Free Romance Novels Online: Five Stories Worth Your Time

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Enjoy reading these five free romance novels online to banish cold weather:

The main character of the story, Megan Thomas, wanted to run away from her complicated life – her mobster husband and the hustle and bustle of Chicago. She wanted to start a whole new life with a different identity. With a well-laid-out plan, she set off from the city and ran away from her husband to reside in a beach house in North Carolina. That was where she met Smyth Parker, the owner of the home she rented. Symth was a guy who had no plans of falling in love nor wanted to deal with people. He just wanted to live his life alone.

However, since nature has its way of doing things, Smyth and Megan somewhat grew closer, and with Megan's husband viciously looking for her, Smyth had to step up and protect her from her mob-connected husband.

Just as the name suggests, this is one of the most loved second-chance romance novels. This novel has three separate stories about second-chance romances.

The first story is about a woman who felt unsafe in her own home. Why? Because she was being stalked by someone. With no one to turn to, she sought protection against her stalker from her ex-husband. 

The ex-husband (Ty) was determined to protect the lady he once shared home with, even if it meant moving in with her. But then who was this stalker? And how did the stalker cause both parties to heighten their defenses to protect themselves from the malicious harasser? 

The second story is about Kennedy Renolds who was trying to escape her past and erstwhile love by traveling the world. However, the death of her mom brought her back to her roots where she reconnected with her family and ex-husband. Kenndey had to decide whether it was worth it to forgive and whether it was worth it to give everyone a second chance. One thing you will love about this story is that each character, including secondary characters, has an interesting element to them and is well-developed.

The final story tells us about Tess (a woman focused on her life goals) and Mitch who hooked up and agreed not to take it any further. However, after the hookup, Mitch woke up and with Tess was gone. He began to regret his decision, but then he met Tess again, and they had a heated erotic session. Tess got pregnant, and Mitch did all he can to try to convince her to keep the baby and let her know that what they shared was more than a fling. Tess had to decide if she wanted to sideline her plans for Mitch. 

On the Way to the Duke's Wedding is a majestic regency romantic love story that focuses on duke Richard and his childhood friend, Leticia. 

Richard and Leticia had not seen eye-to-eye since their childhood. Fast forward, they all grew, and with time catching up with Richard, he decided he finally wanted to get married and birth an heir to his throne.

Unfortunately for him, the Duchess-to-be he wanted to marry was only with him for his money, and not for love. In fact, she had a lover. Leticia overheard the conversation the Duchess-to-be had concerning her not loving Richard, and that she was caught in a dilemma on the day of the wedding about whether she should spill the beans or not.

For those of you who like vampire romantic stories, this is a must-read. After Darkness Falls is a story about a resilient girl named Chloe, who was determined to put her life into a bright future. However, the sins of her parents made her prone to vampire attacks. After an attack, she decided to enroll in a supernatural school where she could learn more about paranormal creatures.

Upon arriving at the school, she met Levi, a vampire who fell in love with Chloe. However, after interacting with Chloe a few times, he realized that Chloe wasn’t as ordinary as she appeared.

To wrap up this list, we have a billionaire romance story. This novel is about an upcoming female DJ who called out a club for their marginalized treatment of women. This caused her and the club owner, Harrison, to become enemies. Eventually, she quit the job.

She started over again to rebuild her DJ career, and along the lines, she got to sign a discreet contract with an offer for her to come to DJ in Ibiza. She accepted the offer and set off to the Spanish land only to find out that the owner of the club she would be working at was Harrison, the previous boss.

Rae was not able to break the terms of the contract. She was forced to DJ for Harrison's new nightclub. However, being the billionaire that he was, Harrison had always wanted to control Rae, but the strong independent woman wouldn't give in easily.

If you prefer reading as your pastime, these five free romance novels online, as well as the characters in them, can be your companion, especially on a cold, rainy day.

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