Fantasy Romance Books: Five Ideas for People Who Love Reading

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Is reading also your way of destressing and relaxing? Explore these exciting fantasy romance books that will get you through your day.

Entreat Me is a retelling of the beauty and beast story. 

In this book, Ballard and his son, Garvin, were cursed by Ballard's wife on her deathbed, and the only way for either of them to break the curse was to find a gorgeous woman. With no hope of redeeming himself, Ballard decided to stay in the cursed castle, but one day, his son returned with a beautiful woman, Cianna.

The Plot

Cianna belonged to a family of three – she, her dad, and her elder sister, Louvenna, who took care of the family. Cianna was a virgin, and she happened to fall in love with Garvin. Louvaen being the overprotective sister tried all she could to protect her sister from the cursed beast. But one day, when she returned home, she discovered that Cianna ran away with Garvin.

Louvaen set out to search for her sister, and she found  her in the cursed castle where Garvin and Cianna resided. But before she even got to her sister, she had to go through threatening sorcerers and cursed roses that thirst for blood. Being the natural heroine that she was, she conquered all obstacles that came her way. However, one obstacle that might be impossible for her to conquer was Ballard.

The Serpent and Dove is a story between a witch hunter and a witch who cannot help but fall in love. 

The Plot

Lou was the heir to her mom's throne. She had no plans of becoming a queen of the witches, so she decided to run and hide in the city of Cesarine, which was a religious city filled with witch hunters. Because of that, Lou was forced to hide her identity.

Lou met Reid Diggory, who was a huntsman of the Church of Cesarine. Both Lou and Reid fell in love. However, Lou had to do all in her power to keep her identity as a witch hidden. Reid, on the other hand, was a virtuous and religious man, who had been trained all his life and swore an oath not to let a witch live if he came across one. However, in his case, he was in love with a witch, and they even got married.

This book is about Elsbeth Weaver – a talented fiddler who was asked to go tame a dragon that was terrorizing the countryside. She did this to save her grandfather from being lynched by the community. For someone she had been taking care of for years, Elsbeth had no option but to face this beast and tame it.

The Plot

 Elsbeth faced this dragon, and though frightened, something intriguing about the dragon, beyond sharing the same name, reminded her about her one true love, who she lost years back.

The dragon, Alaric, was Elsbeth's erstwhile lover, who had taken the form of a dragon. Elsbeth was torn between two worlds. Would she save the love of her life or that of her grandfather?

Even though it is a fantasy romance book, the setting of this book takes place in Italy, where two twin witches, Emilia and Victorria, lived with humans. As witches among humans, they were advised by their aunt regarding two crucial things: first, they shouldn't let any human know about them being witches to avoid lynching; and second, they should stay away from any member of the Wicked-princess of Hell since they could cause harm to witches as well.

The Plot

One day, Victorria missed dinner, and Emilia went on to search for her, only to find her sister murdered beyond recognition. Emilia was enraged and promised to do whatever it takes to find the brutal murderer. She had no magical power to figure out the murderer and would need a helping hand. Fortunately and unfortunately for her, help came her way, but then, it came from a member of the Wicked-princes of Hell, Wrath, who promised to help Emilia uncover the perpetrator. The question is – are his intentions pure?

The Bridge Kingdom is one that had dominated and deprived numerous smaller kingdoms of their resources.

The Plot

Lara, a princess of one of the small kingdoms, had been trained by her dad since her younger years in order to spy, gather intel on the Bridge Kingdom, as well as bring its King, Aren, to his knees – all these to gain control of the bridge. 

When Lara was a grown adult, ready for marriage, and per her dad's plan, she was gifted as a wife to King Aren as a way of both kingdoms smoking the peace pipe.

Once she arrived at the Bridge Kingdom, her dad's plan was set in motion. However, cupid had a different plan for her since Lara could not help but fall in love with king Aren, so now, she’s torn between betraying her newly-found love to save her former home or betraying her dad to save her newfound home.

Reading fantasy romance books is not only a great way to enjoy yourself and keep yourself engaged, but it also has the potential to inspire your creativity and imagination. So choose from these five fantasy romance books that will take you to a world of fantastic characters and creatures.

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