25 Best Rock Star Romance Novels That Will Make You a Fan Girl

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Looking for a good rock star romance novel to read?


See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

ImageProductWhere to Buy
A FILTHY Rock Star (Filthy Line Book 1)A Filthy Rockstar by Jaxson Kidman

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Running From A Rock Star: An opposites-attract romantic comedy (Brides on the Run Book 1)Running From A Rock Star by Jami Albright
View on Amazon
Her Beastly Billionaire Rock Star: A Fairy-Tale Retelling (Her Billionaire Romance Series Book 7)Her Beastly Billionaire Rock Star by Bree LivingstonView on Amazon
Wild Open: A Rock Star Romance (The Saving Graces Book 1)Wild Open: A Rock Star Romance
View on Amazon
Dirty Rock: A Rock Star Romance (Gods of Rock Book 2)Dirty Rock: A Rock Star Romance
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These 25 will leave you cheering from the crowd and totally fangirling out.

Let’s get to the list…

Dirty Like Me

Dirty Like Me: A Hot Rockstar Romance (Dirty, Book 1)

Author Jaine Diamond

Katie is a struggling barista who gets a sexy part in a music video with one of the hottest rock stars around, and much to her delight, she asks him to be his fake girlfriend for six weeks while he promotes his new music. Sure, it is fake, but Katie will still get to be closer to him than most women ever do, so she reluctantly agrees. After all, if she can’t be his real girlfriend, at least she gets to participate in a few make-out sessions for the cameras, and maybe even lend him her body once in a while.

Hating the Rock Star

Hating the Rock Star (Rock Hard)

Author B.B. Hamel

What happens in Vegas … when a rock star named Joss marries Grace, who is a big fan, she settles in for a nice, comfortable life. But she was dead-wrong in her decision. In fact, she hates everything about this arrogant, self-centered man, and she’ll do anything to get out of the marriage. Joss wants her body, but she is hesitant to give it to him because once that happens, she knows she may never again be the same.

Running from a Rock Star

Running From A Rock Star: An opposites-attract romantic comedy (Brides on the Run Book 1)

Author Jami Albright

When good-girl Scarlett ends up marrying a bad-boy rock star named Gavin, she knows it was the booze that made her do such a foolish thing. But Gavin’s career is on the rocks, and he just found out that he has a son, and he needs someone to help him raise the boy. Gavin is even willing to pay her for the marriage, but along the way they start to have attractions toward one another that neither of them expected. When they find Gavin’s son, will it bring them closer together or cause them to each go their own way?

How to Kill a Rock Star

How to Kill a Rock Star

Author Tiffanie DeBartolo

Eliza is a music journalist who falls madly in love when she meets the leader of a rock band named Paul. They have a lot in common, including their love of music, but when Paul’s band is signed to a big record label, Paul is suddenly on his way to getting the recognition he always wanted. When Eliza makes a decision that she knows she has to make, Paul suddenly disappears. A wild ride and a great story with an ending you will never see coming.

Hard Rock Crush

Hard Rock Crush (Cherry Lips Book 1)

Author Athena Wright

Cerise is a rock star with a crush on another rock star named Liam. She vows he will never know the truth because after all, women in rock have to work twice as hard as the men just to succeed. But when Liam auditions for a temporary spot in Cerise’s band and ends up making it, Cerise is unable to hide her excitement and her apprehension. When she thinks about it, there are no good reasons to let him in the band, but then again, the heart usually has a mind of its own.

Interview with the Rock Star

Interview with the Rock Star (A Second Chance Rock Star Romance)

Author Rylee Swann

When a future rock star named Kace breaks a girl’s heart, she is determined to get him back one day. Now, Presley is assigned to interview Kace, and the first thing that he does is ask for her forgiveness. But that’s not all he does. Kace is determined to win over Presley’s heart, and it seems he’ll stop at nothing to achieve that goal. But Presley is intent on being as aloof as possible until she realizes that by doing that, she is either punishing him or punishing herself.

One Kiss with a Rock Star

One Kiss with a Rock Star

Author Amber Lin & Shari Slade

Krist is a famous bass-player in a rock band who is in the middle of a P.R. nightmare. A naughty video of him has gone viral, ruining his reputation and causing him to lose fans. So, his agent suggests a fake engagement to a pop princess named Madeline, whom Krist is less than impressed with. Madeline, however, has had a crush on Krist for a very long time, so it is only a matter of time when their attraction is mutual, and their charade is a thing of the past.

Rock All Night

Rock All Night (The Rock Star's Seduction Part 2)

Author Olivia Thorne

Kaitlyn is a struggling journalist, and Derek is a famous rock star, and years after their hot-and-heavy tryst, she discovers her feelings for him are still strong. But Derek is a womanizer, and Kaitlyn is afraid of getting too close for fear that she’ll be hurt again just as she was the first time. The more she thinks about the situation, the more Kaitlyn realizes that a relationship with Derek is never going to work, but she still can’t help feeling like she wants to give him her all.

