Top 9 Best Mail Order Bride Romance Novels

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Romance about mail order brides often end up being the most heartwarming tales of love working out even when it seems like a shot in the dark.

These romances are often beautiful glimpses into the lives of people learning to love, heal, and make their families whole.

If you like 20th century western romances (with the occasional modern twist) that will make you smile and cry each chapter, you’ll love the following books.

Here are my picks for the top 9 best mail order bride romance novels


See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

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Mail Order Bluebonnet Brides: Complete Boxed SetMail Order Bluebonnet Brides: Complete Boxed Set by Charlotte Dearing

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Mail Order Victoria (Widows, Brides, and Secret Babies Book 7)Mail Order Victoria by Caroline Clemmons
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Mail Order Mommy (Brides of Beckham Book 30)Mail Order Mommy by Kirsten OsbourneView on Amazon
Mail Order HannahMail Order Hannah by Cheryl Wright
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Mail Order Bride: The Orphan's Guardian: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance (Winter Mail Order Brides)Mail Order Bride: The Orphan's Guardian by Faith Johnson
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The Sheriff’s Mail-Order Bride (The Watson Brothers Book 2) by Ann B. Harrison 

The Sheriff's Mail-Order Bride (The Watson Brothers Book 2)

About to run out of funds to support her and her infant son, Gina Taylor responds to an ad seeking a mail-order bride. She moves from San Francisco to Montana where deputy sheriff Roy Watson is awaiting Gina.

After his wife’s passing, Roy isn’t sure if he can find love again, but he knows he needs to try. What he doesn’t expect is Gina to come with her son. Will Roy find the joy of family again with Gina and her son? Read to find out, especially if you like

  • heartwarming stories
  • and romance about families.

Gina may be down on her luck, but she shows immense strength as a person. She doesn’t want pity from Roy, and she would do whatever it takes to provide for her son.

She’s the perfect heroine for the widowed Roy who never thought he’d find love again.


RNWMP: Bride for Robert (Mail Order Mounties Book 13) by Kirsten Osbourne

Bride for Robert (Mail Order Mounties Book 13)

Minnie deems herself unloveable after the tragic loss of her husband left her behind with a young daughter with another on the way.

Robert Barret has dreamed of having a family of his own, so when he’s set up with the beautiful Minnie, he’s certain she’s the one.

As they travel through the blistering cold of a Canadian winter, Robert is determined to make Minnie understand how worthy of love she is.

If you like

  • 20th century romance,
  • clean romance,
  • and protective alphas,

you’ll love this story.

Robert shows his love for Minnie without holding back, and it’s totally worth swooning over.

He’s determined to protect her and show her how happy he can make her.


Mail-Order Bride Ink: Dear Mr. White by Kit Morgan

Mail-Order Bride Ink: Dear Mr. White

Oscar White is a shop manager waiting on his mail-order bride, Lily Pettigrew, to arrive at his home in to live with him and his mother.

What he fails to mention is that she’ll be in virtual isolation, living days away from the nearest town. Lily herself has secrets that Oscar will come to find out.

If you like romance that is

  • sweet,
  • clean and wholesome,
  • and historically Western,

then you’ll love this book!

The characters come to life in the pages of this story, providing you with endearing new friends you’ll want to revisit time and time again the Old West!

It’s a sweet glimpse into the lives of two people who are fated to be together despite the odds.


His Surprise Mail Order Bride (Blake Brothers Book 1) by Jillian Hart

His Surprise Mail Order Bride (Blake Brothers Book 1)

Clementine is excited to travel west to meet Dr. Caleb Blake and his two sweet and charming twin daughters, all of whom she’s gotten to know through letter correspondence after placing an ad for a mail order bride.

Only when Clementine arrives, Caleb has never heard of her. His father had been writing letters as him all along.

Will Caleb be able to open his heart to the idea of love and family?

If you like

  • light sensual content
  • and romance about family,

you’ll love this book.

Both Clementine and Caleb are people worthy of loving partners, so watching them fall for each other is a beautiful and emotional journey.

You may want a tissue on hand for this read as you’re sure to shed a tear (or a few!).


