Best Irish Romance Novels – Top 15 Options

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Looking for some of the best Irish romance novels to read? You’ve come to the right place.

See all of our top picks below…


Three Irish Brothers

Three Irish Brothers (All Her Men)

Author Sienna Blake

When Savannah, an independent city girl, is traveling through Ireland and her car breaks down, three brothers stop to help her so that she can get back on the road again. Three Irish brothers who all just happen to be gorgeous. This is where their story begins, but it does not end there. These four people are going to have the ride of their lives soon, and even when Savannah realizes she has to choose just one brother, the decision becomes much more difficult than she ever imagined. Come along for the ride of a lifetime, and enjoy all of the excitement and passion that is part of this story.

Wild Irish Rebel

Wild Irish Rebel (The Mystic Cove Series Book 4)

Author Tricia O’Malley

Morgan left a foster home when she was only 16 years old, and she’s been on her own ever since. She ends up in a small town in Ireland where, for the first time in her life, she is starting to consider it home. One of the first people she meets is Patrick, to whom she is immediately attracted, but even though he is also attracted to her, Morgan is keeping her heart closed. After all, the last thing she wants is to have her heart broken once again, even when fate tends to make her go in another direction.

The London Flat

The London Flat: Second Chances (The Irish Heart Series Book 2)

Author Juliet Gauvin

After a tour of Ireland, Beth heads to London, and there are two men she cannot get off of her mind. Connor is dashing and handsome, and Wes is her friend who she would like to be more than friends with. Both of them take her to exotic places, introduce her to royalty, and show her the time of her life. But, she can’t have both of them, can she? A sexy romantic adventure is what this book is all about, and if you love romance and hot, steamy relationships, this is one story you’ll want to read.

Wild Irish Soul

Wild Irish Soul (The Mystic Cove Series Book 3)

Author Tricia O’Malley

Aislinn is an artist and very free spirited, so when she starts dating an uptight doctor named Baird, she isn’t sure how the relationship will end. But, they both jump into it head first, and it is better than either of them expected it to be. Still, because of the differences in their personalities, they’ll both have to make some adjustments if the relationship is going to last. Is that even possible with these two stuck-in-their-ways individuals, or will they give up before the going gets tough?

The Irish Devil

The Irish Devil (Irish Duo Book 1)

Author Donna Fletcher

Eric is known as the Irish Devil, and he is born of an Irish mother and a Viking father. He has served the King of Ireland well, and as a result he is promised a bride. Lord William offers his three daughters as choices for his marriage, but Eric isn’t interested in any of them. However, when he meets Faith, Lord William’s shunned daughter, he is immediately smitten. Faith is scarred on the outside, but all caring heart on the inside, and suddenly, William knows who he wants. Watch this bad boy break down his façade when he meets a woman who touches his soul.

Irish Hope

Irish Hope (Irish Duo Book 2)

Author Donna Fletcher

Hope is on an adventure before she has to settle down and take part in an arranged marriage. She disguises herself as a boy and heads out to explore Ireland with her trusty dog, Lady Gwyneth. Along the way, she meets Colin, and she is smitten with him. But, since Colin believe she’s a boy named Harold, he takes her under his wing instead and teaches Harold how to be a man. Other identities are also revealed, so if you like adventure, disguises, and unexpected twists and turns, this is one story you’ll want to read.

Irish Meadows

Irish Meadows (Courage to Dream Book #1)

Author Susan Anne Mason

In New York City in the early 1900s, Brianna and Colleen are sisters whose family runs a horse farm called Irish Meadows. The trouble is, the business is about to go under, so their father instructs them to find husbands to save it. But, even though Colleen is happy to get married and have a family, Brianna wants to do other things with her life first. When two men, Rylan and Gilbert, come to the farm, they make things more difficult instead of easier, which makes the girls’ father a bit uneasy. After all, the longer their feud goes on, the closer his business gets to financial ruin.

