25 Best Plus Size Romance Novels with Curvy Women

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Looking for the best plus size romance novels to read? You’re in luck…

best plus size romance novels

Here are 25 books featuring curvy women you’re going to love.

Sweetly Swirled

Sweetly Swirled

Author M.L. Spann

When Bri finds herself jobless, she decides to drown her sorrows at the local coffee shop. But, while there she gets offered a job there and jumps at the chance. There’s only one catch – the handsome barista, Jayce, to whom she is attracted, wants her to help him become more attractive to a girl he has a crush on. Bri reluctantly agrees, but soon the tables are turned and the heat between her and Jayce begins to increase, and she becomes encouraged about her life for the first time in a long time.

Sweet Curves

Sweet Curves (Clearwater Curves Book 1)

Author Elisa Leigh

Lanie and Wyatt each have challenges in their life. Lanie has decided not to let it bother her that her family thinks her size is too large, and she now wants to live her own life. Wyatt has just returned from the war and is immediately attracted to her, but he also has trust issues because of his military experience. When these two get together, sparks fly, and they eventually teach each other all about the power of unconditional love.

Plus Size Heart

Plus Size Heart: A story of life, love and cake

Author Lisa Anderson

Sophie is a happy plus-size woman with her own boutique and a lot of friends. When Liam, a rich developer, comes into town because he wants to build a shopping mall there, one of his first challenges ends up being Sophie. She won’t sell him the land her boutique is on, and besides, she doesn’t even want a mall in her town. Liam is also used to dating only super-thin women, so Sophie challenges him on every level, but these two are not done with one another just yet.

Curve my Song

Curve My Song: Sweet Curvy Romance (The Curvies Book 1)

Author Sarah Gai

A group of curvy girls sticks together through thick and thin, including old sparks from the past, returns after being away from home for a while, drama, romance, and a lot of laughs. Follow sassy Bree, chubby Skyla, and precocious Elise as they go through life as plus-sized women with all of its challenges, humor, and struggles. Whatever your size, you will quickly fall in love with this trio, and their escapades will have you squealing with delight to the very last page.

Hot & Heavy

Hot & Heavy (Chubby Girl Chronicles Book 2)

Author Tabatha Vargo

Shannon is a feisty, chubby redhead who is determined to conquer a man – at least temporarily. Just interested in a little fun, she soon sets her sights on Matthew, a man still recuperating from a heartbreak and has sworn off of any type of commitment. The plan seems to satisfy both of their needs, until they start to have feelings for one another that they weren’t prepared for. A sweet story with loveable characters you will be rooting for from the very first page.

Full Figured 4

Full Figured 4 (Full Figured Plus Size Divas)

Author Anna J. & Natalie Weber

This book contains two different stories. The first revolves around Valencia, a salon owner who starts seeing a psychiatrist after the breakup of her marriage, and the ensuing feelings between him and her. The second tells the story of Amber, another plus-size woman with three different men in her life that are making things complicated for her. Enjoy these ladies’ escapades as they take the chances others may wish to take, but aren’t convinced it’s the right move.

Soft Serve Sweetie

Soft Serve Sweetie: (Plus Size Romance Series)

Author Lynn Cooper

Cherry works at an ice-cream parlor because the economy is preventing her from finding a job in her chosen field, and Zane is a police officer who comes in to get ice cream occasionally. Cherry is very attracted to Zane, and although he has already accepted that he is not cut out for love and marriage, there’s something about this young ice-cream shop employee that makes his insides feel funny. Although Cherry’s heart is closed off, Zane is determined to get through to it and make her his in this delightful tale of love and romance.

Cupcake Cutie

Cupcake Cutie: (Plus Size Romance Series)

Author Lynn Cooper

Two independent people not interested in love, until they find one another. This is what this story is about. Ella is a graphic artist interested only in her career, and Decker is a rancher and firefighter who is convinced he doesn’t have time for love. But, when Decker gets her out of a predicament one night, all things change, and both he and Ella decide they just might have time for a love life after all. If you want to discover how even plus-size girls can end up with the man of their dreams, this is the story for you.

