15 Best Shifter Romance Books To Add To Your Reading List

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If you’ve never read a shifter romance before, then we recommend you give some of our recommendations a try. These books feature characters who can shift into another form, or their love interest can.

15 Best Shifter Romance Books To Add To Your Reading List

Naturally, there are a lot of werewolf romances available here. Of course, we should note now that these books aren’t for everyone. However, if you’re interested in trying one out, here are 15 of the best ones out there.

1. The Gathering By Kelley Armstrong

Maya lives in a tiny Vancouver town, where mysterious happenings are now occurring. Her friend Serena has drowned mysteriously, and then, there are regular mountain lion sightings from her home.

However, her interest is focused on Rafe, the new bad boy in town, and he’s curious about Maya, or rather, her paw-print birthmark.

The Darkness Rising is a sequel to the Darkest Power series. Following The Gathering, it has two sequels: The Calling and The Rising.

2. Wolf Gone Wild By Juliette Cross

Mateo Cruz has been unable to shift and his wolf has been taunting him with violent and carnal thoughts. Fearing for his sanity, he goes to a witch to get help.

This is where Evie Savoie comes in and breaks her coven’s rules. She offers to help Mateo, but unbeknownst to her, Mateo’s wolf has a mind of his own, and he’s got his sights set on her.

As the first book in the Stay a Spell series, it is followed by five other novels: Don’t Hex and Drive, Witches Get Stitches, Always Practice Safe Hex, Resting Witch Face, and Grim and Bear It. 

3. Night Of The Wolf Moon By Kimberley Loth And Nina Walker

A dark novel about a woman named Poppy. When a tragedy strikes her family, she is sent in the stead of her twin sister to the city of wolf shifters. The pack is entirely made of men, and in the Carolina pack, the breaking of rules means death in this competitive world.

With twenty girls fighting for five men, these women need to compete with one another to get a husband. While the losers? They’re sent to the mating houses.

The first of the New World Shifters series, it is followed by three sequels: Lies of the Blood Moon, Rise of the Wild Moon, and Fall of the Harvest Moon.

4. The Trouble With Witches By Kristen Painter

Set in the town of Shadowvale where the sun doesn’t shine and magic abounds. Every resident bears a curse, and Deacon Evermore is in a long line of cursed raven shifters.

As the peacekeeper, he would rather leave the town but he remains for his family. Moving into Shadowvale is the witch Emeranth Greer, who loves both the town and finds herself falling for Deacon.

The Trouble With Witches is the first of six books in the Shadowvale series, and is followed by: The Vampire’s Cursed Kiss, The Forgettable Miss French, Moody And The Beast, Her First Taste of Fire, and Monster In The Mirror.

5. Feral Sins By Suzanne Wright

Taryn Warner is a female wolf shifter, and Trey Coleman is an alpha male shifter with a bad reputation. However, she is drawn to him, and they need to convince their packs that they are the others’ chosen mates. But there’s a lot they could lose.

Trey wants allies, and Taryn wants to escape an arranged mating. With their growing attraction, there’s only so much more to lose.

Feral Sins is the first of the Phoenix Pack series, and is followed by: Wicked Cravings, Carnal Secrets, Dark Instincts, Savage Urges, Fierce Obsessions, Wild Hunger, and Untamed Delights.

6. Rancher Bears Series By Candace Ayers

Unlike the other books on this list, Rancher Bears is a complete series of shifter romantic comedies. These are short novellas that contain a handful of your favorite tropes, including secret babies, unexpected pregnancies, reclusive heroes, a mail order bride, and plenty of spice.

7. Luna Wolf By G. Bailey And Regan Rosewood

Nyx is a wolf who’s been rejected by everyone in her pack. So, she was sent to Luna Alpha Academy. Here, she plans on learning dark magic so she may return home as a wolf-witch. However, there’s a catch. Her tutor is Atlas Arcturus, an alpha heir who wants Nyx to pretend to be his mate. 

