything else in her life.

Flat Out Celeste

Flat-Out Celeste (Flat-Out Love Book 3)

Author: Jessica Park

Sometimes, it’s not commonalities that bring two people together. Sometimes, it is quirkiness and internal turmoil. This is certainly the case when Celeste, a girl struggling to get through her senior year so she can finally feel free when she goes to college, and Justin, a college sophomore with challenges of his own, get together. A heart-warming story that addresses what is really important, not just for young people, but for everyone.

Foul Play

Foul Play (Barlow Sisters Book 3)

Author: Jordan Ford

Vincent has a bad boy reputation he doesn’t deserve, and it partly comes from having a brother in prison. Chloe is the victim of an attack while volunteering at her church one night, but when Vincent comes to her rescue, she realizes he may not be as big and bad as most people think he is. When she agrees to help Vincent clear his brother’s name, her parents aren’t exactly thrilled, but there is something about this young man who tells her she can’t listen to them, at least not now.

Accidentally Perfect

Accidentally Perfect

Author: Elizabeth Stevens

Piper is a girl people think is perfect, but that’s only because her secret of having crippling anxiety is unknown to most. She finds herself in her senior year of school with barely a notch on her lipstick case but an interest in two different boys. They both seem to be interested in her as well, but which would should she choose – the popular, cute guy who everybody wants to be like, or the less complicated, but more reliable one?


Curveball (Barlow Sisters Book 1)

Author: Jordan Park

Maddie and her two younger sisters are moved to a small town just months before she graduates from high school, and she is miserable. When her father convinces the boys’ baseball team to let her and her sisters play, she is immediately attracted to the team captain, a boy named Holden. But Holden, it seems, only has eyes for Maddie’s sister, so what is a girl to do? Should she let Holden and her sister explore their relationship, or should she go after him herself? Does she really have to choose between her sister and true love?

Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin (Blank Canvas, 1)

Authors: Adriana Anders

Ivan is a boy that the world keeps giving second chances to, and he is more than grateful. When he meets Uma, he is instantly attracted to her, but her sad eyes tell him that something is amiss in her life, and he becomes determined to save her and turn that frown into a smile. In fact, he’ll stop at nothing to do just that, despite his rough exterior, his previous bad decisions, and all of the nasty rumors that follow him around day to day.

Until the End

Until the End (Sea Breeze)

Author: Abbi Glines

Trish and Rock both have more to look forward to in the future than they do now. Rock is interested in Trish, but she won’t give him the time of day. That is, until she is found walking towards the hospital after being abused once again by her mother’s boyfriend, and Rock picks her up and takes her there. Suddenly, Rock is more interested in saving Trish than in football, which formerly filled up his entire life, and he will let nothing stop him from making her life better.


Capture (Seaside Pictures Book 1)

Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Dani is beautiful and smart but broken, unable to speak after an accident that claims her parents’ lives. She communicates by texting, but when she is set up to become the assistant to a gorgeous actor who comes to town to film a movie, she starts to have the desire to talk again. Lincoln is not only an actor, but a talker as well, and he is interested in Dani. But will his love be enough to get her to talk once again so that she can resume a normal life?

A Wish for Us

A Wish For Us

Author: Tillie Cole

Cromwell and Bonnie meet when Cromwell comes to her state not only to promote his musical genius, but also to escape some of his secrets from the past. Bonnie loves music more than anything else, and she tries to stay away from him because she knows he’s hiding something, and besides, she is too busy to find out what that secret is anyway. One incident, however, will bring them together and make Cromwell forget about his music for awhile and concentrate on her instead, but will it be enough in the end?

Don’t Die, My Love

Don't Die, My Love

Author: Lurlene McDaniel

Luke and Julie are excited about life after high school, which is coming up soon. He’s hoping for a football scholarship, and she wants to follow him wherever he ends up going. But when a routine doctor’s appointment presents them with a challenge neither of them saw coming, they both work hard to strengthen their love for one another so that it will be enough to tackle whatever might lie ahead.

