21+ Best May December Romance Novels

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See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

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A Baby for the Mountain Firefighter: A May-December Older Woman Romance (The Mountain Firefighter Series Book 3)A Baby for the Mountain Firefighter by Melinda Curtis

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Her Virgin Secret (A Dad's Best Friend May December Romance)Her Virgin Secret (A Dad's Best Friend May December Romance) by Lila Younger
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Fourth Down Baby: A May-December Romance (Ballers & Babies Book 4)Fourth Down Baby: A May-December Romance by Lauren LandishView on Amazon
About This Morning: A Dad's Best Friend Bad Boy Romance (Naughty Relations Book 2)About This Morning: A May December Bad Boy Romance by S. E. Law
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Just a Number: a May-December RomanceJust a Number: a May-December Romance by A. D. Ryan
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Looking for some of the best May December romance novels filled with a lot of steam? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our picks for the top options below…

Her Virgin Secret

Her Virgin Secret (A Dad's Best Friend May December Romance)

Author Lila Younger

When Hailey, a college student, finds she needs a place to stay, her dad’s best friend Mark says she can live with him for awhile. There’s only one problem – she’s had a crush on Mark for years. When she moves in with him, it only makes things worse, because now she wants him more than ever. Hailey also still has her V-card, and she’d love to give him the opportunity to change that. After all, as a virgin the only thing she has are fantasies, and all of her fantasies involve Mark.

Daddy's Best Friend

Daddy's Best Friend: An Age Gap Romance (Temperance Falls Forever)

Author London Hale

Nathan and Eve are inching toward a relationship together. The only problem? Nathan and Eve’s dad are best friends, so theirs is a May-December romance. There’s another problem as well – Nathan is a cop, and it’s his job to protect her from guys such as himself. Never mind, though, because Nathan is just as attracted to her as she is to him, and very soon they will both be exploring their relationship in an entirely new and more exciting way.

Why Her?

Why Her?: May December Romance (Mistaken Identities)

Author Rie Warren

Stevie is working at her family construction business and trying to convince everyone that women are just as good at building houses as men. Kane is a man who needs renovations at his house, and he is also a widower. When Stevie is hired to work at Kane’s house, sparks fly immediately. But, Kane has always compared every woman to his late wife, and all have fallen short. Now, things are different because he is truly smitten with Stevie, and it won’t be long before he is ready for the next chapter of his life.

Fourth Down Baby

Fourth Down Baby: A May-December Romance (Ballers & Babies Book 4)

Author Lauren Landish

When you fall in love with a younger man, you expect there to be consequences. But, when this young man is your daughter and son-in-law’s friend, things can be a little more complicated. This is the story of Cory and Patricia, whose relationship not only stuns those around them, but also results in a pregnancy. Cory is now a businessman and very responsible, and the pregnancy thrills them both. In fact, if you love stories with happy endings, this is the one for you.

Nanny with Benefits

Nanny With Benefits: Experience Counts: A May-December Romance (Temperance Falls)

Author London Hale

When you’re a doctor and a single dad, you’re naturally going to be one of the most eligible bachelors in town. And, when the one woman you want is your son’s nanny, things can get complex. But this is what Josh and Bailey are dealing with, even though at first neither of them is aware of this. What starts as an innocent arrangement ends up being what both of these people need most in life. A very sexy, quirky story that is heartwarming and has an ending that you’ll love.

Boss of Me

Boss of Me (A May December Office Romance)

Author Lila Younger

When you have the hots for someone, you naturally want the relationship to move forward as quickly as possible, but when that man is your boss, you may want to take it slow for awhile. Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done, as Chelsea finds out when she starts an affair with her boss, a man named Brandon who is also about to be the new CEO of the company where they both work. This is a very sexy story filled with steamy, hot sex, and a forbidden relationship that will have you wanting much more.

Author Mia Ford

Ava and Tanner want one another bad, but since Tanner is the ex-friend of Ava’s dad, that can make things a little more complicated. They enjoy their relationship and are both planning on it continuing, until Ava’s dad, Dean, finds out. What is going to happen next? Will Ava and Tanner continue with their relationship, or is this the end of it for good? The only way to know for sure is to read the book, and this is one story you will not forget anytime soon.

