35 Best Trashy Romance Novels to Read in Secret

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Looking for Best Trashy Romance Novels to read? You’re in the right place.

35 Trashy Romance Novels

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In Deep: A Sports RomanceIn Deep: A Sports Romance by Callie Harper
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Asher: A Mountain Man Curvy Woman Instalove Romance (Hawk Valley Mountain Men Book 1)Asher by Mazzy KingView on Amazon
Meant to Love (Meant To Series Book 1)Meant to Love by Lucy Darling
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Stealing the BrideStealing the Bride by Nadia Lee
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Here are 35 that you’ll love, but probably may not want to share with your friends…

The Magic of You

The Magic of You (Malory Novels)

Author Johanna Lindsey

Amy has a wild-girl reputation that is as explosive as any man’s, but when she decides to settle down, she chooses a man no one expects. His name is Warren, and he is a prim-and-proper ship captain who once tried to have Amy’s uncle hung for piracy. Warren knows this isn’t the type of woman he’s always wanted, but he finds himself thinking about her all the time, and it isn’t long before he surrenders to her in a way he hopes will be forever.


You: A Novel (1) (The You Series)

Author Caroline Kepnes

When Guinevere – or Beck, as she is called by her friends – walks into Joe’s bookstore in New York City, she can’t possibly know what is going to happen next. Joe is immediately smitten with her, and he uses the Internet to track her down and learn about her Facebook page and Twitter account. He begins stalking her, but eventually becomes her boyfriend, and in the meantime, they enjoy one another in an arousing, magical, and hypnotic way that will keep the reader enthralled to the very end.

Bared to You

Bared to You (A Crossfire Novel)

Author Sylvia Day

Gideon and Eva have a relationship unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed, and they complete each other like pieces of a puzzle. This is a story that will cause you to laugh, cry, get angry, and even become aroused as you get a sneak peek into their behind-closed-doors enjoyment of one another. They both have secrets, but those secrets tend to fuel their relationship and make it irresistible, much like they are irresistible to one another. A real gem of a book.



Author Colleen Hoover

Sky and Holder are young and in love. Well, maybe not in love just yet, but certainly in lust. They are each trying to escape something, but their secrets are what give their relationship so much passion. These two cannot keep their hands off of one another, but when Holder decides to open up about his past and the secrets he’s keeping, he is afraid it could mean the end of the relationship. A raw, gritty novel that will remind you of your first love and how powerful that can be.


Addicted: A Novel

Author Zane

Zoe is a successful businesswoman with a wonderful husband and three children – and an addiction to sex. Her affairs are meaningless in her mind, as she is only looking for a way to satisfy her insatiable physical desires. When she starts to work with a therapist to determine why she is doing this, she learns some things about herself that shock her, but will the secrets she’s kept even from herself heal her or make things worse in the end?

His True Queen

His True Queen (Smoke & Mirrors Duology, 2)

Author Jodi Ellen Malpas

When Adeline, a British princess, and Josh, a sexy famous actor meet, sparks fly. Their scandalous affair is nothing short of shocking, but with each other they find what is missing in their lives, and they are both determined to fulfill each other’s needs, both emotional and physical. Adeline is torn between her commitment to her role as a princess and her desire for this enigmatic young man, and the story is filled with joy, angst, and even a little sadness, which makes for the perfect love story.

Beneath This Man

Beneath This Man

Author Jodi Ellen Malpas

Jesse and Ava once had a passionate love affair, even though Jesse’s steel exterior always kept Ava guessing what was lurking beneath the surface. Now he’s back in her life, and she falls right into place as Jesse’s lover once again. This time, however, things are a little different, because Ava is now interested in both his body and his mind. She wants to know what makes him tick and what secrets he’s keeping, but first she wants to get back into bed with him.


Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples

Author Rachel Kramer Bussel

If you’re looking for several stories about kink, outdoor sex, strip clubs, or sensual massages, this is the book for you. It tells the story of several couples who are more than willing to try new things, giving you an inside glimpse into their erotic world. From dirty talk to sexting and office trysts to lustful surprises, this book has it all, so regardless of what you enjoy reading about when it comes to sex, you’ll get just what you’re looking for when you read this book.

