15 Best Romance Novels by Male Authors to Read

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Looking for the Best Romance Novels by Male Authors to read?


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Author John Green

Miles is new at his high school in Alabama, and he is obsessed with last words, including the last words of Francois Rabelais, which were “great perhaps.” He is socially awkward, but starts to meet new friends immediately, including a girl named Alaska who is beautiful and funny, albeit a little emotionally unstable. This is a coming-of-age story with all of the angst and deep emotions usually associated with that time of life. It’s quirky, sexy, and funny all at the same time, and it is one book you will never forget.

Author Nicholas Sparks

Colin has made many bad decisions in the past, but he is trying to clean up his act so that he can move forward with his life. When he meets Maria, a lawyer with a thriving business, he feels she is the complete opposite of who he is, but things aren’t as neat as they sound. Maria has demons of her own, and she is left with a lot of questions about her future. When Colin and Maria get together, sparks fly, but they both know they have to deal with their demons if the relationship is going to be permanent.

Author Graeme Simsion

Don is a professor of genetics who conducts scientific tests for everything, so when he decides it’s time for a wife, he goes back to his drawing board. There he comes up with the perfect wife, and her name is Rosie. But, Don decides to reject Rosie, even though he is fascinated by her quest to find her biological father. He decides to help her with this endeavor, going back to his scientific tests to make it easier. Along the way, he discovers something very important – that you can find love in the strangest places.

Author Richard Paul Evans

Charles and Monica were once married, but his greed and ambition caused her to leave. Now, after almost being killed, Charles has a new outlook on life and has decided to try to get Monica back. He is determined to walk the entire length of Route 66, from Chicago to California, to prove to her how much he still loves her. Along the way, he gets an even bigger surprise because he meets people from all walks of life who give him yet another way to look at his world and to make the right decisions in life.

Author Charles Martin

Cooper was only a teenager when he left his home in Colorado and drove to Nashville to make his dreams of being a singer come true. But, it doesn’t work, and soon he’s lost everything. Years later, he meets Daley and eventually falls in love with her, but just as he is ready to face how he feels about her, a tragedy calls him home to Colorado. When years go by and he suddenly meets up with Daley again, he doesn’t know what to say, but one thing is certain. He wants her to know the truth, and he hopes the truth will finally set him free.

Author Nicholas Sparks

Miles is a widower with a young son living in a small town in North Carolina. Their lives were devastated when his wife and Jonah’s mother was killed by a hit-and-run driver. It’s been two years, but Miles is still recovering. Soon he meets Sarah, his son’s second-grade teacher, and it isn’t long before they are in love. Sarah is recovering from a painful divorce, but when they discover a common bond between them, it ends up being a bond that will change both of their lives forever.

Author Wallace Earle Stegner

This is the touching story of two couples as they move between Vermont and Wisconsin. It explores all of the feelings associated with friendship and marriage, including the turmoil and the ups and downs that all couples face. A poignant story that is well written and which will have you cheering for the characters from the very first page, it has won numerous awards and is considered an important piece of fiction for the 20th century.

Author Kent Haruf

This is a beautiful story of how wonderful second chances can be. Addie and Louis are neighbors, and each has a spouse who has died. They each have children who live far away, also. When they start to visit one another, they discover a bond they never knew they had. At first, it is just a friendship that fills the lonely nights for each of them, but soon it becomes much more. With an interesting storyline and well-developed characters, this is one story you will not soon forget.

Author Charles Martin

Charlie is an astute businessman who knows how to make a business grow and thrive. He grew up privileged, and now he operates a risky, but lucrative business off the coast of Miami. Unfortunately, Charlie didn’t get where he is now without stepping on a few toes along the way, and when he goes on a mission to seek redemption from those he feels he’s wronged, one of those people is a woman and her young daughter. Will this woman forgive him so he can go on, or will he be left to pine for her forever?

Author Nicholas Sparks

Julie has been a widow for two years and is ready to move on with her life, but her main problem is deciding between the two men who have recently been paying her some attention. This includes a man named Richard, a handsome engineer who treats her like she’s the only woman on earth, and her husband’s best friend Mike, who is as down to earth as a man can get. But soon, something happens to change everything, and suddenly she is also involved in a nightmare that started with a deception and which is now taking over everything in her life.

How to Stop Time

How to Stop Time

Author Matt Haig

Tom seems to be a normal history teacher in London, and when he meets a French teacher, his interest is piqued. But, Tom has a secret. Unlike everyone else around him, Tom has been alive for centuries. He knew Shakespeare, Captain Cook, and Fitzgerald. He also belongs to the Albatross Society, a group that protects people like him, and they have only one rule for their members – never fall in love. But, Tom is finding that difficult after he meets the French teacher, and now, all he wants is to live a normal life like everyone else does.

Reincarnation Blues

Reincarnation Blues: A Novel

Author Michael Poore

Milo is a time traveler – well, sort of. Actually, he’s been reincarnated almost 10,000 times, and through each life his companion Suzie is there to help him. When he gets to number 10,000, he can quit, but until then he is learning something with each and every adventure, and Suzie is by his side the entire time. This is a story that may surprise you, filled with extraordinary happenings and valuable lessons about life. But, it isn’t just Milo and Suzie’s story, it is everyone’s story.

Author Sidney Sheldon

Kate has always thought she was the master of the game, so when she turns 90 she reflects back on her amazing life. Her life has been filled with good and evil, manipulation and domination, and love and hate. She is a world renowned business owner who has had everything she’s ever desired, even though some of them have come at a huge price. With very well-developed characters and an interesting storyline, it will keep you intrigued until the very last page.

Author Jack Finney

This is a fun story that revolves around the concept of time travel. Si is an advertising artist who suddenly finds himself in New York City in January of 1882. He picked that date because his friend Kate has a half-burned letter from that timeframe, and he is determined to find out the mystery associated with it. A great time-travel story that gets complicated when Si falls in love while he’s in 1882, and it leaves him wondering what to do next. Should he stay in the past and accept true love, or return to his obligations in the present?

Author Christopher Greyson

Stacy has a new home, a new job, and a baby on the way. She seems to have everything she wants in life, until she goes missing and no one knows where she is. One of the things that makes it so difficult is the fact that the clues are conflicting and don’t add up. Enter a cop named Jack, who was raised in a shady home, but who is now involved in law enforcement. Suddenly, Jack finds that everyone is a suspect, including himself, but he is determined not to give up until he finds the truth, regardless of what it means for his safety or for the safety of those around him.

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