My Top 10 Best Biker Romances That Will Rev Your Engine

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Maybe it’s cliche, but there’s something irresistible about the idea of a rugged type with rock hard abs whisking me away on the back of his motorcycle.  

Yes, I’ll admit it--what’s not to love about a bad boy with a bike?

If you’re into bad boys who would do anything to protect their woman, danger, and steamy romances that break all the rules, I think you’ll love these books....

See our newest picks for the month in the chart below: 

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DIRTY DEEDS: A Devil Kings MC Story (The Devil Kings MC Series Book 1)Dirty Deeds: A Devil Kings MC Story y Nicole James

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Biker Baby (The Kings of Mayhem Book 3)Biker Baby (The Kings of Mayhem MC Book 3) by Penny Dee
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The Biker Series Mega Boxed Set (MC Biker Bad Boy Romance)The Biker Series Mega Boxed Set by Cassie AlexandraView on Amazon
Nixon: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance (Diablo Sinners MC Book 1)Nixon: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance by Elisa Leigh
View on Amazon
The Belle and the Biker: An Opposites Attract Romantic Comedy (Fake It Till You Make It Book 2)The Belle and the Biker: An Opposites Attract Romantic Comedy by Kenzie Reed
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1. Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

Reaper's Property (Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 1)

Marie just recently got out of an abusive relationship with her awful ex-husband. It’s time for her to focus on herself and not worry about men. That’s what she thinks at least, until she meets Horse.

Horse is a sexy biker from the Reapers Motorcycle Club. Horse knows what he wants--or who, rather. He is desperate for Marie’s affections, but the independent, outspoken heroine is not interested at first.

Then, her brother gets caught stealing from the Reapers MC Club, and she’s thrown into an entirely new world--the motorcycle club world. The only thing she can do to save her brother is to give Horse what he wants, when he wants it.

It’s the only way to save her brother’s life, and maybe the dangerously exciting romance she didn’t even realize she needed. She’s not used to a man displaying such relentless devotion, and he could be the bad boy of her dreams.

Reaper’s Property is perfect if you like

  • Strong female heroines
  • Possessive alphas
  • Hot dirty talk

You won’t be able to put this story down.

I like this book because it’s well-written and packed with drama. It’s the definition of a page turner. The story flows naturally, and the drama isn’t forced. Wylde’s descriptive writing pulls you into the world of the Reapers MC. There’s a perfect blend of gritty violence and humor.

You can’t help but feel captivated by these characters. Plus, Horse is absolutely irresistible- strong, big (in more than stature), and tattooed. The chemistry between Horse and Marie is like no other.

2. Gunner: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club by Jesse Cooke 

GUNNER: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club (Skulls MC Book 3)

As the 3rd installment of the Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club Series, this book is a wild ride full of intense love, drama, and action. Gunner is a man who longs for family, but only seems to find trouble. His past is littered with dark secrets that he wishes to leave behind, but they just keep coming back to haunt him. The tall, sexy, blue-eyed biker is battling his demons while also looking for the family he never had. Then, Tamara comes into his life.

Tough and outspoken Tamara is the daughter of the VP of rival MC, the Head Hunters. Tamara and Gunner have a strong, instant connection even though they both know their inability to resist each other could lead to trouble.

Like Romeo and Juliet, these star-crossed lovers find themselves in a world that wants to tear them apart, but their love is stronger than any force that could dare try to pull them apart. Gunner is devoted to Tamara and would do quite literally anything, no matter how foolish or dangerous, to keep her and protect her.

If you like romance jam-packed with:

  • Intense action
  • Strong protective alphas
  • A heart-wrenching emotional backstory

you have to pick up this book. Take it from me--you won’t be able to put it down.

I love the grit featured in this story, as well as the many twists and turns. Besides excelling in romance storytelling, Cooke flawlessly creates a dynamic tale that also focuses on an interesting plot. There’s fantastic character development.  I was really able to get a strong sense of both Tamara and Gunner. Plus, the sex is super steamy. I thought I was going to melt into a puddle.

3. Overhaul: Boneyard Brotherhood MC by Amber Burns 

Overhaul: The Boneyard Brotherhood MC (Boneyard Brotherhood MC Romance Book 1)

When Iraq war vet Sid feels like there’s no reason left to live, his life is suddenly changed when he’s taken in by the Boneyard Brotherhood. He finds a makeshift family, a sense of purpose, and passion for his bike. Yet, there’s something, or someone, missing for this wounded auto mechanic.

