I’m not the average billionaire. Heck, I’m not even human. I’m a bear shifter, the last living member of my clan…and I don’t plan to find a mate. At least, I didn’t, until I met her. Being with her is dangerous though for both of us. The leader of the clan that murdered my family has come for me, and he will do everything in his power to get to me. Even if means going after Kris.

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As a powerful Guardian, Gregoire has spent centuries fighting for the safety and security of all the Realms. His existence was one long bloody battle until his mate was born. For over two decades since her birth, he’s watched over her, protecting his innocent mate from the dangers of his world. Ensuring she has time to grow before he claims her. Alyssa has done everything her family has expected of her, until the day she learns she has a mate. A mate who kept their bond a secret. Having always been treated as weak and inferior by her own kind, she feels the full brunt of his rejection. Angry and hurt at being left in the dark, innocent and unclaimed, she decides it’s time to assert her independence. Can Alyssa maintain her sense of self while surrendering to Gregoire’s savage passion? Or will his enemies intervene and destroy their chance at an eternal bond?

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I used to be a soldier—but now I have no future. Fighting for my country used to give me purpose. After my tour of duty ends, so does that sense of fulfillment. I’m lost until the dreams start—dreams of the life I truly desire. In the night, I’m treated to visions of a beautiful woman who I share with two other men. These fantasies feel more real than my waking life. I’m completely captivated, utterly in love with a woman I’ve never met. There is hope for my future, now—all I have to do is claim her.

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