The first book in the Moon Alpha trilogy. Luna Wolf is followed by Nox Wolf and Lux Wolf. 

8. Outside The Pack By Lindsey Devin

Bryn is a wolf in human’s clothing, adopted by a wolf mother. But she’s been bullied by the pack’s new alpha, Troy, for years.

When they’re attacked by an enemy pack, she is kidnapped and taken captive, but now she finds herself attracted to Night, the alpha of her pack. Now she needs to choose loyalty, or her heart.

Outside the Pack is the first in the Mated to the Night series, followed by Fighting for the Pack, and Claiming the Pack. 

9. Hot And Badgered By Shelly Laurenston

When a honey badger shifter lands through the roof of grizzly shifter Berg Dunn’s balcony, he’s surprised that she demands his best gun.

Charlie Taylor-MacKilligan is a honey badger shifter who is tired of their father trying to get her and her sisters killed again, but now this grizzly shifter is offering her help. So, who is she to say no?

This is the first book in The Honey Badger Chronicles and is a part of the Pride World. Currently, this series has three sequels: In a Badger Way, Badger to the Bone, and Breaking Badger.

10. Warrior Fae Trapped By K.F. Breene

Charity has finally got a good scholarship to a college in California, but she doesn’t expect to get caught up in the middle of a vampire and a shifter. She discovers that she’s a fae warrior, and now, the vampires and shifters are both after her.

Warrior Fae currently has one sequel: Warrior Fae Princess. 

11. Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

Mercedes Thompson is a Volkswagen mechanic in the Tri-City area, who can shift into a coyote. Her neighbor’s a werewolf, and her old boss is a gremlin. In this world there’s all manner of creatures, but somehow, her connections have landed her in some hot water.

Moon Called is part of the Mercy Thompson series, with over twelve sequels to read. It also has its own spin-off series called Alpha & Omega. 

12. Dragon Bound By Thea Harrison

Pia Giovanni is half-human and half-Wyr, and has been keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind. But after stealing a coin from a dragon’s hoard, she finds herself targeted by her victim: Dragos Cuelebre. Sparing her life, he decides to claim her as his own.

There are currently 10 novels in the Elder Races series, and multiple short stories. 

13. The Longing Of Lone Wolves By Lana Pecherczyk

Rush is a Fae Guardian and wolf-shifter hybrid who is here to protect his realm from their human enemies. Nowadays, he is a ghost after a single night of weakness. He wants to be a part of the living, but what he doesn’t expect is for someone to see him. Clarke is the only one who can remove his curse. 

The Fae Guardians series consists of seven books with an eighth on the way. It’s been described as a combination of The Witcher meets Beauty and the Beast too. 

14. Cry Wolf By Patricia Biggs

Earlier we mentioned the Mercy Thompson series, and you can return to her world with the Alpha & Omega series. In this series, Anna never knew werewolves existed until she is attacked and becomes one of theirs.

However, when the enforcer of the North American werewolves enters her life, he is certain she’s his mate. Together, the two need to work together to hunt a rogue werewolf who threatens their whole pack.

Alpha & Omega currently has six sequels, and several short stories attached to it too. 

15. Slave To Sensation By Nalini Singh

Sascha Duncan needs to hide her feelings to ensure she doesn’t go through rehabilitation. Lucas Hunter however is a changeling who is everything the ruling Psy hates.

After the murder of several changeling women, it’s Lucas who is left distraught after one of them turns out to be his packmate. Now, Sascha is his ticket to find the murderer, and he can’t deny his fascination.

Slave to Sensation is the first of the Psy-Changeling series with at least 15 novels attached to it, as well as a sequel series. Included in the series are two short story anthologies. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many shifter books on the market, that it’s difficult to find really good ones. But if you’re looking for the best, then these are the ones you’re looking for. If you’re looking for your next read, then add these 15 books to your shelf, and you never know, you might get hooked on them!

If you want to have any more recommendations, why not check out the rest of our site?

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