Then he sees her--gentle, soft-spoken Madi. She comes to the club to serve divorce papers to one of the club members. Sid is instantly infatuated and determined to make her his. Conservative and shy, Madi doesn’t know if she’s ready to give her heart to a biker.

The journey that ensues for these two characters is not only sexy, but emotional and raw. The connection they make is deeper than you could ever anticipate. Obstacles are ahead for the pair, but there’s always a little trouble when you’re involved with a motorcycle club.

Overhaul is ideal for any readers who enjoy:

  • Instalove
  • Wounded alphas
  • MC romances on the sweeter side

I loved this book because Sid is a dynamic character. He’s emotionally and physically wounded, has tattoos, a beard, and a bike yet is still a total sweetheart. There’s something completely irresistible about a bad boy with a gruff exterior who is soft and sweet on the inside. 

This story is atypical for the motorcycle club genre--it doesn’t have tropes like club business, club girls, or attending church as part of its story. Overhaul proves that you really cannot judge a book by its cover or a biker by his tattoos.

4. Talon The Road Rebels Book 2 by Savannah Rylan

Talon (The Road Rebels MC Book 2)

Why is it when you can’t have something, you want it that much more? That’s the dilemma for Talon, a rather soft spoken member of the Road Rebels Motorcycle Club who falls for a woman he’s forbidden from pursuing.

Gemma is club member’s Snake’s little sister. After Gemma leaves for college, Talon’s crush only evolves into something stronger, rawer--an animalistic want. Unfortunately for Talon, Snake will not let his little sister get involved with Talon. Love, however, is not limited by rules and neither is Talon.

After four years of waiting for Gemma, Talon can’t wait anymore. She’s finally back, and no one, not even his club brother, can stop him from getting what he wants. Even though Talon’s only family is the club, he’s willing to give everything up for Gemma. He’ll even play dirty if it comes to it.

If you’re interested in romance featuring:

  • Strong protective alpha
  • Plenty of action’re going to want to pick up this book and never put it down.

I particularly love how well-written this story is.  Beyond extremely hot sex scenes with the incredibly exquisite Talon, the story incorporates plenty of background information on the characters that allows us as the reader to connect with them on a deeper level.

I really felt like I got to know Gemma and Talon, which only made their love story even more powerful. There’s absolutely no lack of wit or chemistry here, folks. Plus, it’s so attractive how Talon is game to risk it all for his one true love. I mean, they met as teenagers and rekindle their flame as adults- -I could melt. Oh, and trust me, these sex scenes will have you sweating.

5. Down & Dirty: Hawk (Dirty Angels MC Book 3) by Jeanne St. James

Down & Dirty: Hawk (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 3)

Kiki is a curvy, sexy, lawyer who seems to have it all together. Not just beautiful, Kiki is intelligent, sassy, and knows exactly what she wants. She is used to dating suits, respectable men from her world. Her only involvement with bad boys is when they land themselves in jail and duty calls, as she’s the lawyer on retainer for the Dirty Angels MC.

But Kiki’s world turns upside down when she meets Hawk, the VP of DAMC, after he ends up in jail. Nothing could have prepared her for such a life changing encounter.

Hawk doesn’t fit into Kiki’s lifestyle, but they’re both up for a challenge. When there’s this much sexual tension and instant attraction, it’s hard to fight against it. They fall for each other hard.

Despite his bad boy appearance--big and tall, tattoos, and rock hard abs--this alpha has a soft, vulnerable side that Kiki brings to the surface. The hardships they face aren’t enough to keep these two from each other, but they’ll definitely face obstacles-- especially when it comes to the rival MC.  

If you like:

  • Romances with BBWs
  • Possessive alphas
  • Intense action

Then you'll love this story.

The sexual tension between these two could be cut with a knife. The buildup will keep you on your toes, right before it makes your toes curl.  It’s important to note there’s intense themes in this book including kidnapping and sexual assault.

These elements only increased the empathy I felt for Kiki, Hawk, and their epic love story, a love story that is unapologetically and undeniably human. Is their love strong enough to survive a world that is dangerous, judgmental, and rooting against them? I’ll let you find out.

6. Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners Series Book 1) by Bella Jewel 

Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners Series Book 1)

To say Addison has had a rough life would be an understatement. Her mother was murdered in front of her, and her father is absent from her life. She’s broke, and she’s scared. There are demons in her life that she must run from.

She decides to go find the only person she has left, someone who can take care of her while she gets back on her feet--her dad, the president of Hell’s Knights Motorcycle Club. What she doesn’t expect is a new man to enter her life, one who will love her harder than she’s ever been loved before.

