35 Best Dystopian Romance Novels That Will Leave You in Awe

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Looking for the best Dystopian Romance Novels to read?

best dystopian romance novels

You’re in the right place.

See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

ImageProductWhere to Buy
The Gifting: A Supernatural Romance (The Gifting Series Book 1)The Gifting by K. E. Ganshert

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Safe (The Shielded Series Book 1)Safe by Christine DePetrillo
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Oasis (The Last Humans Book 1)Oasis (The Last Humans Book 1) by Dima ZalesView on Amazon
Rebel Rising: A Dystopian Romance (Cage of Lies Book 1)Rebel Rising: A Dystopian Romance by Susanne Valenti
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Defects: A YA Dystopian Romance (The Reverians Book 1)Defects: A YA Dystopian Romance by Sarah Noffke
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Here are our top 35 that you won’t be able to stop reading…

Year One

Year One: Chronicles of The One, Book 1

Author Nora Roberts

On New Year’s Eve, law and order are gone in New York City, and chaos has erupted. In place of law and order, magic is being practiced by many – some for the good of others, some not. Lana practices white magic out of the apartment that she shares with her boyfriend, Max, and when the two of them decide to head out west, they find others going with them, including a journalist who now has to work with pen and paper, and a doctor trying to keep a mother and baby alive. Will they be successful?

Author Bella Forrest

In the lands of Matrus and Patrus, the world is divided by gender, and a rebellious girl named Violet has been sentenced to death for crimes related to the anger she feels at the disappearance of her brother. To possibly find him, she has to enter a world where men rule and women submit, and even though following rules has never been something she’s good at, she’ll have to learn to do just that if she wants to stay alive and possibly find her brother.

Earth Unknown

Earth Unknown (Forgotten Earth Book 1)

Author M.R. Forbes

It has been 200 years since the captain of the Centurion, Nathan, left the dangerous planet of Earth. Now, his wife has been found dead and the murderer looks exactly like him, which means he has no choice, but to go after the killer himself. He’ll have to learn that his wife had a powerful secret that spanned the light years and which could end two worlds. It’s a dangerous mission, especially because the Earth now has two things that want Nathan dead – an evil sheriff and an unknown force Nathan knows nothing about.

Author Bella Forrest

Robin and Jace are in a race for their lives. They entered the land once known as the United States and came across an innocuous-looking building that they weren’t supposed to see. Now, dangerous people are after them, but the more they try to escape, the more dark forces they run into. Evil people are on their trail, and the further away they find themselves from this building, the darker these people become, and the more dangerous their flight becomes.



Author Joel Ohman

Three years after the Event, Meritropolis has 50,000 inhabitants that live in fear because everyone there is assigned a merit score, and the lower your score, the closer you are to being pushed outside the walls of the city where terrifying hybrid creatures exist. Humans have pushed nature and morals to the extreme, but teenager Charley has a brother to avenge, and he will stop at nothing to succeed, even with threatening forces all around him.

Traitor Born

Traitor Born (Secondborn Book 2)

Author Amy A. Bartol

Roselle lives in the Fates Republic where firstborn children reign supreme and the second-born have to serve them. When she is forced into the military to fight against the forces trying to get rid of her side, her mother – who wants Roselle’s older brother to remain in power – is not on her side, and she must deal with the battle itself and decisions that can have permanent effects on the lives of her and her family members. Between the assassins who are after her and the division she feels, she is not sure how all of this will end.

Author Bella Forrest

In the Tower, Liana discovers a dusty secret room hidden from the rest of the world. Inside are secrets that pertain to the Tower’s past and which could affect Liana’s people forever. But, having this knowledge puts Liana in danger, so she has to be careful what she does with it. Follow Liana as she decides what to do while avoiding the danger that lurks beneath each decision she makes. A suspenseful and complex story that will have you anxious to turn the next page.

Scavenger Girl

Scavenger Girl: Season of Atchem

Author Jennifer Arntson

Una and her family are forced to live on the fringe of Ashlund as scavengers, and they are afraid that the Authority will soon be there to abduct them. Una is in a culture that rejects everything she’s ever known and everything she considers important, and she is shocked when she finds out her true identity. What will she do with this information – do whatever it takes to protect her future, or follow her heart and do what she wants to do most?


