Best Romance Novels: Five Stories Worth Reading Right Now

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Celebrate a love of reading with this compilation of best romance novels.

This book by Tessa Bailey is voted as one of the best romance novels on Amazon. It is a story about a girl, Piper, who has lived a lavish life since she was born. She was famous, rich, and influential – the dream many people wish for. Being followed by paparazzi here and there, her life was always in the eyes of the public.

The Plot

One day she went to a rooftop party, where she and her sister got drunk and a little fiasco happened which landed them in jail. This incident triggered their stepdad, causing him to cut them off and then send them off to the town of Westport in Washington to manage their late dad's bar. 

When she arrived in Westport, she met captain Brendan who caught her attention. However, with love not being part of her goals while being at Westport, she decided to avoid him.

Since Westport is a small town, she happened to meet Brendan on every corner she took. The handsome face of Brendan was always on her mind, and she started to develop deeper feelings.

However, she remembered her main aim for being in Westport was to prove her stepdad wrong to enable her to get her glamorous life back, but then with Brendan in the picture, she is left to decide which was worth it – following her heart to love Brendan or leaving back to Beverly Hills to continue with her glamorous life, which gave her no peace.

If you are new to the world of romance novels and you need a great book right off the start, then this book would do the magic. 

The Hating Game is a hate-to-love romance in an office setting. The story is between two main characters – Lucy and Josh. 

The Plot

Lucy and Josh worked opposite each other at a publishing company and did not see eye to eye. This was because they were both contesting for a promotion, and either party was willing to work hard to get the promotion. Through their contest, Josh tried to flirt with Lucy. However, Lucy wasn’t able to read the signs clearly and thought Josh hated her.

Fast forward –  they had a heated argument followed by an intense kissing moment, where Lucy finally realized Josh didn't hate her as she thought. They both finally got along well, even though they were aiming for the same position. 

The question is – was Josh in love with Lucy, or was this just a way for him to get ahead in the race for the promotion? Read this novel to find out.

This is a story about a couple – Jesse and Emma Blair, who were high school sweethearts. They happened to be so much in love with each other and ended up getting married. Perfect, right?

The Plot

Well, one day Jesse went missing, and after countless searches and well-wishes, he was still nowhere to be found.

Days, months, and even years went by. Emma just accepted the reality that the love of her life was gone. She decided to move back to her hometown where she met Sam, and they end up falling in love, getting married, and giving happiness another shot. Months after getting married, Jesse was found, and he had been searching for Emma until he found her. Emma was in a tight corner with a difficult decision to make between her current husband (Sam) and her one true love (Jesse).

This list won’t be complete without adding this classic from Colleen Hoover. This is a story about a hardworking and self-derived Lily who had her own business and was looking to achieve everything she had set her mind to. 

The Plot

She met a neurosurgeon with whom she fell in love with. However, the issue was that Ryle only did one-night stands, and relationships weren’t his thing.

They ran into each other again, and from there, Ryle seemed to have a soft spot for Lily and fell completely for her as she did for him. Both started to grow their relationship and decided to live together. One day, the couple got into a little fight after Ryle burned his hand while taking something from the oven. Lily laughed a bit, and it infuriated Ryle because he had surgery coming up on Monday. Ryle pushed Lily to the ground and from there, their relationship took a downturn, causing Lily to question their love.

What made things worse is that while in the process of questioning their love, Lily's ex-boyfriend (Atlas), whom she dearly loved, returned in her life, and kind of threatened what she had built with Ryle.

To sum up our list, we have another hate-to-love story, this time from Tessa Bailey. The storyline of this novel is about Bethany, who had her life in order with her only flaw being her relationship with men. 

The Plot

Bethany thought it was time for her to achieve a dream which her brother was already living – flipping houses. Her brother was the owner of a reputable house-flipping firm, and she decided to approach her brother about her idea of flipping homes as well, but then her brother could not just take her seriously.

A TV producer capitalized on the sibling feud between Bethany and her brother to produce a show to see who could flip homes better. Rumors about the show went viral. Eventually, Bethany needed a team. Everyone from her brother's company stuck with him, except for Wes Daniel, who decided to team up with Bethany. However, the cockiness of Daniel got on her nerves. Still, Bethany found a way to overlook the cockiness of Daniel to team up with him.

Bethany and her teammate were tasked to remodel one of the ugliest homes, and this brought a lot of friction between her and Wes. Through the friction, love sparkled between them. What’s the catch? Once they really fall in love, Bethany wouldn't be able to succeed with her dream. 

Whether you prefer hate-to-love narratives or stories about young sweethearts ending up being married, this list of best romance novels are sure to sweep you off your feet.

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