25 Best Firefighter Romance Novels That are Too Hot to Put Down

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Looking for some of the best firefighter romance novels? Here are 25 that are too hot to put down!

Best Firefighter Romance Novels

See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

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Blaze (The Firefighters of Darling Bay Book 1)Blaze (The Firefighters of Darling Bay Book 1) by Rachael Herron

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Twins for the Mountain Firefighter: A Redemption Romance (The Mountain Firefighter Series Book 2)Twins for the Mountain Firefighter: A Redemption Romance by Melinda Curtis
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Smolder (Firefighters of Montana Book 1)Smolder (Firefighters of Montana Book 1) by Tracy SolheimView on Amazon
Misadventures with a FirefighterMisadventures with a Firefighter by Julie Morgan
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Take Me Back (Hidden Cove Firefighters Book 9)Take Me Back by Kathryn Shay
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Set the Night on Fire

Set The Night On Fire (Searing Saviors Book 2)

Author Weston Parker & Ali Parker

Katie is a nurse at a hospital who has trust issues when it comes to men. She especially hates firemen, so when a fireman named Derek comes into her hospital one night with a patient, she is immediately turned off by his pompous attitude. Later that night, Katie’s car breaks down on her way home, and who is there to help her? Derek! He offers to take her to dinner for being so rude at the hospital, and she reluctantly accepts. But, he has other plans that she knows nothing about.

Where There's Smoke

Where There's Smoke: Inspirational Romantic Adventure (Montana Fire Book 1)

Author Susan May Warren

Kate is a smoke-jumper with a secret, and Jed is head of the smoke-jumpers and is known for his professionalism. When a string of fires forces them to work together in Montana, they have to face both their past and their fears if they want to be successful. When the arsonists go after their team, the stakes become even higher, and Kate and Jed have to decide what their priorities are and how to do their jobs well without being personally ruined in the process.

A Fiancée for the Firefighter

The Firefighter's Fiancé: Christian Contemporary Romance (Fuller Family in Brush Creek Romance Book 2)

Author Liz Isaacson

Cora is hoping to be a firefighter one day, and when she meets Brennan, she finds him as hot as the flames she is one day going to put out. Brennan wants to be a landscape architect, and there’s no way these two can be more different from one another. They both have goals in mind and family obligations that get in the way, so is it possible for them to handle all of those things while at the same time handling their relationship so that it can grow into something special?

Nothing More to Lose

Nothing More To Lose (Hidden Cove Firefighters series Book 3)

Author Kathryn Shay

This book tells two different loves stories. Ian is a firefighter who now teachers at a fire academy because he lost the use of his legs on 9/11. He finds meaning in his life when he strikes up a relationship with a beautiful Broadway star named Lisel. Rick is a disgraced cop who becomes the bodyguard for Lisel after a fan starts stalking her, but when he meets a teacher named Faith, it turns his life upside down. Both of these men have to deal with issues to move on with their lives and find happiness.

Rescued by Love

Rescued By Love (Cami's Park City Firefighter Romance Book 1)

Author Cami Checketts

Cameron is a firefighter who also coaches a boys’ lacrosse team, and he is content with the single life. But, when he meets a tall blond who chose to park illegally in front of a fire hydrant, he is glad he has to be the one to tell her what she’s done wrong. Sage is a tall woman who has always wanted to be smaller, and she resists Cameron’s attempts at a relationship at first. When they find themselves stranded together during a snowstorm, however, it’s a make-or-break situation for both of them.


Blaze: A Firefighter Romance

Author Lisa Lace

Jenna is on the run from an abusive boyfriend, and she has to relocate herself every few years to stay one step ahead of him. Nate is a firefighter who lost his wife and is now trying to recover, but it’s been a lot more difficult than he thought it would be. When he meets Jenna at his daughter’s preschool, he is glad to feel a sense of liveliness once again, but between his reluctance to get involved with anyone and her issues with men, does this relationship even stand a chance?

Rescue My Heart

Rescue My Heart

Author Christine Kersey

Lacey is starting all over again in a small town in Utah after her last relationship came to an end. When she comes face-to-face twice in one week with a hot firefighter named Jake, she is convinced their relationship is meant to be. But, how can she get past the insecurities left over from her last relationship? After all, Jake has a great life that involves having all the women he wants, and in order to be with him, she has to convince him to give up that lifestyle.