Stolen: Saving Setora (Book One) (Dark Dystopian Reverse Harem MC Romance)

Author Raven Dark

Setora is a Violet – a genetic anomaly that is highly treasured – who is kidnapped by a wealthy man and who she assumes will take care of her forever. But, on her eighteenth birthday, she is scheduled to be put up at an auction so that she can be bought as a slave. When members of the Dark Legion kidnap her instead, she now has four masters instead of one, so a fight breaks out between them and the man who originally owned her. A post-apocalyptic book with a great plot and characters you won’t soon forget.

The Tube Riders

The Tube Riders: Underground

Author Chris Ward

In the dystopian chaos of 2075 London, Marta is a tube rider that risks death every day in London’s abandoned underground stations. Her parents are now dead and her brother is missing, and the tube riders are determined to get away from their evil captors. The huntsmen, however, are genetically engineered killing machines that don’t give up easily, and with both sides equally determined to win, no one knows what the end results will be. Follow this intriguing story that has twists and turns you’ll never expect.

Blind Beast Mate

Blind Beast Mate: Dystopian New Adult Romance (Beast Mates Book 1)

Author Milana Jacks

Rey is nearly blind and living with an Alpha who she is expected to satisfy on a daily basis. If he finds out she cannot see, he will send her back to where she came from or kill her, and either of those choices will mean death for Rey. The Alpha wants Rey’s body and soul, but he also wants her to trust him, which is difficult because she doesn’t want to give him the time of day. A unique, unapologetic love story between a kinky, but sweet beast and a young girl who wants more out of her life than servitude.

Five Years Gone

Five Years Gone

Author Marie Force

An unforgettable story that tells the tale of Ava, whose husband is fighting terrorists after a brazen attack on her country. Five years later, she is at her sister’s wedding and meets Eric, who makes her feel alive again. But, when the capture of the mastermind behind the terrorist attack means some of those deployed might be able to come home, Ava is torn. She wants to see her husband again, but she also wants Eric in her life. She has a true dilemma that can only be settled with a little luck and a lot of hope.



Author Steve Turnbull

In 2046 Manchester, Chloe’s world is now one in which a new disease turns people into monsters. When her best friend goes missing, Chloe goes underground and fights the monsters to get at the truth, but it isn’t long before she realizes that she has more in common with these monsters than she is willing to admit. A new danger then threatens to make Chloe’s fight more dangerous, and she has to look deep inside of herself to discover what to do next. A great coming-of-age, gritty sci-fi adventure you’ll enjoy from the very beginning.


Iced: Fever Series Book 6

Author Karen Marie Moning

The year is 1 AWC – After the Wall Crash. Dani is now in a world overrun by Fae and she is determined to do what it takes to survive. Her ex-best friend wants her dead, and the head of the police department is after the Sword and will stop at nothing to get it. Putting up with bullets and fangs, bargains and desperate alliances, Dani is working hard to save the Dublin she loves and prevent everyone from being iced.

Wake a Sleeping Tiger

Wake a Sleeping Tiger (A Novel of the Breeds Book 31)

Author Lora Leigh

Cullen is the commander of a covert law enforcement agency and isn’t human, although he can easily pass for one. He cannot smell emotions and fears like other Breeds can, and he is still being tortured by not being able to save the woman he loves. He believes his future is dim until he meets Chelsea, and she awakens in him a passion he’s never felt before. An erotic thriller about a Breed hiding in a world of man and anxious to get what he wants in the end.

Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling Book 13)

Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling Book 13)

Author Nalini Singh

Vasic is a soldier and assassin with a mission whose success is necessary in order to save lives. Ivy is fighting alongside Vasic to save their people, but in the end even their fierce wills may not be enough to save the people they care about. This is a paranormal romance story that takes place in an extraordinary world between passion and ice, peace and violence, good and evil, and two main characters you’ll be rooting for to the very end.

Dragon Actually

Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin Book 1)

Author G.A. Aiken

Annwyl is a warrior that most men are afraid of, and the one thing she’d love is to talk to and feel comfortable around a real man. That happens when she meets Fearghus, but unfortunately he just happens to be a dragon – the fierce, scaly type. She feels her life could not be any stranger than it is, but she’s about to find out that she’s wrong. Between fighting a dragon she deeply desires and trying to appease a creature that could eliminate her town, the only thing weirder is the rest of her family.