Lay Your Hands on Me

Lay Your Hands On Me: A Rock Stars and Billionaires Romance (Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie and Rock Stars in Disguise: Xan Book 3)

Author Blair Babylon

Xan is a rock star who performs beautifully night after night, but one of the few people who know what he’s truly like is the keyboard player in his band, who goes by Georgie. But the two of them have an arrangement. If she can stay in his band for a certain amount of time, Xan will pay for her college and law school, so Georgie must stick it out with this shallow rock star for a little bit longer. That is, unless her feelings for him become too strong.

Rock Star's Heart

Rock Star's Heart (Smidge Book 1)

Author Kella Campbell

When a straight-laced college student named Crys is chosen to go on tour with a successful rock group, her attraction to the guitar-player is instantaneous. But she was raised to expect marriage and children, and Blade would prefer a life filled with groupies and as little commitment as possible. Is this relationship doomed from the very start, or can a rock star really change and become a great husband and father?

Hard Rock Deceit

Hard Rock Deceit (Darkest Days Book 4)

Author Athena Wright

August is a rock star who hires a recent college graduate named Cassie to photograph the band’s latest tour. In this book, there is a lot of detail about August’s past, which explains what makes him tick and why he has the personality he does. The book is filled with heartbreak and a slow-moving love story that can only be realized once the demons are dealt with properly – both for August and for Cassie.

The Rock Star's Virginity

The Rock Star's Virginity (Romance Island Resort series Book 3)

Author Demelza Carlton

Flavia is about to marry her high-school sweetheart and feels as though her life is perfect. That is, until her fiancée cheats on her. Devastated, she decides to get back at him by auctioning off her virginity. To her surprise, it is a rock star named Jay who wins the auction, but unbeknownst to him, Flavia has no intention of going through with the act. Their relationship is slow-moving and even comedic at times, and the reader will enjoy both characters as they plow through the unknown.

Author Rachel Lacey

This is the story of a pop star named Katherine and a low-profile college professor named Josh. As soon as they meet, they are attracted to one another, but there are a few problems. First, Katherine is doing this to improve her image, thanks to some videos of her that went viral. And second, Josh has already loved and lost the love of his life, and he is hesitant to jump into another relationship with both feet. They both have something to lose if their relationship moves forward, but they also have something to gain.

Shattered by You

Shattered by You (Tear Asunder Book 3)

Author Nashoda Rose

Ream and Haven are brother and sister with a terrible childhood. Their own mother sold them for drugs, and Haven spent more than a decade as someone else’s slave. Crisis is the guitarist in a well-known rock band and also a foster brother to Ream, and all he wants is to see Haven happy. But can this woman, who spent so many years being abused in almost every way possible, ever be able to open up to anyone, let alone a rock star?

The Rock Star's Wedding

The Rock Star's Wedding (Romance Island Resort series Book 6)

Author Demelza Carlton

When a rock star decides to take a wife, he automatically has numerous possibilities. This includes Audra, who is back from Antarctica; Gaia, the billionaire who is used to getting what she wants; Phuong, a mail-order bride; and Penelope, who now has a pink diamond engagement ring on her finger. Jay knows he will have a bride in the end, and they’ll get married at Romance Island Resort; the only thing he doesn’t know is who the bride will be.

Author J.A. Hazel

When Bran, an American rock star, meets Ava, who works at the record label company, sparks fly. But there’s one big problem, and that is that Ava has promised herself never to get involved with a musician. That doesn’t stop Bran from trying to get her attention, and the way he strolls around the studio makes Ava want to scream – for more reasons than one. Can an uptight girl and a wild-and-crazy rock star ever make it together? Read on and see.

Misadventures with a Rock Star

Misadventures with a Rock Star (Misadventures Book 12)

Author Helen Hardt

Heather has decided to attend a concert with her groupie roommate instead of staying home with a good book, as she’d rather be doing. The lead singer is a man named Jett, and the two of them meet after the concert. Jett is immediately attracted to Heather, but he works hard to keep his heart closed off because of his lifestyle. Afterwards, however, he cannot stop thinking about her, causing him to do whatever is necessary to get her into his life.

Saved by the Rock Star

Saved by the Rockstar (Rich and Famous Romance Book 1)

Author Michelle Pennington

Julie is an author with a successful vlog, and when she inadvertently mentions that it was a rock star who gave her some of the inspiration for her writing, the rocker responds to her – much to her surprise. She doesn’t mind communicating with Ryland online, but because of her anxiety problems she’d prefer that it go no further. However, when Ryland decides he wants to meet her in person, she has to overcome the emotions she’s feeling to do so, which is a lot more challenging than she thought it would be.


Harley (West Coast Rock Star Series Book 1)

Author Michelle Jo Quinn

Cade finds out a secret when her father is dying, and she sets out to solve the mystery once and for all. To do so, she needs to contact Mac, an old buddy of her dad’s, but first she has to watch over an eight-year-old girl named Harley, who is the daughter of a rock star named Jax. Cade finds herself with a crucial choice to make – get lured into the rock star world and give up all chances of finding out the truth about her family, or avoid Jax like the plague so that she can discover the answers to the puzzle.