On the Plus Side

On the Plus Side: a BBW romantic comedy (A Perfect Fit Book 2)

Author Alison Bliss

Valerie is proud of her curves, but the one man she wants seems to be the one she can’t have. His name is Logan, and he is friends with Valerie’s brother. When she decides to get a job at Logan’s bar, she gets to spend every night with him. And since Logan has secretly had the hots for Valerie for years, he is enjoying her work schedule just as much as she is. Fortunately, their love affair starts up quickly, and they both learn that falling hard for the person of your dreams isn’t such a bad thing after all.



Author Carmen Jenner & Lauren K. McKellar

Romy loves weddings so much that she even writes a hugely successful blog about the topic, and when she decides to choose her preacher, the flowers, and a wedding dress for her own wedding, she realizes there is one problem – there’s no groom. Yet. Fortunately, Romy has set her eyes on a gorgeous single dad who owns the bakery in her building, but she has a few goals before she sets out to get him. They include making this hottie fall in love with her, increase her blog’s readership, and lose some weight.

Fat with Benefits

Fat With Benefits (Fat Series Book 1)

Author Nedra James-Peterson

Ty and Mecah are in a relationship, but it is anything but ordinary. Ty usually dates blonds with blue eyes and great figures, and Mecah is a curve-filled, African-American woman. Their relationship goes from friends to friends with benefits, but is Mecah the only one who wants it to go further? She can take the relationship as it is now for a bit longer, but she knows deep inside that one day, she’ll either have to leave Ty or pursue a real relationship with him.

No products found.

No products found.

Author Summer Graystone

Maisy just had a one-night stand with her gym’s personal trainer, but she is devastated when he tells her they can never be an item. He blames the gym’s policies for the announcement, but Maisy knows it’s her size that made this decision. When her abusive ex-husband comes back, Maisy enlists Carter’s help to get rid of him, but in the meantime she has to figure out what to do next when her ex decides he isn’t going to take “no” for an answer.


Dylan: A BWWM Billionaire Romance (The Corbett Billionaire Brothers)

Author Imani King

Dylan and Maya couldn’t be more different. Dylan is wealthy, powerful, and gorgeous. Maya is a plus size, preschool teacher. They meet at a museum gala, and Dylan immediately decides that he wants her – so much so that he devises a fool-proof plan to get her. He has five days to woo her, five days to help her mend her broken heart. But, is five days enough, and what if Dylan’s plan doesn’t work? This is a beautiful BWWM romance with a great ending that will draw the reader in immediately.

Curves by Design

Curves By Design (Big Girls And Bad Boys Series Book 3)

Author J.S. Scott

Molly is a pediatric nurse who is ecstatic when Devon asks her out and devastated when he breaks off their relationship a short time later. But, unbeknownst to Molly, the entire situation is a misunderstanding. Devon thinks his brother is interested in Molly, and that’s a line he doesn’t want to cross. Six months later, Molly is free again, but Devon is hesitant to go after her because she might not trust him to be truthful. Can clearing up a misunderstanding finally get him the woman he loves, or is it too late for Molly and Devon?


Possessed - Part One (The Possessed Series Book 1) (BBW Billionaire Romance) (The Kings)

Author Coco Cadence

When a sexy business owner asks a plus-size woman to be his “fake” wife, she finds herself in a dilemma. This is Leo and Samantha’s life right now, and it’s not likely to get easier anytime soon. Leo has now become very interested in Sam’s personal life, and it’s making their business relationship a lot more complicated. Sam is not about to quit her job, however, so her choice becomes clear – either agree to this plan or be fired.

Unwillingly Yours

Unwillingly Yours: New Adult BBW College Romance (Warning: Love Moderately series Book 1)

Author Marian Tee

When a Dom and Sub find themselves at a very young age, does this mean their relationship will be doomed from the very start? This is the dilemma for Jaike and Derek. He is a billionaire playboy, only 21 years old, and she is an 18-year-old nerd who considers her life less than exciting. They both willfully participate in their escapades, but because of their ages, they wonder how long it will last. Is their relationship destined to extinguish itself out very soon or can they go on like this forever?