Feral Heat

Feral Heat: Shifters Unbound Novella

Author Jennifer Ashley

A novella with two main characters, Jace and Deni, who are torn between savagery and ecstasy, they are shifters set out to free the other shifters before their Collars are pulled off and they either die or go mad. But, since Deni was deliberately run down in the road, she has suffered memory losses that threaten to ruin her future. As they fight evil forces, can she heal enough to realize that she truly can be a mate to someone one day?

Wicked Kiss

Wicked Kiss (Dark Protectors: The Witch Enforcers Book 4)

Author Rebecca Zanetti

A fast-paced novel filled with steamy sex scenes and a lot of action, this is the story of an informant for the DEA named Victoria and a witch enforcer named Adam. When Victoria is kidnapped by a bunch of bad-boy witches and Adam shows up to rescue her, she decides not to just take his word for who he really is. But, when it becomes clear that Adam is the only thing standing between her and death, Tori decides she has no other choice but to let him save her.

The Wrong Unit

The Wrong Unit: A Novel

Author Rob Dircks

A heartwarming science fiction tale, this is the story of a mechanical unit known as Heyoo who is there to take care of human needs. When Heyoo is assigned with delivering a package, but isn’t given any details regarding how to do it or where to go, it creates an interesting situation where anything can happen. A story filled with the humanity of nature and technology gone haywire, and lovable characters that will have you cheering for them through the entire book.

Author Allyson James

Mick has broken the dragon council’s rules and has to go to trial, and Janet is assigned to help him. Although Mick seems unconcerned about the matter, Janet has to draw on the strengths of friends both old and new, including a witch-turned-hotel manager and a dragon who is trustworthy – sort of. But, with dark forces appearing on the scene on a regular basis, Mick and Janet must stick together to help Mick out, which means they’ll be spending a lot of time together.

Red Magic

Red Magic: An Adult Dystopian Paranormal Romance: Sector 6

Author J.C. Andrijeski

Maia is a witch who has lost her powers, and when she meets a lone warlock who offers to give her back her powers in exchange for setting him free, she at first hesitates. But, there is something about the young man that looks familiar, and he’s also very handsome. After she accepts his offer, Maia learns more about herself than she bargained for, and her life is never the same again.

Mind Magic

Mind Magic (World of the Lupi Book 12)

Author Eileen Wilks

Lily is done with the break she had to take after an accident, and her first assignment is a murder where she senses the victim was killed by magic. With her mind still in disarray and an inability to trust anyone she meets, she has to fight a  wy force and solve this mystery. With the help of her husband, a lupi named Rule, she helps the government protect Unit Twelve from ruin, even though she is unsure how deep the conspiracy she finds herself in goes.

Midnight is My Time

Midnight Is My Time

Author Mike Dellosso

Andy and Missy are headed to Maine together, even though it seems that there are numerous forces working against them. They are in the midst of a post-apocalyptic world they are uncertain of, and they hope they are headed to safety, but on the way they come across a very powerful force that they are completely unprepared for. However, it is only once they reach their destination that they discover the true purpose of their journey, and it changes both of their lives forever.


Incubation: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Thriller Series (Green Fields Book 1)

Author Adrienne Lecter

Bree is working on a Friday afternoon when most of her coworkers are already at home. Suddenly, a group of terrorists makes their way inside the building and takes her hostage. Not only does she feel this is a bioterrorism event that could unleash a virus that is capable of killing a lot of people, but the leader of the group that is keeping her hostage looks hauntingly familiar. There is already a flu epidemic all across the country, so Bree is determined not to let anything happen to the rest of the world.

Mercury Striking

Mercury Striking (The Scorpius Syndrome Book 1)

Author Rebecca Zanetti

A post-apocalyptic romance that tells the story of Lynne and Jax. In post-plague Los Angeles, Lynne treks across dangerous terrain to get to Jax and cure him of his illness, but both of them are vulnerable in their own way and have secrets they do not want to share. The story has a lot of action and moves quickly, and between this and the description of Lynne and Jax’s intimate moments, you won’t lose interest for even a second.