Hard Lesson

Hard Lesson

Author Savannah Skye

Dev is a rock star thoroughly enjoying the rock star lifestyle, but when a band mate’s younger sister asks him for a favor, he pushes aside everything to accommodate her. Cheri is inexperienced in the bedroom and wants to lose her virginity with someone she’s familiar with – someone like Dev. After all, Cheri has loved Dev secretly for a very long time, but if she is successful, will it make things worse between them or better?

Author S.R. Watson & Shawn Dawson

When a rock star named Diesel meets a girl named Lourdes, he becomes hot for her immediately and decides he wants her in his life, even if it ends up being a temporary arrangement. He knows he can have any girl he wants, and when the couple first get together, sparks fly and their passion is unmistakable. But now she is gone, and Diesel wants her back. He likes to have women under his control, and right now he wants Lourdes. But he won’t beg or plead for her; in fact, she is going to have to come back completely on her own.

Somebody to Love

Somebody to Love: Rock Stars in Disguise: Tryp

Author Blair Babylon

Tryp is the drummer for the biggest rock group on the planet, and he stays drunk much of the time. Elfie is a pyrotechnic specialist who has traveled with the band since she ran away from home many years ago. However, the band is about to crack under the constant stress they’re under, and Elfie is not exactly thrilled with the band manager assigning her with the task of babysitting Tryp. The more time that she spends with him, the more she starts to understand that many of his problems have nothing to do with being a rock star, which sheds a whole new life on their relationship.


Rocked (A Rock Star Romance)

Author M.L. Young

It is hard loving a rock star. Just ask Bianca, who went on not one, but two dates with Kai, the lead singer for the Heartbreakers. But it isn’t long before Bianca realizes that Kai’s problems, although typical for people in his career, might be too much for her to handle. When Bianca visits Kai in Paris, she realizes that old demons have taken ahold of him, but he promises to go to rehab just for her, even though Bianca is still hesitant about accepting his promises as fact.


In Tune (UnBroken: The Series Book 1)

Author K.C. Enders

When Gracyn and Gavin have a fling that they both consider temporary, they are surprised by how they feel once the tryst is over. But when Gracyn sneaks out of the hotel room in the middle of the night, Gavin starts to think he misconstrued her feelings toward him. The problem is that neither of them is willing to give up on the relationship or the feelings they have for the other one, although there is still time for them to write their own ending.



Author J.A. Huss

After a tragedy and his departure from Julliard, the rock star known as Rock was created. His band has five members in it; five best friends who are climbing their way to fame and thoroughly enjoying the rock-star lifestyle. But when tragedy strikes again, the band is left with two members instead of five. When Rock goes home for a while to recover, he meets up with a twin named Melanie, and she has quite a story that she’d like to tell Rock.

FAQs on Rock Star Romance Novels

Given the list of novels mentioned above, the genre might be new to you. It’s not every day that one chance upon a tale of a neighbor seeing a world-famous artist as just the “drunk guy next door” in dire need of a sober companion.

We compiled a few FAQs to guide you, especially if you’re only starting to read these types of novels.

What would appeal to readers of all ages is if they’re into the music scene and music industry. Plots involving a world-famous rock band, gifted artists with a wake-up call to be part of the music industry, or some exciting Rock ‘n Roll Romance await you.

Below are some things you need to do about these books with all types of rock stars, whether they’re reluctant rockstars or simply a bad boy rocker at the peak of artistic success.

1. What is rock star romance?

Rock star romance is a subgenre of the romance category of books. This genre belongs to a series of stories that showcase the love between two people, amid various difficulties, toward their happy ending.

While rock star romance is not part of the top subgenres of romance, it is still worth attention. After all, who does not want to enjoy a story or two about falling in love with a budding musician turned rock star, for example?

2. What types of stories can I expect from this genre? Do I expect just similar ones?

Even if the subgenre’s name seems limiting, there is still variety in this genre. There’s a story in store for every music lover and fiction aficionado.

Whether it’s a tale of the girl-next-door finding love through a wonderful boyfriend who happens to be a member of the biggest rock band, or one who builds a career in music while taking heed of the challenges of success, the genre does not bore.

One storyline will always differ from another, with the bonus of some beautiful lyrics (penned by a fictional character in the plot) thrown along the way.

3. Why should I read rockstar romance novels?

You can cull several meaningful insights from reading these novels; perhaps the truth is not easy to realize right away in real life. Beyond just reading about a captivating rockstar romance, life lessons abound.

For one, your understanding of the lives of artists might deepen, especially if coming from an uninformed place. Their profession requires the same hard work and effort as other seemingly noble jobs.

The novels may also help break stereotypes about artists, how dating them, for one, is not always a bad idea, even if they’re not the world’s biggest rock stars. More importantly, with each unique character, you can reap the benefit of being more empathetic and humane.

Given those FAQs, we hope we have convinced you to give this genre a shot if you have not already. Enjoy the world of rock stars meeting a successful music journalist character covering their scene or a chance encounter between a wedding florist and a bassist of a wedding band. The possibilities are almost endless!

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