Star Promise

Star Promise (Wishes Series Book 5)

Author: G.J. Walker-Smith

Like many other couples, Charli and Adam have a precocious young daughter and a great life in New York City until their new home proves to be more of a challenge than they thought it would be. Charli loves her job, but Adam hates his. Add to this a stroke of bad luck and Charli’s wondering if going back to the small town they came from is the answer to their problems, and you’ll understand why this book is quirky and interesting from start to finish.

Kiss My Ash

Kiss My Ash

Author: Leddy Harper

Kristy just moved into a new home and is newly divorced when she meets the boy next door – a boy named Ash who is handsome, sexy, and sounding much older than his actual age. Hoping he is at least twenty-one, Kristy wants to become the cougar to this young prey, and their chance meetings start to look like planned ones after a bit. After learning that he is eighteen years old, Kristy decides she still wants him, but their complicated relationship hits a few snags along the way.



Authors: Rektok Ross

Things aren’t working out for Lexi. One moment, she’s getting ready to enjoy her senior year of high school and her position on the school newspaper, the next she is moving thousands of miles away to a snotty rich school so that her mother can get treatment for a rare illness. When she gets to her new school and interviews the handsome captain of the football team, they are both smitten. There’s only one problem – Ash is a Christian, and Lexi doesn’t believe in God, which they may or may not be able to get around in the end.

Between Two Skies

Between Two Skies

Authors: Joanne O’Sullivan

Evangeline has a great life in South Louisiana, and one thing she truly looks forward to is her time alone on the water, not to mention her rodeo competitions. But when Hurricane Katrina comes, most of that is wiped out. When she meets another refugee named Tru, they help each other put their lives back together one piece at a time. A story with vivid characters and one that asks a lot of important questions, all wrapped around a beautiful love story.


Flawed (Anon Book 2)

Author: Diamond McKinney

Chelsea is in a love triangle with Kyle, a star football player, and bad-boy Tucker. Everything is trudging along until a holiday party ends in a disaster. Chelsea then makes the determination that the only person she can truly rely on is herself. Reading this book lets you see inside of Chelsea’s mind, as she blogs through her life and makes some startling observations month after month, and it is the only way that young Chelsea can put her life back together in the end.



Authors: Christina Lauren

Tanner is a bisexual teen who can’t wait for his upcoming graduation so that he can leave Utah for an out-of-state college and explore his sexuality. But when a friend talks him into a four-month writing class and Tanner reluctantly agrees, one of the first people he meets is the instructor, Sebastian, who comes from a family that is as conservative as Tanner’s family is progressive. When Tanner falls in love with Sebastian, he starts to question his desire to leave the state, but what will Sebastian’s reaction be to his admission of love?

Sexy Nerd

Sexy Nerd: A Brother's Best Friend, Fake Relationship Romantic Comedy

Author: Kayley Loring

John is the best friend of Olivia’s brother, and when he comes back years later – now a successful entrepreneur – and asks Olivia to be a fake date for an out-of-town business trip, she agrees because it is additional income for her and because he is, after all, a nerd. But while his social skills leave a lot to be desired, she quickly finds out that his bedroom skills are just right. At the end of the trip, will she be able to walk away from him unscathed, or will he leave her wanting for something more permanent?

Cherry Popper

Cherry Popper: A Curvy Girl Romance 3

Author: River Laurent

A great second-chance story, this book is about the typical rich girl-poor boy relationship with a twist. When Mia walks back into Jesse’s life and asks for a favor, his first impression is “yeah, right.” But his revolving bedroom door could use some more action, and he assumes this will be all there is to their relationship. But Mia is smitten with Jesse and wants more than just sex, so which one will end up winning when it’s all over and done?

Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home (The Home Series: Book Three)

Author: Megan Nugen Isbell

After Riley has her heart broken, she returns right before she graduates from college to Carver, where she relies on Evan, the boy who helped her get over Jesse, to continue to help her mend her heart. She and Evan are doing great together until Jesse comes back in the picture and throws Riley’s heart into a tailspin. With everything going so well for her, how could Jesse come back now, especially since Riley still has questions about the reason he left when he did? This story has twists and turns you don’t see coming and teaches us a lot about relationships.