The Red

The Red: An Erotic Fantasy (The Godwicks)

Author Tiffany Reisz

The Red is an art gallery owned by Mona Lisa’s mother, and when her mother dies, Mona sets out to fulfill her mother’s dying wish of saving the gallery and making it profitable again. When a mystery man walks into the gallery one night after it closes and offers to save it if Mona agrees to submit to him for one year, she isn’t sure what to do at first. But, a promise is a promise, and Mona is only half-prepared for the excitement of the upcoming year.

More Than Crave You

More Than Crave You (Reed Family Reckoning)

Author Shayla Black

Evan is a widower looking to find a wife to fulfill all of his needs, and when his assistant, Nia, volunteers for the role, he is surprised that this straight-laced woman is so filled with passion. Evan doesn’t want any emotional commitments, just a few physical ones, and Nia fulfills that role perfectly. Of course, she also has an agenda that Evan knows nothing about, so how will the relationship between a tech billionaire and the woman who’s secretly loved him for a very long time end?

One Night

One Night: Promised

Author Jodi Ellen Malpas

When Livy first notices “M” in her coffee shop, she is stunned by his good looks and sex appeal. When she finds the note he left her on a napkin, it leads her to a passionate affair with this man – an affair she is anxious to continue for as long as possible. But, underneath M’s rough exterior and defensive personality has to be some secrets, and Livy is determined to get at them, regardless of what it takes to make this happen.

Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger

Author Christina Lauren

When financial wizard, Sara, first meets British playboy, Max, in a nightclub, they both believe their jump in the sack will be a one-time thing, but it isn’t long before it turns into much more. When Sara lets Max take sexy pictures of her, he knows he wants more of her. Soon, the couple is enjoying themselves however and wherever they can, and although neither of them know how the relationship will end, they are enjoying themselves and living for the moment for now.


Owned (The Billionaire Banker Series)

Author Georgia Le Carre

Lana’s mother is dying of cancer and she is very vulnerable. She ends up selling her body to the highest bidder – a man named Blake who is both powerful and gorgeous. Soon, he awakens parts of her she didn’t even know existed, and Lana begins to dread when the arrangement is all over. She only has a limited period of time to enjoy this extraordinary affair, but Blake has opened a door that she feels cannot be closed, and she wonders what to do next.

Author Tiffany Reisz

Nora is a writer who specializes in erotic novels, and Zach is her editor. When she writes a more serious novel, Zach agrees to publish it on one condition – that he have complete control over what is in it. Unfortunately, this means a complete rewrite, all with Zach by her side. There are two problems with that for Nora – first, she is becoming aroused by Zach as they work together, and second, her ex is now back in her life. Nora has an important decision to make, but it won’t be easy for her.

The Other Side of the Pillow

The Other Side of the Pillow: A Novel

Author Zane

Jemistry and Tevin are two successful individuals who each nonetheless have baggage from past relationships. They begin a “friends-with-benefits” arrangement, and their chemistry is undeniable. All is going well until Jemistry discovers her new lover in a compromising position with her bi-sexual best friend. With twists and turns and unforgettable sexual escapades, this is one story that will have you talking about it for many years to come.

The Chateau

The Chateau: An Erotic Thriller

Author Tiffany Reisz

A lieutenant named Kingsley, who works for the French government, has done it all – including kill on orders. When the nephew of his commanding officer is abducted by a sex cult, Kingsley is assigned to go after him. In this cult, women are the masters and men are their slaves, but are these slaves doing this willingly? It is Kingsley’s duty to find out. And when the Madame of the cult offers him just what he has always wanted, he is tempted, but the offer isn’t as perfect as it seems to be.

Afterburn and Aftershock

Afterburn & Aftershock

Author Sylvia Day

When an astute businesswoman realizes her ex-lover has come back, she is anxious to restart their erotic love affair. The two had mixed business with pleasure once before with devastating results, but this time, she knows the rules all too well. In a world filled with sex, privilege, and glamour, these two are soon to learn an important business rule: keep your enemies close and your ex-lovers even closer.