An Irish Blessing

An Irish Blessing: The Irish Sisters Trilogy

Author Debra Holland

Alana goes to her aunt’s home to help take care of her, and she leaves her twin sister Bridget at the family ranch. Bridget ends up rejecting a marriage proposal from a man named Patrick, so Patrick decides to settle for Alana instead. When he gets to Alana, however, he discovers she is still in love with a man that she left back in Ireland. And, to make things more complicated, some outlaws come into town and wreak havoc on everyone’s lives. This is a great second chance romance story with an ending you’ll love.

January Girl

Wild Passion: Billionaire Enemies to Lovers (Wilder Irish Book 1)

Author Mari Carr

Caitlyn’s family owns Pat’s Pub, and when she meets a shrewd businessman trying to buy it from them, she is torn because she is also very attracted to him. Lucas never mixes business with pleasure, but when he sees Cait he wants her immediately. They enter into a steamy affair, causing the sale of the business to be delayed. What’s even worse, they each have a decision to make – they have to choose between loyalty to their family and the most precious commodity of all, love.

Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

Author Liz Gavin

Kiera leaves Boston for a tour of Ireland, and when she meets a bartender named Declan, she is immediately smitten. But, Declan hasn’t had much luck with the ladies, in part because he has secrets that caused him to close off his heart. But, when Kiera and Declan meet, sparks fly, and when a dangerous man with evil intentions goes after Kiera, Declan is determined to keep her safe, even if he himself has to be unsafe in the process.

Wild Irish

Wild Irish

Author C.M. Seabrook

Delaney goes on a trip to Ireland to explore its beauty, and while she’s there she decides to fulfill one of the items on her bucket list – kiss a complete stranger. And that stranger ends up being Cillian, the lead singer of a rock band. But, what starts as a kiss ends up blowing her mind, and soon the two of them are in a relationship. After a month, she heads back home, but the problem is, some things have a way of finding you, regardless of where you are. This is a fun and very romantic story that you won’t soon forget.

Smooth Irish Seduction

Smooth Irish Seduction: A Southern Steam Novel (Weldon Brothers Book 2)

Author Jennifer Saints

Jackson and Nan have a short fling they both enjoy, but Nan walks out after the tryst because Jackson is unmotivated and doesn’t have goals for his life. The problem is, she hasn’t forgotten about him. In fact, Jackson is on her mind 24 hours a day, so when he rides up on his motorcycle to visit Nan, she finds out that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her, either. He proposes a no-strings-attached relationship, but something happens along the way that causes both of them to rethink everything they thought about love and relationships.

Author Michelle Willingham

Trahern is a warrior, tortured, but ready to fight whenever necessary. Women love him and wish to tame him, but he’s already had one heartbreak so he’s not ready for another. Morren is familiar with shame, but still holds her head high, even though she thinks she doesn’t need a man. These two could not be anymore different, but they each have something that the other one needs. Can Morren’s light become a beacon for Trahern’s darkness, and is it possible for him to make her complete again?


Break Down: A M/M Sports Romance (Dublin Rugby Book 4)

Author Rebecca Norinne

What happens when your heart is saying “yes” to something, but your head is saying “no?” This is the dilemma for Liam and Lachlan, and at first they keep their relationship in the closet. But, not for long. Liam is a professional rugby player who is tough and strong. Lachlan is mentally tough, but not as outspoken as Liam. They have incredibly chemistry from the moment they meet, and their love affair is sweet and sensual. If you’re interested in an old-fashioned romance between two men, this is the book for you.

Catching Irish

Catching Irish: a Summerhaven novella (The Summerhaven Series Book 4)

Author Katy Regnery

When they meet at a friend’s wedding, Tate and Finian end up having a one-night stand. Afterwards, they agree on a no-strings-attached relationship, so when Finian sends Tate an invitation to attend a St. Patrick’s Day party where he works, Tate is surprised. After all, she knows Finian just got out of a bad relationship, and she’s wondering why he wants to see her outside of the bedroom. But, once there, it changes their long-distance relationship, and both of them are unsure what to expect next.

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