Double Threats Forever

Double Threats Forever (Double Threat Series Book 4)

Author: Julie Prestsater

Meg is ready for her senior year of high school, despite the loves, losses, and backstabbing she’s gone through so far. At the beginning of the year, she is determined to show people that she can stand on her own two feet, but after a short time she starts feeling a little overwhelmed because of an ex-boyfriend and a classmate who are making her crazy, among other things. Sometimes, though, showing people that you can walk with your head held high doesn’t mean that you won’t be safe from double threats forever.

Lilly and Reed

Lilly and Reed: A Kensington Family Novel

Author: Allie Everhart

Lilly and Reed are in love and couldn’t be happier. Everything is going as planned until she learns a family secret that could affect everything she does from then on. In the end, Lilly has a choice to make, but it is the most difficult decision of her life, and it could directly affect not only her entire family’s future but also her relationship with the boy she feels she cannot live without. A gripping tale that seems like there are no good answers … until the very end.

The Summer of Letting Go

The Summer of Letting Go

Author: Gae Polisner

Years after Francesca’s little brother, Simon, drowns while she was supposed to be watching him, she follows her father to the local country club after school is out of session. There she meets Frankie, who reminds her of her little brother, and she has to deal with the feelings of guilt all over again. After a while, though, she learns to let go of that guilt, even though she feels that Frankie might be Simon reincarnated. She also learns to love herself and fall in love at the same time.

The Swedish Prince

The Swedish Prince (Nordic Royals Book 1)

Author: Karina Halle

Can Maggie, a blue-collar girl raising her siblings after their parents’ unexpected death, really build a relationship with Viktor, a successful, rich prince who doesn’t want that title in first place? She’s never believed in fairy tales, so at first, she isn’t even willing to give their relationship a chance, but the more time she spends with him, the more she falls for him, and the more she wants this to be permanent. But is that really possible, given their two backgrounds?

The One Thing

The One Thing

Author: Marci Lyn Curtis

Maggie is spunky and bold, even though she lost her sight several months ago. She’s also lost most of her friends, especially those on the soccer team that she can no longer play on. When she meets Ben, a ten-year-old and the brother of the lead singer of her favorite new band, she realizes that his life is hard, too. She also realizes that she can actually see him, but why? Maggie is determined to find out why she can see him, while trying hard not to fall too hard over his big brother, but the truth might not set her free in the end.

Author: Candace Robinson

Lia is young and completely carefree, while Kiev takes life a little more seriously, especially when it comes to Shakespeare and his desire to play Horatio in the school’s version of Hamlet. When they both get in trouble at school, they are assigned to do volunteer work at an upcoming festival. When they meet, it isn’t exactly love at first sight, but the longer they work together the closer they become, and they both find something unexpected in the end.

Seeking Mansfield

Seeking Mansfield

Author: Kate Watson

Finley and Oliver are best friends, and Finley has been living in his home since her father died. Their relationship starts to get close when out of nowhere, teen movie stars Emma and Harlan move in across the street. Finley starts noticing that Harlan seems interested in her, and the original lack of interest changes a bit when she thinks Oliver is now taken. Will Finley and Oliver get back together, or are the two destined to live apart?

The Someday Girl

The Someday Girl (The Girl Duet Book 2)

Author: Julie Johnson

Kat is an A-list movie star with everything she’s ever wanted right in her lap – except for someone who loves her. She finds herself between the heartbreaker she’s been trying to avoid and a man she never saw coming, yet she’s finding it more and more difficult to choose between the two. This novel is about love, lust, passion, and making difficult decisions, and it will leave you breathless from beginning to end.

Hear No Evil

Hear No Evil (Brotherhood Trilogy Book 3)

Author: Jordan Ford

Unearthing the truth is always a challenge, especially when you’re in a relationship that’s new. This is the situation that Riley and Caitlin find themselves in. Riley has a past that he cannot remember, and when a stranger moves into their small town, the ever-curious Caitlin is determined to find out more about him. The couple decides to work together to solve the mystery, but Riley’s affection towards Caitlin is growing steadily day after day, creating a complicated yet intriguing situation.