The Soldier’s E-Mail Order Bride (Heroes of Chance Creek Series Book 2) b​​​​y Cora Seton

The Soldier's E-Mail Order Bride (Heroes of Chance Creek Series Book 2)

Sargent Austin Hall is ready to retire from the Special Forces in the quiet isolation of his family’s Montana Ranch. The only catch is he can’t inherit it until he’s married and a father.

Ella needs to leave her high profile Hollywood life after an embarrassing break up. After responding to Austin’s ad in search of a pretend wife, she leaves for Montana.

What neither of them expect is for something real to spark between them.

If you like

  • military heroes,
  • sizzling sex scenes,
  • and fake marriages,

then you’ll love this book.

This is a fun, modern twist on the mail-order bride genre.

Taking a Hollywood personality and an ex-military hero and putting them on a ranch in Montana makes for a fun, romantic, and sexy story.


The Bargain Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love Book 4) by Ruth Ann Nordin

The Bargain Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love Book 4)

Carl Richie is reluctant to remarry after the passing of his wife, who made his life a living nightmare. But to inherit his father’s land and the gold buried there, he needs to marry and have a kid.

Juliet Gilbert is just the woman for the job, wanting to leave her past behind. She’ll have his baby and get her share of the gold.

The bargain seems like a perfect plan, until they find themselves falling for each other.

If you’re a fan of

  • 20th century romance
  • and damaged but sweet heroes,

then download your copy today.

Juliet and Carl are the perfect match because they both have experienced hardships in their lives.

They’re able to empathize with each other in a beautifully heartwarming way. You can’t help but root for them!


Mail Order Bride: A Banker’s Wife (Ladies of The Frontier) (A Western Romance Book) by Leah Laurens

In a desperate move to save the family farm, an Ackerman daughter must become a mail order bride, and the oldest sister, Sarah, won’t let it be anyone but herself.

She finds her new husband, John Bowman, isn’t ready for the way she runs things. Plus, John has yet to tell his children about his new wife.

Despite the odds, it seems their marriage deal might be something more romantic than just a contract.

Read to find out more, especially if you like

  • dominant alphas,
  • clean western romance,
  • and mystery and suspense.

This story is an adventure from beginning to end. It’s hard to know what will happen next, especially for the heroine as she dodges demons from her past.

Sarah isn’t afraid to stand her ground.

Mail Order Merchant: Brides of Beckham (Cowboys and Angels Book 5) by Kirsten Osbourne

Mail Order Merchant: Brides of Beckham (Cowboys and Angels Book 5)

Toria wants to get far from her hometown and her current employer who is overly eager to express his love to her. When she decides to become a mail order bride, she travels from Massachusetts to Colorado to meet her new husband.

Mortimer Jackson had lost his first wife and his true love, and the downfall of his new marriage could be his constant need to compare Toria to what he once had.

Will they be able to find happiness in each other?

Read to find out, especially if you’re a fan of

  • mature characters,
  • moments of humor,
  • and clean romance.

The story delves into the concept of the presence of guardian angels bringing people together for their happily ever after.

It’s a sweet read about having faith in yourself and in love!


Mail Order Bride – Westward Dance: Historical Cowboy Romance (Montana Mail Order Brides Book 2)  by Linda Bridey

Mail Order Bride - Westward Dance: Historical Cowboy Romance (Montana Mail Order Brides Book 2)

Maddie survives an attack only to fall into a depression as a result. Her sister, Tessa, and her sister’s husband, Dean, think it will be a good idea to set her up with Seth, Dean’s brother, so that she can be loved and looked after.

Seth himself sustains injuries in an accident, and Maddie decides to meet him. Will love prevail for these two?

Read if you like

  • stories about survivors of hardship
  • and clean romance.

The author does a great job showing two people simultaneously healing and falling in love with each other.

It’s a beautiful look at a hero and heroine looking to feel complete emotionally and physically again after trauma.


Which is your favorite?

Did you meet a new hero who you wouldn’t mind being matched with?

Which story took your mind back to a different time?

Comment your favorite below!

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