Love's Sacrifice

Love's Sacrifice (The billionaire Banker series)

Author Georgia Le Carre

This story continues with the exciting relationship between Blake and Lana, but it involves much more than that. When they return home from the theater one evening, they receive shocking news that could ruin their entire future together. This is a story that contains deep secrets, surprising revelations, and descriptions of what it sometimes takes to keep a family together. The sacrifice that Blake has to make will amaze and surprise you, and the ending is one you’ll never forget.

Release Me

Release Me (The Stark Series #1)

Author Kenner

Damien wants Nikki, but Nikki isn’t so sure. Although their mutual attraction is obvious from the very start, Nikki has secrets that she feels could tear them apart if Damien knew about them. What she doesn’t know is that Damien has his secrets, too, and just as their passions brought them together, those secrets could very well be what tears them apart in the end. A great read with twists and turns you likely won’t expect.


Vicious (Sinners of Saint)

Author L.J. Shen

A sinfully sexy novel involving two lovers who had a relationship years earlier and are now rekindling the romance. Vicious is a bold man who once controlled Emilia’s life, even talking her into leaving her family when she was only 18 years old. Now he’s back, and rather than running away from him like she knows she should, Emilia wants more than anything to run straight towards him. At first they torture one another both emotionally and physically, but their relationship lasts a lot longer than either of them expected it to.


G-Spot: An Urban Erotic Tale

Author Noire

Juicy and “G” are in a relationship, but G might not be able to handle Juicy’s huge sexual appetite. Since G is also a criminal, Juicy knows she can’t betray him, but with her sexual appetite growing stronger and stronger, what’s a girl to do? She decides to stash some of G’s cash away so that she can finally escape his hold on her, but at the last moment she runs into a major complication – his son, whom she can’t keep her eyes off of.

Beautiful Bitch

Beautiful Bitch (The Beautiful Series)

Author Christina Lauren

Chloe and Bennett have a love-hate, very passionate relationship that neither of them can avoid. Bennett is Chloe’s boss, which is how their story begins, but the longer their passionate trysts go on, the more they wonder where their relationship is going. Both of them want to take it to the next level, but their working relationship means they must proceed with caution. A steamy, unforgettable tale that will have you hot and bothered to the very last page.

The Girl in 6E

The Girl in 6E

Author A.R. Torre

A slightly demented, dark tale, this is the story of Deanna, a live-cam girl who mostly sticks to herself when she isn’t working. In other words, she is a true loner. When Jeremy, her package delivery man, becomes intrigued by her and decides he is interested in her, and their twisted relationship keeps them busy for a very long time. Enjoy their escapades through the pages of this book and see how it all ends for Deanna and Jeremy.

Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl: Volume One (1)

Author Audrey Carlan

Mia is in trouble. Her gambling debts have reached one million dollars, and she only has one year to pay off the loan shark. After much soul searching, she decides to become a call girl in her aunt’s escort business in Los Angeles. The job sounds easy enough, and when she finds herself hired by a man for a month-long assignment and that he isn’t expecting sex, she feels she has hit the jackpot. But, when she meets him, she realizes the arrangement might be a lot more difficult than she’d originally planned.


Fueled (The Driven Trilogy)

Author Bromberg

This is the story of Colton and Rylee. Colton steals Rylee’s heart and teaches her passion beyond her wildest dreams, but he is closed off and doesn’t want her to see what’s deep inside of his heart. Rylee is the true saint to Colton’s sinner personality, but when the two of them get together it unleashes passion that neither of them knew existed. Can Colton eventually let Rylee in enough to make her stick around?

Ask for It

Ask For It (Georgian)

Author Sylvia Day

Marcus and Elizabeth were engaged until she left him for another man, but now they are back together and feel like they have a lot of catching up to do, especially when it comes to their love life. Their passion for one another was once insatiable; can they recreate those feelings this time around? They may fear their desires are going to ruin them in the end, but they’re willing to take that chance. A sexy, erotic story that gives you a unique look into a world many people are unfamiliar with.