A Different Blue

A Different Blue: A Novel

Author: Amy Harmon

Since Blue was abandoned as a toddler and raised by a drifter, she is unsure of who she is or even when she was born. At nineteen years old, she is still in high school when a young man from England becomes her mentor and takes her under his wing. They end up falling in love, but how is this relationship going to work when she has no clue who she is – and he knows exactly who he is but also knows why he can’t love her back?

A Thousand Boy Kisses

A Thousand Boy Kisses: A Novel

Author: Tillie Cole

Poppy has broken Rune’s heart in the past, so when he comes back to Georgia he is out to find out why. However, Rune is unprepared for what he hears from Poppy. Regardless of what they’ve been through, both people still feel like their love can transcend anything, but is that realistic? This is a tear-jerker romance about two people who are soulmates, although neither one of them knows how to deal with this truth.


Finale (The Hush, Hush Saga Book 4)

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

This story about Patch and Nora’s relationship is filled with twists and turns, and it will keep you happy, angry, curious, and crying all at the same time. Between battling fallen angels, their own weaknesses, and selfish people who are out to harm them, this couple has a lot to deal with, but in the end, both they and the reader will realize that it was all worth it.

I’ll Give You the Sun

I'll Give You the Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Jude and Noah are twins with a story to tell. Years after their relationship becomes strained, Jude meets both a great mentor and a boy she can’t help falling for. The first part of the book is written from Noah’s point of view; the second is Jude’s turn. However, they each only have half of the story and not the entire truth, so only time will tell if their relationship – and the relationship between Jude and the man she’s interested in – is going to make it.


VAIN: Series Standalone 1 (The Seven Deadly Series)

Author: Fisher Amelie

This is the story of Sophie Price from her own point of view. She starts out a popular girl who is a user, abuser, and an all-around mean girl, and she ends up becoming someone whom no one knows, but who is much happier that way. When she is arrested for drug use and sentenced to work in an African orphanage for six months, it changes her. She comes back a new person, but even though her friends have long since left her, she truly likes herself and learns to live with a whole new, much better person.

Dirty English

Dirty English (British Bad Boys Book 1)

Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills

When Elizabeth is saved from a frat party gone wrong by handsome fireman Declan, it’s a typical good girl-bad boy story. As a thank-you for saving her life, she agrees to spend the night with him, and she experiences passion like never before. But she has certain rules and considers this the end of their relationship, while Declan is determined to do his best to get more out of her, regardless of what he has to do to get it.

Down ‘N’ Derby

Down 'N' Derby (Love and Skate Book 3)

Author: Lila Felix

Maddox is on a mission to find his biological father after learning that he is adopted, but each lead goes nowhere, and he’s getting further and further from his home. Along the way, he meets pin-up girl Storey, who has learned over the years not to trust men. They have each been hurt by something, but can the two make it in the end when they are each carrying around such a heavy burden?

In Sight of Stars

Down 'N' Derby (Love and Skate Book 3)

Author: Gae Polisner

A beautiful coming-of-age story, this novel centers on Klee, who has been in a deep funk since his father’s death. When he meets vivacious Sarah in an art class, he immediately notices her lively personality, while she only notices his brooding outlook on everything. While doing a stint in a psychiatric ward, Klee learns that even after everything seems hopeless, it is always possible to put your life back together again, especially when you’re surrounded by love.

Author: Kenzie Hart

When fashion blogger Camille heads out to Costa Rica for an assignment, she meets a photographer named Adam. They have a true love-hate relationship that is filled with dynamics and both of these people’s off-the-grid experience. While Camille is fuming over the fact that she can’t have a hair dryer, Adam is wondering how he can stop fighting with this girl long enough to tell her how he truly feels. A high-maintenance girl and a down-to-earth guy – does this relationship even stand a chance?

Bad for You

Bad for You (Sea Breeze)

Author: Abbi Glines

Krit and Blythe could not be more different. He is a rock star who can have any woman he wants, and she is a quiet girl who has been told all her life she isn’t worthy of love. But when they meet, her innocence immediately catches his attention. Despite his addiction to women, Krit learns that having Blythe as his own will be harder than he thought, especially because that type of innocence normally doesn’t go with addition very well.

