5 Best Romance Book Series To Add To Your Reading List

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Those who are lovers of romance books know that there’s no greater pleasure than indulging in a good series. There are heaps and heaps of romance book series out there, and they’re often either directly linked to one another, or simply take place in the same world.

5 Best Romance Book Series To Add To Your Reading List

If you’re a new romance reader, you might be looking for a series that you can really get your teeth stuck into. If this is the case, then look no further, because below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best romance series out there, along with a little bit of information so that you can decide if it appeals to you.

To find some of the very best romance series around, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look.

1. The Wallflower Series, Lisa Kleypas

The Wallflowers

We couldn’t begin any kind of romance list without mentioning Lisa Kleypas first. For those who are interested in the genre, Kleypas is heralded as the queen of romance books, and it’s not hard to see why.

Lisa Kleypas is known for having a wide publishing history, and has been writing since the 1980’s, when she’d just graduated from college. Some of her most popular book titles include Dreaming of You, which has the infamous Derek Craven, a rags to riches casino owner, and Marrying Winterborne, which boasts a hunky, rugged Welshman.

She’s known for her handsome heroes, and daring heroines, who often find themselves in several misdemeanors during the course of the plot. Indeed, nobody writes plots quite like Kleypas.

Perhaps Kleypas is most well known for her Wallflower series, which is considered to be one of the most popular in the history of the genre.

The Wallflower series follows a group of four young women, each of whom are considered to be a ‘wallflower’ in some capacity. One comes from a background of steadily declining money, another struggles with a stifling stutter, another is bookish and lofty, and another is too brazen for polite society.

They band together one evening whilst sitting on the side of the ballroom, and decide to help one another find a love match before the season is out. The result is hilarity, as well as plenty of drama and mishaps.

Each Wallflower gets her own book in the series, as we follow them in their attempt to find love. Perhaps the most well known of the series is Devil In Winter, which is heralded as one of the greatest romance books of all time.

It follows shy, stuttering Evie, as she makes a marriage pact with the roguish Lord St. Vincent in order to escape her abusive family. If you want to get more well acquainted with the romance genre, this is the place to start.

2. The Bridgerton Series, Julia Quinn

Many of us have witnessed the ever popular Bridgerton series as it appears on our Netflix screen, but many might not even realize that this show stopper is actually based on a book series.

That’s right, the Bridgerton that we all know and love was created in the early 2000’s by romance writer Julia Quinn. Quinn has won a number of awards for her writing, and it’s not hard to see why.

Quinn first began writing in the early 90s, with a book called Splendid. It follows a young American heiress who finds herself in a highly compromising situation, and as a result, must do the one thing she has no desire to, marry an English nobleman.

After the success of Quinn’s writing, she published her first Bridgerton novel, The Duke And I in 2000. After this, 8 more books followed, each of which follows the adventures of a different sibling as they find love.

Perhaps the most popular of the series is The Viscount Who Loved Me, which follows eldest sibling Anthony Bridgerton, as he reluctantly gives up his roguish ways, and is forced to find a bride. He vows that he won’t marry for love, but instead, simply commit to a meek and docile wife who will allow him to continue his rakesh pursuits.

He appears to find this is young Edwina, but it’s her elder, hellion sister who catches his attention. Can he manage to resist this headstrong woman, or will he fall in love by the novel’s conclusion?

If you want to read novels that are filled with roguish heroes who love to be tamed, and fierce young women who decide that they will not conform to society’s rules, Quinn is the author for you.

As well as being great at writing romance plotlines, Quinn also does a great job of portraying platonic bonds between siblings.

3. The Love By Numbers Series, Sarah Maclean

Love by Numbers

Those who are familiar with the genre will most certainly have come across Sarah Maclean at one point or another. She’s one of the hottest sellers at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why. All of her books have been a great hit, and she often publishes series so that you can really immerse yourself in the world of the characters.

If you’re looking for the perfect romance series to begin with, we would recommend Love By Numbers. Love by Numbers follows 3 young women, each of which are considered to be outcasts in some way or another.

The most popular book in the series, called Nine Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake, follows a young woman called Calpurnia, as she resists against the restrictive society she finds herself a part of.

She is known for doing all manner of things which aren’t considered polite for young women, including carrying a pistol, riding astride, gambling in men’s casinos, and attending duels. She simply can’t help herself however, and she’s unwilling to give herself up merely for marital purposes.

But what if she were to find someone who had an equal disregard for the rules, and as a result, find comradeship, and maybe even love?

The second book in the series, called Ten Ways To Be Adored When Landing A Lord, is equally enjoyable, and follows a socially and financially desolate young woman, who makes it her plan to marry one of the wealthiest Lords in the town. But, can she stop herself from falling in love in the process?

If you want devilishly handsome heroes paired with nuanced and relatable heroines, then you should pick up a book by Maclean.

4. The Destiny Series, Beverly Jenkins


Those of you who have had the pleasure of reading Beverly Jenkins will already know that every book she writes is a show stopper. The Destiny series, which is a quartet, is no exception.

Jenkins is considered to be a trailblazer in the romance genre, and is an important writer for anyone who’s interested in reading romance. When she began publishing books during the 1990’s, there was a gap in the genre for African American romance novels.

Jenkins began publishing historical fiction which was set amongst the backdrop of African American history, and she shot to stardom with her novel Indigo. Indigo follows Hester Wyatt, a young woman who offers runaways from the underground railroad a place to stay.

But one day, the infamous ‘Black Daniel’ is put in her care, who is hunted far and wide for his work freeing slaves. He’s badly wounded, and Hester must nurse him back to health, but how could they not fall in love in the process?

The Destiny series is one of Jenkins’ best, and follows three young men who grow up in California during the 1880’s. Each of them is captivated by a beautiful and strong woman, and are brought to their knees by love.

The most popular book in the series, called Destiny’s Surrender, follows Drew, who has no desire to marry any of the meek, unassuming women in town. Eventually, a young woman named Billie shows up at his doorstep with a young child, a child who she claims is his.

She’s determined to provide a good life for her family, and marrying Drew is the only way forward. Neither want to give up their independence, but circumstances force them toward one another. Will they be able to build something long lasting, or is it just the initial fire that binds these two?

Although romance always stands at the forefront of Jenkins’ novels, we’d recommend that you read these if you’re interested in American history too. Many of her books feature real life people, and they’re intermingled within the narrative.

5. The Outlander Series, Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series 8 Book Set (1- 8)

If you want to literally be transported through time to another world, then we’d have to recommend author Diana Gabaldon. Gabaldon is most well known for her Outlander series, which is regarded as one of the very best in the romance genre.

It follows a young nurse called Claire, who has just returned with her husband from the war, where she tended to wounded soldiers. In order to reconnect after a prolonged period apart, the couple venture out to Scotland, where they come across all kinds of mysterious folklore.

Some way or another, Claire finds herself transported back in time, specifically to Scotland during 1743, and she meets a group of highlanders. She tends to a wounded warrior, and in the process, falls in love.

Will Claire return home to her husband in 1943, or will she remain with her newfound love? These books are fantastic if you want to get your teeth stuck into a good series.

One of the novels is over 800 pages long, and Gabaldon spends a great deal of time developing the characters over the course of each of her novels.

If you’re interested in Celtic culture, epic romances, and high stakes storylines, you’re going to adore these books.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there are a whole host of romance series out there that you can get your teeth stuck into. Whether you’re looking for something lighthearted and funny, or something meatier and full of history, there’s a series out there for you.

Simply read our list above and choose your favorites.


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