Burn (Breathless)

Author Maya Banks

Ash and Jace are best friends who share everything, including women. But, when Jace enters into a relationship with a woman he doesn’t want to share, Ash goes looking for another woman he can control and dominate. His wealth and good looks usually make this an easy task, but when he meets Josie, all of that changes. He pursues her with a vengeance, but what happens when the one woman he is willing to settle down with is the only one so far to tell him “no”?

Lily and the Duke

Lily and the Duke (1) (Sex and the Season: One, 1)

Author Helen Hardt

Lady Lily attends a house party where she meets the Duke of Lybrook, but although her father wants her to marry and settle down, she ignores the most eligible bachelor in town because she wants to travel the world instead. Soon, she decides that a passionate affair with the Duke is perhaps the most exciting way to experience life, but the game and the players in this game are all changed when danger enters the picture.


Cuffed (2) (Honor Bound)

Author rAngel Payne

Zeke is a Special Forces lieutenant who dominates woman and has had more than his share of sexual escapades, but that all stops when he meets Rayna. When he rescues Rayna from a trafficking ring, he knows how fragile she is, but still wants to feel her underneath him. This is one piece of forbidden fruit that he’s finding harder and harder to avoid, but is it because he has found someone special or merely the fact that he knows he can’t have her?

Sex, Not Love

Sex, Not Love

Author Vi Keeland

Hunter and Natalia are enjoying their physical-only relationship, and they both go back to their lives after their one-night stand is over. But, a year later, they meet again and start all over again with their trysts. When Hunter proposes a commitment-free, eight-week span of nothing but sex, sex, and more sex, Natalia accepts. After all, their chemistry together is something many couples only dream about. And besides, what could possibly go wrong with this type of arrangement?

Sweet Persuasion

Sweet Persuasion

Author Maya Banks

Serena, who runs a business fulfilling fantasies for other people, is in a submissive-dominant relationship with Damon, the owner of a sex club. Together, they explore each other’s desires and give in to the pleasures they’ve only dreamed about up to now. Serena knows it’s only a temporary arrangement, but what she doesn’t know is that after a while, Damon is hoping it will be a little more permanent. He wants her to remain his submissive, but she is expecting to go back to her normal life soon. Who will win out in the end?


Tangled (The Tangled Series)

Author Emma Chase

When a rich, arrogant playboy meets a beautiful and ambitious woman, sparks fly immediately. Drew has seduced some of the most beautiful women in New York City, but his life is turned upside down when he meets an assistant at his father’s investment banking firm named Katherine. For one thing, she isn’t enticed into Drew’s bed as easily as he thought she’d be. And to top it all off, she offers the one thing he never knew he needed, and now he wants it more than anything.

Long Hard Ride

Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders)

Author Lorelei James

Channing is a sheltered woman who wants to experience the wilder side of life, so she agrees to spend the summer with a real cowboy and his friends. One of the first people she meets is Colby, who is anxious to teach her the ropes when it comes to sexual escapades. But, Colby also has a unique request – he wants her to agree to let his friends Trevor and Edgard join in on the fun. Even though a threesome wasn’t exactly what Channing had planned, she agrees to it anyway, and all is going well until Colby decides he wants her all to himself.

Disfigured Love

Disfigured Love

Author Georgia Le Carre

Lena was sold to a man on her eighteenth birthday, and she now lives in a secluded location and must submit to his desires whenever he wants. At first she is afraid, but soon she starts to thirst for his touch and the feel of his body. He always insists on blindfolding her first, and he wears a mask, but when Lena wants them both to be bare-faced he resists. She is then left to wonder why.

The Training

The Training (The Submissive Series)

Author Tara Sue Me

Nathaniel is a dominant in the bedroom and is used to having many different women. When he starts up a relationship with Abby, they begin a passionate affair that lasts longer than most of his trysts. But, they both have secrets unbeknownst to most people, and Abby realizes that if she wants their relationship to be even better, she’ll have to let him in on a part of herself she never shows to anyone.

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