Every Last Word

Every Last Word

Author: Tamara Ireland-Stone

Samantha is a junior with severe OCD, something that she keeps from the rest of the popular crowd. When her friend Caroline introduces her to a group of misfits who meets weekly, Sam is immediately intrigued and jumps on board. During one of these meetings, Sam is introduced to a young guitar-playing man to whom she is immediately attracted. Eventually, this young man gets her to come out of her shell a little bit, until something happens to make her question everything, including her sanity.

The Summer Boyfriend

The Summer Boyfriend: A Forbidden Love Romance (The Boyfriend Series Book 8)

Author: Christina Benjamin

Surviving a summer romance is always a challenge, but it is particularly difficult for Joy, whose number-one rule has always been – don’t get attached. But when Hayden comes into her life, things move a lot faster than she’s used to, so when he asks her to come to his hotel room one night, she doesn’t know what to do. She wants to be with him, but she’s afraid of breaking the main rule she lives by. During a summer romance – when normally anything goes – what’s a girl supposed to do in a situation like this?

Love & Gelato

Love & Gelato

Author: Jenna Evans-Welch

People who visit Italy enjoy love and gelato there, but what Lina discovers is a whole lot more. She is in Tuscany to find the father who abandoned her after her mother passes away, so all she wants to do is fulfill her mother’s dying wish, and then get back home as soon as possible. As she and her friend Ren travel through the country, she spends time reading a diary her mother left behind, which is filled with secrets that will change the way she looks at both of her parents and even herself in the end.

Hold on Tight

Hold On Tight (Sea Breeze Book 8)

Author: Abbi Glines

Dewayne Falco is a mystery in Sea Breeze, even though he has a lot of friends and is popular. In this book, readers get to know him a little better. When Sienna, someone who Dewayne has had feelings for a very long time, returns to town with her five-year-old son in tow, he doesn’t know quite how to react. But he immediately falls for both of them, and he tries to help her figure out why her mother did such a cruel thing to her.

Playing by the Book

Playing By The Book

Author: S. Chris Shirley

When Jake moves to New York City to attend Columbia University, his strict Baptist father isn’t too happy. He thinks Jake should’ve stayed in Alabama, but Jake has bigger plans. His world soon includes a good-looking Jewish classmate named Sam that Jake is immediately attracted to, a flashy New York friend who always carries around designer handbags, and a friend from high school who feels protective towards him and wants him to come back home. With all of these acquaintances to consider, which one will lead Jake towards the path he is meant to be on?

On the Loose

On the Loose (A Katie Parker Production, Book 2)

Author: Jenny B. Jones

Katie is a stressed teenager with a lot on her mind – a foster family she’s still getting used to, a boy who might turn out to be her Prince Charming, a foster mom who is diagnosed with cancer, and even a dysfunctional best friend. Add to that a devastating tornado that rips through her small town, and you’ll immediately understand why Katie is beginning to question God and her life in general.


Crush: Crash Trilogy, Book 3

Author: Nicole Williams

Jude and Lucy are in love and engaged, but they are torn apart by a summer job and football training. Jude is trying to work through his trust issues, but the longer the couple is apart, the more distrustful he becomes. This is a racy and romantic story that ends when Lucy gives Jude some news he’s not quite prepared for, and it leaves him wondering what in the world to do next.

Love on a Limb

Love On A Limb (Great Expectations Love Stories: The Graykens Book 1)

Author: Laurie Lewis

Matthew is a successful young man who is also dying. Mikaela is a nurse with a lot of compassion. Their marriage starts with an arrangement, but how will it end? Matt is looking for a caregiver, and Mikaela is willing to help him. However, if Matt is to survive, both of them will have to make a sacrifice, which means that each one must decide how far out on a limb they are willing to go to save this wonderful young man.