The One and Only

The One and Only: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Author Mia Madison

Mallory is a young woman who decides to save herself for the right man, and it’s earned her quite a reputation. When she moves to a different town to get a fresh start and takes a job at a publishing company, one of the first people she meets is Brian, to whom she is instantly attracted. In fact, Brian feels the same way about her, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Brian is her boss, they could likely move a lot faster with the relationship. But, how long is it going to be possible to deny their desires, especially when they have to work with one another on a daily basis?


The DILF: Experience Counts: A May-December Romance (Temperance Falls)

Author London Hale

Genesis is in love with her best friend’s dad, and she’ll stop at nothing to make him hers. Unbeknownst to her, Brandon feels the same way. But, there is too much at stake. Brandon is a lot older than Genesis, and she is friends with his daughter. But, is this enough to keep them apart forever? The longer they know one another, the more they want the other one. Is it only a matter of time before they get together, or will their mutual love for Brandon’s daughter get in the way?

Taking His Virgin

Taking His Virgin (An Older Man Younger Woman Romance)

Author Lila Younger

Ava is the daughter of James’ best friend, and therein lies the problem. They are attracted to one another, even though Ava is only 20 years old, but the longer they know one another, the harder it is to stay away from each other. Especially when James comes to visit Ava’s dad and is sitting there in all his glory, with his ripped abs and gorgeous eyes. If you love stories about older men and younger women, and especially forbidden romances, this is one book you’ll want to check out.

Snowed in with My Boss

Snowed in with my Boss

Author Mia Madison

Kay has worked for Adam for two years, and even though he is a demanding boss, she still finds him extremely attractive. Adam wants her, too, and when he asks her to bring him some work materials while he’s away in a cabin on a retreat, she naturally says “yes.” When it unexpectedly snows and they both get snowed in, there is nothing left to prevent them from admitting their desires to one another, and from then on, all bets are off.

Falling for Beth

Falling For Daniel: An Age Gap Romance

Author Tracy Lorraine

Beth has recently had her heart broken and finds herself at a New Year’s Eve party alone. It is there she meets a man named Daniel, who is tall, dark, and delicious. By the end of the night, they are in bed together, but Daniel is not one to appreciate commitments. He enjoys his life of one-night stands and besides, he’s a lot older than Beth. Still, they both find something they’re missing once the tryst is over, leaving them wondering where to go from there.

Helping Dr. Hottie

Helping Dr. Hottie: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Author Mia Madison

Owen is a doctor whose best friend is the chief surgeon at the hospital where they both work. Things are going well until Owen discovers he’s in love with Becca, his friend’s daughter. When they end up on a week-long business trip together, Owen finds himself unable to deny his attraction and his desires. But, how long will their relationship last, especially since Becca’s dad already thinks Owen is a jerk? A hot, steamy love story that will have you rooting for the main characters to the very end.

Filthy Sweet Mechanic

Filthy Sweet Mechanic

Author Mia Madison

Rand is an ex-con now working as a mechanic, and his shop is one of the most successful shops in town. Caila is the town princess and much younger than Rand, but when they discover one another, sparks fly. Caila is from a wealthy family and does not normally go for this type of man. But, there’s something about his knowledge of mechanics and his hot, sweaty body that she falls for every time she sees him, and it’s only a matter of time before their relationship becomes physical.

Watching Over Her

Watching Over Her

Author Terry Towers

Evan is given an assignment from his military boss and is looking forward to a covert mission that is exciting and even a bit dangerous. But, when he finds out what it is, he is less than thrilled. He has to befriend Olivia, his boss’s daughter, and look after her and her girlfriend after Olivia gets her heart broken. A babysitting job is not exactly what Evan was hoping for, but once he meets Olivia he realizes the assignment might be more difficult than he thought.

Light My Fire

Light My Fire

Author Mia Madison

Lara doesn’t expect men to stay around, because her own father didn’t. But, when she meets a fireman named Ewan, she thinks things might be different. They fall for one another hard, but after a short time together he, too, suddenly leaves. Lara can’t forget him, and she is constantly wondering what drove him away. Ewan, however, has a secret that has popped up from his past, and it has forced him to stay away from Lara for now. But, will it cause him to stay away forever?