The Firefighter's Second Chance

The Day He Said Hello: Sweet Contemporary Romance (Hawthorne Harbor Romance Book 4)

Author Elana Johnson

Bennett is a firefighter who loves his life, and he’s not looking for love because he has been divorced for years. When he gets called to the home of an artist whose kiln is sparking into flames, he realizes she is his old high-school girlfriend – the girl who swore she’d never come back to this boring town. But, after Jennie was stood up at the altar, she did go back home, and her relationship with Bennett develops slowly, but promises to be one with lots of steam.

Blazing Hot

Blazing Hot: Bad Boy Firefighter Roommate Romance (Californian Wildfire Fighters Book 2)

Author Leslie North

Landon is a rugged fireman who is having a fling with a woman named Alexandra, but after a while he wants it to be more than just temporary. Alexandra lost a husband who was a cop in the line of duty, and she doesn’t want to go through that again. She’d prefer someone who doesn’t face danger every day on the job, someone who will be safe and come back to her each evening. But, after being together for a bit, Alex thinks that maybe, just maybe, Landon might be worth a shot for something else.

After the Fire

After The Fire (Hidden Cove Firefighters series Book 1)

Author Kathryn Shay

Three family members – who just happen to be firefighters – are rescued from a burning building and decide to improve their lives. Jenn decides she wants to have a baby with her best friend Grady; Mitch decides he is going to do something about his dysfunctional marriage and his troubled teenagers; and Zach decides to give up his bad-boy ways and live like a man. Join them for their ups and downs, their romances, and the decisions that will ultimately change their lives.

Two Hearts Rescue

Two Hearts Rescue: Park City Firefighter Romance

Author Daniel Banner

Poppy and Slade are two broken souls whose slow-moving relationship is one of a kind. She has recently returned to her hometown in Utah, but has never felt like she was good enough for anyone, and he is a firefighter also working to get a side business up and running. Both have given up on love, but Poppy’s infectious smile has Slade thinking about her more than he’d like to admit to anyone. If they can each gain some self confidence and deal with the past, they might just end up together.

Lighting Fire

Lighting Fire: Firefighter Forbidden Romance (Californian Wildfire Fighters Book 1)

Author Leslie North

Sookie is a helicopter pilot in the National Guard sent to fight some fires, and Chase is one of the firefighters. Chase also works for Sookie’s brother, so for many reasons it is best for them not to get involved. But, they do, and their relationship is magical. However, they both think of it as a physical relationship only, something that will end up being short term. Of course, the heart has a mind of its own, and it isn’t long before the relationship becomes about way more than just sex.


Smolder (Firefighters of Montana Book 1)

Author Tracy Solheim

Sam moved from Texas to Montana after his wife died, and he is determined to lead a quiet life, until he meets Laurel. Laurel is a single mother and works on her father’s ranch, and she is determined that her son is going to be the only man in her life for now. Until, of course, she meets Sam. Both Laurel and Sam feel like they’ve messed up in life and just want to enjoy some solitude, but fate has other plans. If you like a good, old-fashioned love story with a few surprises thrown in, this is the story for you.

Inferno of Love

Inferno of Love: A Star-Crossed Lovers Fireman Romance (Firefighters of Long Valley Romance Book 2)

Author Erin Wright

Moose is living in a small town where everyone expects him to marry the reigning queen, but he has his eyes set on an intriguing young woman named Georgia. They have a long history together, having known one another for years, and Georgia has a good job and a good life, so she decides to concentrate on those things, rather than Moose. But, when she goes hiking and gets caught in a wildfire, who comes to rescue her but Moose, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Under His Command

Under His Command: A Firefighter Romance: (Six-Alarm Sexy Book 1)

Author Kristine Cayne

After an unexpected pregnancy, Jamie and Erica get married, but Jamie is a Dominant who wants to teach his wife the pleasures of submission, while Erica tries to stifle some of the actions because she doesn’t want to be like her mother, who was always a doormat. Soon, however, they are both getting just what they want out of the marriage, but is it enough to stay married forever, or is this just something temporary that will make them eventually lose interest in one another?

Fire and Love

Fire and Love: An Opposites-Attract Fireman Romance (Firefighters of Long Valley Romance Book 3)

Author Erin Wright

Levi is from the wrong side of the tracks and has never had money or anything else prestigious. Tenny is the daughter of a wealthy man and extremely popular all over town. But, Levi is who Tenny wants, and Tenny is who Levi wants. Can a beautiful, sexy, and well-loved woman see past all of the shortcomings of a man who isn’t her equal, or will they give up this relationship before it even has a chance to grow?

