15 Best Civil War Romance Novels To Add To Your Reading List

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Any fan of fiction novels will know that some of the very best romance stories occur amidst the bloody violence and chaos of war, with the American Civil War being one of the most popular contextual settings authors often use for their romance stories, specifically because of how complex but also romanticized this crucial period of American history was.

15 Best Civil War Romance Novels To Add To Your Reading List

With that being said, here are 15 excellent Civil War romance novels that you need to add to your reading list right away so that you don’t miss out. 

1. Montana Woman - Rosanne Bittner

Written in 1990 and set in the lawless land of Montana amidst the gunfire and violence of a divided nation, the story follows mountain man Clint Reeves who has been banished from his home by his father-in-law who blames him for the death of his wife and child.

By chance, a wandering Clint meets Joline who throughout the story, both learn to balance off each other’s strengths and find some comfort in a confused and twisted nation as they try their best to move past the tragedies that haunt both of them. 

2. A Rebel In My House - Sandra Merville Hart

While seamstress Sarah is a devout follower of the Northern Unionist armies, she eventually becomes tangled up with a Confederate soldier by the name of Jesse who takes up refuge in her home while on the hunt for his brother. 

Throughout this epic story, Sarah begrudgingly learns more about Jesse, along with the plight of the Confederacy of the South to not only help her understand the war, but also the man she has decided to help due to the similar grief that she carries from her own past. 

3. And One Wore Gray - Heather Graham

The highly acclaimed sequel of One Wore Blue, this sensual Civil War romance novel follows Daniel Cameron, a Confederate soldier who becomes infatuated with Callie Michaelson, a beauty who mysteriously hates the South, but who grows closer to Daniel throughout the book as the scars of war carried by both begin to heal as they confide in each other while the country tears itself apart.

Epic, suspenseful, and full of unexpected twists, this novel is considered one of Heather Graham’s gems when it comes to romance. 

4. The Widow Of Rose Hill - Michelle Shocklee

Set during the postwar era, widow and mother Natalie is in charge of the Rose Hill Plantation. After Union troops arrive at the plantation to free the slaves, the only soldier who pledges to help Natalie is a sympathetic colonel named Levi who provides other workers so that she can stay financially stable. 

The novel follows Levi’s struggles to understand someone in the position of Natalie, along with attempting to find ways to further his relationship with the beautiful young widow knowing that she still misses her dead husband. 

5. Too Deep For Words - Andrea Boeshaar

Newlywed Callie pursues a dangerous mission in enemy territory in an attempt to find her husband who has recently gone missing while her assigned protector, Eli, tries to convince her otherwise.

What ensues is a nail-biting story about a woman’s courageous love for her husband, and a man who cares for her much more than she may know, a great read for romance and history fans alike. 

6. Atlanta - Sara Orwig

Set in a recovering post-war Atlanta, Southerner Claire is given a shock when a stubborn but handsome Northern man named Fortune claims that her son is actually his, and that the boy had actually been stolen from him.

The situation tests Claire’s love for her supposed son, and Fortune whom she grows very close to as the story goes on, making for a suspenseful romance novel full of mystery and unexpected surprises every few pages. 

7. Annie, Between The States - L.M Elliott

As Annie Sinclair watches from afar in her Virginia home right at the center of the war, knowing her brothers Laurence and Jamie are giving their lives to defend the South, her view of the war begins to broaden when she has a chance encounter with a Union Army Lieutenant. 

Annie struggles throughout the story to hold true to her ideals and dedicate herself to the cause of her brothers, while also becoming romantically involved with the enemy. 

8. A Stranger On My Land - Sandra Merville Hart

Virginia native Carrie is torn between her loyalties to her family and her newfound relationship with a Union soldier whom she found lying nearly dead on her property with two bullets lodged in his arm. 

While her family becomes more adamant that the man must be killed, Carrie must see past the tribalism of war and understand if she really can love such a man when all that surrounds them are the restrictions and expectations of war. 

9. For The Brave - Holly Bush

After his father banishes him from their family home, the young and charismatic Matthew Gentry joins the Confederate Army, only to experience the bloodshed and horror of war firsthand.

As he aimlessly wanders the country, erasing his memories of violence one whiskey bottle at a time, he eventually has a chance encounter with a young woman who tries to help him deal with his trauma.

What ensues is a romantic epic that goes very in-depth into the personal scars of war, alongside a gripping romantic tale that is hard to put down after reading a few pages. 

10. Above And Beyond - Jessica James

Confederate spy Sarah is sent to save cavalry officer Douglas from a trap that has been set by Northerners as she risks her life to save someone she once knew.

The tale focuses a lot on the idea of two people coming together in times of war, whether this is ever worth it, or if it can end the hope that two people once had in ever finding happiness again. 

Considered by many to be a timeless classic centering on honor, romance, and faith, this epic from Jessica James is an excellent example of a modern Civil War romance story. 

11. A Most Inconvenient Marriage - Regina Jennings

In this charming and slightly humorous novel, a wounded patient tells Civil War nurse Abigail Stuart that his dying wish is for the woman to return to his horse farm and take care of his sick sister, which she does, only to find the ‘real’ Jeremiah Calhoun puzzled as to who the woman is. 

The man also happens to be badly wounded from his experience fighting in the war, and what ensues is an intriguing and slightly comedic story of a man begrudgingly coming to accept a woman who he feels may be fooling him, but who is also attending to his physical disabilities, making for an unexpected pairing who soon become romantically involved. 

12. The Quaker And The Rebel - Mary Ellis

With the atrocities and animosity of war all around her, Virginia doctor Emily pledges her life to help as many slaves escape to freedom as possible, despite the criticism and pushback she receives from her Southern family and friends. 

She eventually meets the friendly and charismatic Quaker named Gray, who is a fierce opposer of guns and joins Emily in her mission as both form a romantic bond while trying to understand how and if ethical good can be implemented in a nation torn apart by war and opposing ideologies. 

13. An Unconditional Freedom - Alyssa Cole

When former slave Daniel Cumberland is saved by a mysterious group of spies known as the Loyal League, Daniel seeks revenge on the men who kidnapped and sold him all those years ago with the help of the league. 

Alongside Daniel’s mission, Floridian Janeta Sanchez’s father is unjustly imprisoned for treason. Once she receives word that the Unionist group known as the Loyal League potentially had something to do with it, so she agrees to spy on them to find out more.

This suspenseful thriller follows both main characters in their secret missions, along with the unexpected mutual attraction that grows every time they meet. 

14. Everlasting Light - Andrea Boeshaar

A story about everlasting hope in a distant relationship, Alaina prays every night that her husband Braeden will return to her after the war is over, but as the days and months go by, Alaina’s faith is tested by her family and friends, and by seeing other heartbreaks around her, making for a gut-wrenching story that is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. 

15. An Extraordinary Union - Alyssa Cole

A former slave with a passion for justice and a detective attempting to infiltrate a Virginian rebel enclave both team up to attempt to break the ongoing cycle of war while also falling for each other in the process. 

As Malcolm and Elle both fight to bring justice into a war-torn America, they soon realize that it might cost them their own lives, or even their newfound relationship.


Check out a few of these suspenseful, heart-wrenching and heartbreaking Civil War romance novels by these fantastic authors today.

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