My Hot Valentine

My Hot Valentine: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Firefighter Romance

Author Mia Madison

Alyssa gets stuck in a public bathroom and has to be rescued – by a sexy fireman named Ward, who just happens to be her older brother’s best friend. When Ward sees her again he is amazed by how much she’s grown up, and he becomes just as attracted to her as she has always been to him. A cheat-free, hot and steamy tale of forbidden romance and a couple with a big age difference. See how Alyssa’s brother reacts when his friend and his sister get together.

Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Author Mia Madison

After a tragedy, Andrew becomes the guardian for his niece and suddenly finds himself in need of a temporary babysitter until he can find a full-time nanny. When Melissa, his friend’s daughter, volunteers for a bit before she heads off to tour Europe, Andrew agrees. But, as soon as he sees her, he knows he wants more from her than just her childcare skills. Her lips, her curves, are just too much for him to resist, and suddenly he wants her to stick around more than just temporarily.

Becoming Mrs. Lockwood

Becoming Mrs. Lockwood

Author K.I. Lynn

When 18-year-old Wren takes a trip to Vegas with her mother, she finds herself reading books and drinking coffee in Starbucks most of the time because she is too young to gamble. When she meets Weston, she is thrilled when he suggests they go sight-seeing together. Of course, they end up doing more than that, and Wren doesn’t even know that Weston is a big time Hollywood producer. They also find themselves married, but it’s a marriage between two people who are almost complete strangers.

Weekend in Parits

Author Honey Love

Chanel goes to Jamaica with her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, and a friend of his, and her only job is to enjoy the vacation and pretend to be Hunter’s girlfriend. But, the more time Chanel and Hunter spend together, the harder it is for Hunter to keep his hands off of her. This is supposed to be a fake relationship, but it becomes almost unbearable the more time they spend together. A steamy, sexy tale that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Step Boss

Author Ash Harlow

Marcus and Carley have a one-night stand and assume they’ll never see each other again, but they’re wrong. Months later, their parents marry and Marcus is now Carley’s stepbrother – and her boss. Marcus is also into the Dom/Sub lifestyle and introduces Carley to it. With sex, Marcus gains the control he’s always wanted, and Carley feels control when she gives up control in the bedroom. This is a sexy tale with hot sex scenes and an ending you’ll love.

Bossy Daddy

Bossy Daddy: A younger woman older man office romance

Author Mia Madison

Carly’s father is about to remarry and insists that she go out and look for a job, but when she interviews at the company run by her ex-stepfather, he takes one look at her and does everything he can to make sure she works directly for him. The chemistry between Carly and Smith is electric, and you’ll enjoy the hot passion they share every time they get together. This is the story of an alpha male and a sweet young girl that turns into something far more than just a physical relationship.

Electric Blue Love

Electric Blue Love

Author Rebecca Jenshak

This is the story of a shy, but charming young girl and an older man who finds that kind of personality alluring. When Court sits next to Bianca on an airplane and notices she’s reading an article on how to turn a male friend into a boyfriend, he can’t help but start talking to her. Court is used to getting a girl then losing her, and Bianca learned long ago that you can’t make someone love you, but does that mean their relationship is doomed already?

Mr. CEOooooooo

Mr. CEOooooooo

Author Olivia T. Turner

Violet, AKA Bambi, has gone to work for an alpha male named Mr. Decker. And, Mr. Decker is used to getting what he wants in a secretary – in more ways than one. But, Bambi is eager to learn and eager to please, so it isn’t long before they find themselves in a relationship. If you love a lot of hot, steamy sex and a relationship that is filled with the unexpected, this is one story you won’t want to miss.

Kiss My Ash

Kiss My Ash

Author Leddy Harper

Ash and Kristy are next-door neighbors, but Kristy is almost old enough to be Ash’s mother. When Kristy first meets Ash, she is instantly attracted to him, but she is hesitant to begin a relationship with him because of their age difference. A forbidden romance starring a young man who suddenly grew up and stopped being a bad boy, and the cougar who promises to tame him and make him into the man he’s always wanted to be.

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