Trial by Fire

Trial By Fire: The Firefighters of Station Five

Author Jo Davis

Howard is a firefighter and motorcycle rider who loves his bachelor lifestyle. That is, until he meets a woman named Kat, whom he meets one night on the job. Kat is feisty and curvaceous, and it is both her looks and her personality that attract him to her. Soon, they are in a relationship, and when an arsonist makes Howard’s job a lot riskier, it takes a toll on both of their lives.

Write Me Home

Write Me Home: A Small Town Inspirational Romance (Home In You Book 1)

Author Crystal Walton

Ethan is a firefighter in the Catskills, and Cassidy is only there temporarily and plans to high tail it to New York City as soon as her job is done. All she has to do is get her grandfather’s camp ready to sell and get her mom’s business out of foreclosure. But, when she meets Ethan, she starts to think she might be better off if she stayed in the Catskills, especially since there are now unexplained attacks on the camp and she needs Ethan to help her solve the mystery.


Burn (The Firefighters of Darling Bay Book 2)

Author Rachael Herron

Lexie is a firefighter who’s already lost someone she loves in the line of duty, and she has a strict rule against dating other firefighters. Of course, Coin is different. He is her best friend, and they have told each other everything. That doesn’t mean Coin has told her how he feels about her – that’s not something he’s willing to share with her just yet. But, when they make a bet with one another and the prize is a tropical island vacation, how will their story end?


Ignite (Firefighters of Montana Book 3)

Author Nicole Helm

Lina is a doctor who comes from a family of doctors, and when a smoke-jumper named Ace is sent to her hospital, he is glad to have her tend to his wounds. He is also attracted to Lina, but he knows her legacy, and the one thing her family represents is the one thing he’s been trying to avoid for most of his life. The story has well-developed characters you’ll love, great sex scenes, and twists and turns you’ll love to the very end.

Talk Dirty to Me

Talk Dirty To Me: A Younger Man Firefighter Romance (Temperance Falls Forever)

Author London Hale

Kate is the mayor of a small town and Riley is a hot fireman who just happens to be a lot younger than Kate. They start out by calling one another every week anonymously, and the first time they get together is at a lighthouse. Because of their age difference and Kate’s position, their relationship has to proceed slowly, but it isn’t long before they are working hard to have the kind of relationship they both know they deserve.

The Firefighter’s Pretend Fiancée

The Firefighter's Pretend Fiancee (Shadow Creek, Montana Book 5)

Author Victoria James

Ben and Molly were once engaged, but no more. When Molly returns to their town after some time away, she finds out that Ben is trying to become the fire department’s next chief. The only thing standing in his way is the fact that he’s single. But, when Ben’s brother announces to the world that he and Molly are once again engaged, they enter into a fake relationship to help Ben’s job prospects. The problem is, Ben is still in love with Molly, and he is pretty sure she feels the same way about him.

Author Claire Adams

Megan’s brother’s friend Phil is handsome, sexy, and smart. And, the two of them are best friends. Phil is a firefighter and Megan is saving herself for the right man. But, Phil is a man filled with secrets, and unfortunately some of those secrets could ruin any chance he might have with Megan. What do you do when it is possible for your past to ruin your future – do you turn around and run, or do you stay and face the music?

Author Piper Stone

Landon and Shannon have a relationship that starts off slow. He is a new firefighter temporarily fighting fires in Montana, and she has agreed to help him with his dog whenever he goes out on an assignment. He is in an elite group of smoke-jumpers called The Jackals, who protect and serve during the day and exude sexiness and romance at night. A flirty, sexy story with a bit of mystery, suspense, and danger thrown in for good measure.

America’s Bravest

America's Bravest (Hidden Cove Firefighters series Book 4)

Author Kathryn Shay

This book is a compilation of six different novellas. In one, Gabe and Rachel, both firefighters, are fighting their attraction to one another. In another, Brody is enjoying his bachelorhood until a school reunion puts beautiful Emma in his path, and in yet another, Ryan and Felicia are forced to work together and try to ignore the sparks caused by their relationship. Three more stories tell the tales of Tony and Sophia, Sydney and Max, and Cal and Parker, and they are all filled with the romance and excitement you love.

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