Rising Darkness

Rising Darkness (A Game of Shadows Novel Book 1)

Author Thea Harrison

Thousands of years ago, the Deceiver tried to destroy the world and was stopped by a small group of determined avengers. Now, they are being reincarnated over and over again, and Mary and Michael are once again fighting a battle they are unsure they can win. Just when things seemingly can’t get any worse, Mary suddenly remembers who killed her in her previous life. It was Michael, and now she has to look at their relationship with a whole new set of eyes.

Elemental Mating

Elemental Mating (An A.L.F.A. Novel Book 1)

Author Milly Taiden

Melinda is a scientist working on a virus that has the power to develop super-human capabilities in the next generation. When her lab is broken into, she realizes someone is trying to get their hands on her research. Meanwhile, Parish is the agent sent to investigate the crime and find out who is behind it. To rescue Melinda, Parish has to canvas a dark underground and discover a paranormal world that he didn’t know existed, and one more dangerous than he imagined.

Dragon Spawn

Dragon Spawn (A Novel of the Lupi Book 13)

Author Eileen Wilks

Lily is an FBI agent who finds out a powerful sorcerer is still alive and decides to go after him. The sorcerer, Tom, is also a dragon spawn, and between other sorcerers who creep into the picture and her husband Rule, who is facing a specific challenge to the death, Lily finds herself having to return to the one place she’s never wanted to go back to – the place where she died. An unusual urban fantasy with a lot of action and twists and turns you likely won’t expect.

Why You Were Taken

Why You Were Taken (When Tomorrow Calls Book 1)

Author J.T. Lawrence

In 2021 South Africa, a photographer named Kristen is still hurting over her parents’ murder, and Seth is a brilliant scientist who is working on cures for some of the things plaguing their society, including undrinkable water, blackouts, a high suicide rate, and more than one fertility crisis. Seth helps Kristen unravel a mystery that includes finding out her parents weren’t really her parents and learning that she just might be next on the killer’s list.

Our Dried Voices

Our Dried Voices: A Thought-Provoking Dystopia

Author Greg Hickey

By 2235, cancer and AIDS have both been cured, and the last humans travel to a planet called Pearl to discover what they can do next to benefit humankind. When their high-tech machines start to malfunction and threaten their work, it is up to Samuel to fix them. He starts working with Penny to solve the problem, but they soon find the culprits behind the trouble, and then discover that defeating them might be a lot more difficult than they imagined.

The Killing Jar

The Killing Jar (The Extraction Files Book 1)

Author R.S. McCoy

The earth is dying, and parasitic insects are killing the scientists that could help humankind find another planet. Mable has the potential to solve the dilemma, but she wants no part of this responsibility. Her entire focus is now protecting her little sister and teaching her how to survive the hard-core underground. When Silas is tasked to help convince Mable to do what’s right, it becomes clear she has only two choices – join up with a program that killed her brother, or leave her sister with the same fate.


Cling - A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Author Jeff Menapace

An interesting dystopian adventure, the story involves a rogue clairvoyant trying to escape a warlord and a group of underground dwellers trying to avoid the earth above, which has been completely ruined. Enjoy this apocalyptic story and characters such as Sadie and Tier, Finn and Vidar, as they plod through a world they are only partly prepared for and are even less sure how to survive.

Ambassador's Bride

Ambassador's Bride (Alien SciFi Romance) (Celestial Mates Book 1)

Author C.J. Scarlett

Rose was raised with money and is used to getting whatever she wants, but what she wants most is to escape Earth and get to a planet with sunshine and pollution-free water. When the leaders decide to sell the women who remain on the planet to men on the planet Krylon, Rose is excited when she learns who her husband will be. But, there is one problem – the powers that be don’t want to trade with Krylon, which could mean that she must go back to square one.


Rehabilitation (Unbelief Series Book 1)

Author C.B. Stone

The New World is being developed because the last world was turned to ashes, which results in new laws being made. When a woman’s best friend gets kidnapped and sent to Rehabilitation, she vows to rescue him, regardless of the cost. When people return from Rehabilitation, they return only half a person, and she is bound and determined not to let that happen to him.

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