There You’ll Find Me

There You'll Find Me

Author: Jenny B. Jones

Finley is on her way to Ireland to take a break from preparing for her upcoming audition to a music school in Manhattan and to try to recover from the grief that she feels after her beloved brother dies. Beckett is a teen heartthrob on his way there also to film a movie. They meet on the plane, and he is somehow captivated by her lack of interest in who he is. Once in Ireland, something happens that changes the way that she thinks about nearly everything, but is it God steering her somewhere, or is it something else?

A Heart So Broken

A Heart So Broken

Author: Christene Houston

Jenna is at her aunt’s house for the summer to try to recuperate from her father’s death in Iraq. There she is prepared for a nice, quiet summer – until she meets Cooper. Cooper and Jenna’s attraction is immediate and very intense, but when he later shares with her a devastating secret, her heart is broken all over again. She’ll then have to either learn to live with bitterness or learn to forgive, and she isn’t sure yet which one will be simpler.


Keep (Seaside Pictures Book 2)

Author: Rachel Van Dyken

When a famous rock star decides to live with the fact that he is actually a virgin, he is determined to keep it a secret as long as possible. That is, until he runs into a nerdy young girl with glasses and is instantly smitten. His nickname, “Saint,” no longer feels like the right one after meeting her, because since the moment they met, he wants her, needs her, and he will do anything to make her his own.

A Boy Like You

A Boy Like You (Like Us Book 1)

Author: Ginger Scott

When Josselyn is saved by a boy when she is in grade school, she wonders why he suddenly disappeared shortly afterwards. Years later, she meets another boy that she thinks may be him, but this boy’s name is Wes. The other boy’s name was Christopher. To make things worse, Wes acts like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she mentions the incident. They fall in love anyway, then out of love, and the rest of their story is one you will never see coming.

Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost

Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost: A 90s Pen Pal Sweet Romance (Paper Planes Series Book 1)

Author: Mindy Hayes

Two teenagers – one from California and the other from Pennsylvania – start to write letters to one another after they both lose a parent in the same plane crash. It gives them a chance to remember and treasure the past, while feeling a little more hopeful about the future. The story is touching, funny, and heartwarming, and the couple find hope in paper airplanes and the other things they lost on that fateful day.

How I Fly

How I Fly (How I Fall Book 2)

Author: Anne Eliot

After her boyfriend Cam dumps her, Ellen goes off to another city for a photography class and for some fun and romance as well. There she meets Harrison, and the two are soon an item. But when Harrison kisses her, she thinks about Cam. And when Cam unexpectedly shows up at her dorm one day, she wonders what to do next. This love triangle is more than what she bargained for, and all she wants is for her head to clear so that she can figure out what to do that is best for her.

Changing Fate

Changing Fate

Author: Michelle Merrill

Kate has Cystic Fibrosis and thinks she is going to die, so she isolates herself from her schoolmates and the rest of the world. There are two problems with that. One is a girl named Giana who insists on being her friend, and the second is a boy named Kyler who has thrown her for a loop and stolen her heart. She is about to give up on everything, but she chooses to stay strong because of these two amazing individuals, but will it be enough to keep her alive in the end? Or is it too late for happy endings?

Loving Kalvin

Loving Kalvin (The Kennedy Boys®)

Author: Siobhan Davis

When Kalvin breaks Lana’s heart, she pulls away both emotionally and physically, turning into someone whom even she doesn’t like and heading out to another place to call home. But when he reappears, she learns that she is still in love with him and wonders what to do next. Is he going to hurt her again, despite what he’s promising her? Or can she trust him this time and get the “happily ever after” she’s always wanted?

What Comes Next

What Comes Next

Author: Desni Dantone

This is a beautiful love story between Ana and Ben, and it starts when Ana finds an old photograph that brings her home to try to piece together what she thought she knew about her life. The couple relive the past, wonder about the future, and do it all while trying to figure out what the photograph really means. When it’s all over, the only thing they wonder about is … what is supposed to come next?

The Wedding Boyfriend

The Wedding Boyfriend: A Friends To Lovers Romance (The Boyfriend Series Book 9)

Author: Christina Benjamin

Nick has everything going for him, except for the one thing he doesn’t have, because he is in love with his best friend Sara. When Sara asks him to be her date for her brother’s wedding, he instantly accepts her offer. After all, what are best friends for? This is a fast but sweet story of a girl who doesn’t notice that her best friend is in love with her and a best friend who isn’t going to give up on her any time soon – hopefully it’s not too late.