Doctor's Delight

Doctor's Delight (Big Girls Lovin' Book 1)

Author Angela Verdenius

This is the story of a 35-year-old virgin who decides to take care of her situation herself by hiring an escort. After all, it’s just a one-night stand so that she can lose her V-card, and since she is a plus-size woman she is afraid she won’t end up with the man of her dreams anyway. But, the man that is sent to her is scrumptious, and after she enjoys her time in bed with him, she finds out this was a case of mistaken identity and he is, in fact, a doctor in her town.

Curves and the Billionaire Ranch Hand

Curves and the Billionaire Ranch Hand (BBW Western Romance - Coldwater Springs 9)

Author Jenn Roseton

A very sexy romance story, it involves a curvy woman named Abigail who visits a dude ranch for the first time and becomes instantly smitten with a ranch hand named Riley. But, when Riley admits later on that he is actually the ranch owner and not an employee, all of Abigail’s insecurities about her size immediately come to the surface. Does she have enough self confidence to enter into a relationship with Riley, or should she forget about him and move onto the next one?

Curvy, Crazed, and Confused

Curvy, Crazy, and Confused (Plush Daisies: BBW Romance Book 2)

Author Ava Catori

Samantha is a free-spirited, plus-size girl with an uptight neighbor named Christopher that she gets stuck in an elevator with and leaves thoroughly annoyed. Sam and Christopher couldn’t be more different, so why is it that neither of them can stop thinking about the other one? A romantic and often funny story, you’ll enjoy both of these characters as they make their way through the complexities of love and relationships.

Sweet for Her

Sweet for Her: A Billionaire Romance (Sweet Curves Book 3)

Author Harper Ashe

Crystal loves being in the kitchen baking, and she hopes to have her own bakery one day. Greyson is a billionaire whose family owns a hotel in Las Vegas, and when the two meet there, sparks fly. Greyson is exactly what Crystal has always needed, and Crystal is exactly what Greyson wants. Opposites do attract, but does this couple have what it takes to stay together, or is this just a short-term romance?

The Goodbye Girl

The Goodbye Girl

Author Angela Verdenius

Bree likes to write to soldiers with no family members in Afghanistan, and when she starts writing to an Australian soldier named Nick, she intends to stop writing once he goes home – but he has other plans. When Nick tracks her down after he returns home so he can meet her face to face, he discovers she’s a bit of a weirdo in her town. She is a plus-size girl who claims she’s seen UFOs, but does that mean Nick should forget about her and move on to someone else, or can this quirky young lady become everything he’s looking for?

Cop's Passion

Cop's Passion (Big Girls Lovin' Book 2)

Author Angela Verdenius

Maddy is a nurse and extremely independent, and trouble starts when she meets her next-door neighbor, who at first seems very stoic and uptight. Mike is a cop who adores Maddy from the first time they meet, so why is Maddie’s self confidence suddenly taking a nose dive? Despite her size, Mike is obviously interested in her, but is Maddy’s self doubt going to ruin everything before it has a chance to start, or can they count on a relationship that is worth working for?

Thick Girls Need Love

Thick Girls Need Love

Author David Weaver

A circle of friends sticks together through thick and thin, yet still has secrets from one another. Avion is happily married to someone he is convinced will be there forever, but he has mixed feelings when he meets up again with his high-school crush. Then he learns the true meaning of love and real commitment. Sharo had been hurt more than once, but she has decided that whether she ends up alone or with someone, she is going to be alright because after all, thick girls need love, too.

I Like My Women BBW

I Like My Women BBW

Author Cole Hart

King is just out of prison and has two women in his life – the mother of his child, Harmony, and a plus-size woman named Delishus, whom he met at a grocery store. King wants to be a professional fighter, but needs to first figure out his relationship with these two women. A love triangle results between these three people, with neither woman willing to give up without a fight. Take a peek into their world, and you will never regret it.



Author Blake Karrington

Nora, Andrea, and Darleen are best friends and big, beautiful woman who hustle for their money and are proud of it. They are trying to stay on top of this escapade called life, build a successful drug empire, and not go crazy in the meantime. You will love the ladies’ quick wit, self confidence, and love for life. And even though their lives are different in many ways, you’ll come to understand that they are all striving for the same thing – survival.

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