Hawthorne and Heathcliff

Hawthorne & Heathcliff

Author: R.K. Ryals

Can a good girl ever get her bad boy? Hawthorne thinks she can. But she falls in love with his shoes first because after all, a person’s shoes can tell you a lot about them. Before she knows it, this boy is leading her into a path of self-discovery that she has always craved, but which she isn’t sure she can handle. Never mind, though, because her “Heathcliff” will help her through to the end – at least that’s what she hopes.

How to Hook a Bookworm

How to Hook a Bookworm

Author: Cassie Mae

Brea and her best friend Adam share a kiss on her birthday, and she hopes that it’s nothing more than a friendly kiss. She decides to concentrate on other boys and is soon dating a hot new sophomore. But when she discovers she needs a tutor to move onto the next grade, she naturally chooses Adam because he is a nerdy bookworm. Even though she has a boyfriend now, she is still nervous about that kiss and about her relationship with Adam, and she wonders how it will all end.

Author: Heather Demetrios

Skylar and Josh both feel isolated – her because she is trying to escape her blue-collar life and he because he suffered a grave injury during his tour in Afghanistan. When they both start working at the Paradise Hotel, they become what they think are soulmates, but how long will it be before either of their pasts try to tear them apart?

Author: C.C. Hunter

Riley is the daughter of a mortician with a gift, the gift of seeing dead people. When one of those spirits comes to her for help with her murder – which everyone thinks was an accident – Riley agrees to help. This puts her in direct contact with another spirit named Hayden, but how can she help either of these spirits cross over when she wants so badly for Hayden to stay?

The Edge of Juniper

The Edge of Juniper (The Juniper Series Book 1)

Author: Lora Richardson

When a girl heads to her cousin’s house for a summer of fun and time in the sun, she doesn’t expect to meet a boy who makes her laugh and is gorgeous to boot. But this boy is off-limits in a number of ways, and if she wants to be with him, it has to be in secret because if not, she’ll experience the wrath of her uncle and the disapproval of her cousin, and maybe more. So, what’s a girl to do?

Author: Beth Michele

Ember and Vance do not like one another when they first meet, but that all changes after they get to know one another a little better. They both have broken pieces under their exteriors, but soon each of them learns to trust the other enough to learn to love one another. In the process, they both get far more than they bargained for.

Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy

Author: Quinn Loftis

When Tally is diagnosed with bipolar disorder while in the hospital, she thinks her life is over, but when Trey, the son of one of the other patients, notices her while visiting his mother, the two start to bond. Suddenly, Tally is unconvinced that her life is over as she thought before, and soon she is counting on this young, handsome Native-American boy to give her yet another reason to live a full life.

Misadventures on the Night Shift

Misadventures on the Night Shift (Misadventures Book 5)

Author: Lauren Rowe

Abby is a hotel clerk who prefers the quiet solitude of the night shift, but when a bad-boy rocker named Lucas checks in and insists that she personally deliver all of his room-service orders, she soon learns what true ecstasy is all about. A refreshing yet scandalous look at love and lust, this is the story of what Abby has to go through while trying to give Lucas her body but not her heart.

What to Say Next

What to Say Next

Author: Julie Buxbaum

Kit and David form an unlikely friendship that turns into something else later on. Kit is pretty and popular, while David is socially isolated. They begin to eat lunch together, and their relationship grows. When they work together to try to figure out how and why Kit’s dad was killed in a car accident, neither of them is prepared for what they learn, and they are both at a loss as to how it will affect their future.


Unconditional (Invaluable Book 2)

Author: Holly J. Wood

Eliza is awaiting the return of her boyfriend Luke, when suddenly a good-looking stranger is thrown into her path. She tries not to pay much attention to him, but it becomes more and more difficult to do that once she gets to know him. Once again, she relies on her quirky and odd dreams to give her some direction, but is this situation too complex to rely on those dreams, or will they lead her into the right direction after all?

Speak of Me as I Am

Speak of Me As I Am

Author: Sonia Belasco

Melanie and Damon come together because they are both suffering a loss. For Melanie, it is her mother, who died of cancer, and to Damon, it is his best friend Carlos. When they both start to work on the school play, they become closer, but it also helps them both see that maybe, just maybe, they will never completely be over their sadness and feelings of loss.



Author: Jean Baxter

Mike is a teenager whose life is a mess. He falls in love with an older woman who has a young son. His parents don’t believe him when it comes to his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s lie, and his decision not to go to college as his parents wanted him to drives them absolutely insane. But through it all, Mike learns to land on his feet, and in the meantime the reader will learn to fall in love with Mike. After all, life is always salvageable.


Surface: A Forbidden Bodyguard Romance (Guarding Her Book 1)

Author: Anna Brooks

She is the forbidden fruit, his boss’s daughter and a girl who is too young for him. So, he waited until just the right time to make his grab for him. Turns out, there is no such thing as perfect timing because when he thought the timing was, in fact, perfect, something still happened that threatened to keep the two of them apart forever.

Geek Girl

Geek Girl

Author: Cindy C. Bennett

Jen is always ready for the next bit of excitement in her life, even if she has to create it herself. After all, sneaking out late at night can’t be her only hobby. When she sets her eyes on a nerd named Trevor and makes a bet with her best friends that she can turn him into a bad boy, they both take the bet. But she soon finds she actually likes hanging out with Trevor – that is, until he learns about the bet they made. Now, her heart is broken and Trevor is unreachable. Can she save their relationship and instill the trust back into Trevor so they can continue, or is this the end of the road for them?

What Are the Different Young Adult Romance Tropes?

Choosing the next young adult romance book to read can prove challenging due to the wide variety of available choices. One way to whittle your options down and find the next book to read is to look into the different themes that these novels come in. We’re going to list some of the most popular ones below.

From Enemies to Lovers

The Enemies to Lovers trope has been one of the classic young adult romance tropes that still remain popular today. It tells a story between two people who don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. They are usually sworn enemies and sometimes even downright hate each other.

The main characters can also be star-crossed lovers. It’s much like Romeo and Juliet, who come from two conflicting sides, such as warring familial clans, opposing political factions, or even rival schools.

In the end, and most of the time with much resistance, the main characters will always find themselves falling for each other. The common pattern is that they eventually understand each other’s points of view, which can then serve as a bridge to reconcile their conflict.

Opposites Attract

Another popular trope is Opposites Attract. This theme is sometimes mistaken for Enemies to Lovers mainly due to its characters being significantly different from each other. It’s important to remember two things, though.

  • Firstly, just because the main characters are different doesn’t mean they hate each other.
  • Secondly, just because two people are enemies doesn’t mean they are different from each other.

In fact, a lot of Enemies to Lovers characters recognize that they have a lot in common. Sometimes, even their motives and methods are alike, and this adds to their conflict.

With Opposites Attract, the main characters don’t have a shred of anything in common. They usually have different personalities, interests, and even dreams. Even so, they still inevitably find themselves hopelessly falling for each other. We find this journey not only interesting but also very emotionally satisfying.

Fake Dating

A lot of our favourite books on teen romance usually fall under the Fake Dating trope. We love how its main characters always find themselves in perfectly romantic situations. That’s because they’re living their ideal relationship by being in a fake one.

We also like the various conflicts that arise from these tales. After all, couples from this type of story need a serious and impactful event that will risk their sham arrangement being detected. They are usually unpredictable yet still relatable. These stories typically feature crises that can happen to anyone in real life, making readers root for the main characters even more.

What’s Your Favorite?

We hope you find your next best read from one of the books we featured. Of course, these are certainly not the only young adult romance books you can explore. There are hundreds, if not thousands, more out there.

You may also check out our favorite authors: Becky Albertalli, Sarah Dessen, John Green, Rainbow Rowell, and Nicola Yoon, just to name a few. Feel free to share your reading experience with us in the comments section below. Have fun reading!

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