Cade is a member of Hell’s Knights MC. He’s the bad boy Addison has only fantasized about, the one she knows to resist but finds herself completely smitten with. He’s gorgeous, he’s big, he’s strong, and he’s protective.  Like Addison, he has not had it easy in this life. The journey of these two lovers falling hard and fast for each other is emotional, exciting, and very, very sexy.

If you like:

  • Protective alphas
  • Tortured heroes
  • Hot dirty talk

Then get your hands on a copy of this one.

Hands down, the best part of this story is Cade and his undying love for Addison. Besides being incredibly yummy and protective, he shows a gentle side that only makes me swoon even more. He’s the ideal book boyfriend. I mean, he can even cook.

The way that he is there for his woman, despite all his personal demons, makes him irresistible. His fierce loyalty and protectiveness are such turn-ons. This book will leave you wet, fiending for more.

7. Clutch (Savage Disciples MC Book 1) by Drew Elyse 

Clutch (Savage Disciples MC Book 1)

Cami is all set up for the cookie-cutter life that she thought she wanted. After growing up with her dad’s motorcycle club as a second family, she goes off to college and finds the man she’ll marry, Nate.

Her life is okay, but okay just never felt good enough for the feisty Cami, used to the dangerous, adrenaline-inducing biker lifestyle. In her new life, there’s fake friends and drama that she could definitely do without. She even begins to try to get through her daily life with drugs as a crutch. That is, until she meets Gauge.

Gauge is club brothers with Cami’s father. He decides to tag along to go see Cami, and everything changes. He sees her for every aspect of who she is. He can see the sadness in her life, how Nate is putting a damper on the fiery girl that Cami once was, and can still be.

Wanting to prove that love full of intense passion and raw emotion is possible, Gauge shows Cami that he’s in her life now and not letting her go. Demons from the past prove to be a challenge, but there is no challenge that a love as strong as Gauge and Cami’s can’t overcome.

Great choice if you like:

  • Possessive and protective alphas
  • Romantic suspense

I’m really into how this story wasn’t your typical insta-love tale. There’s instant attraction for certain, but their relationship took time to grow. Trust me, it’s so worth it. When they do fall hard into love, it feels so authentic. The character development is essential to this story. Cami goes from the complacent soon-to-be wife she learned to be, to the fiery passionate woman in love with a bad boy she is destined to be.

The writing is strong, the story is compelling, and their chemistry is unparalleled. Plus, the build-up of sexual tension and lust leads to a scene so steamy you’ll feel it throughout your whole body, head to toe.

8. Mean Machine by Joanna Blake

Mean Machine (The Untouchables MC Book 2)

Bad boy biker Mason thinks he’s better off on his own and isn’t looking for love. Love finds him, however, when he least expects it to. His love story begins when single mom Michelle enters Mason’s bar, looking for work. Neither her nor Mason could have imagined how much their lives would change that fateful day.

The sparks immediately fly, but Mason wants to stifle the feeling of attraction towards the beautiful woman. He’s convinced himself he’s meant to be a loner. He hasn’t had sex in years. Michelle and her young daughter, Paton, have had an unthinkably tragic past. Could their meeting be what changes everything Mason, Michelle, and even Paton? Now with the idea of Mason in her life, Michelle begins to imagine a happy future for the first time in a long time.

Clad in leather and a member of The Untouchables MC, Mason is a hardened, sexy, tattooed hunk. Michelle is a kind and gentle woman who doesn’t judge Mason by his gruff appearance. He so badly wants to give in to his temptations and get Michelle in bed with him. Yet, it’s also much deeper than that.

They both know their love, despite the odds, is more than sex. Their love is magic. Their love could save them both, if they let it.

If you love:

  • Single mother heroines
  • Possessive alphas
  • A cleaner story

then you’re going to want to check this book out.

I fell hard for Mason. He’s the best type of bad boy--tough on the outside but soft on the inside. It’s such a turn on how much of a family man he can be and how much he cares about not just Michelle, but Paton. He’s edgy, but respectful. He’s sexy, patient, and protective. They make a perfect pair. Not only is my heart warm, but this book is hot, hot, hot!

9. Sly by Jayne Blue

Sly (Great Wolves MC - California Chapter Book 2)

Falling for the man she’s hired to assassinate is not on Scarlett’s agenda. We all know, however, there’s no controlling who will sweep you off your feet. So when Scarlett meets Sly of the rival Great Wolves MC, she’s thrown for a loop.

She finds that she can’t do the job she set out to do, because the man she’s sent to kill makes her heart flutter and her thighs quiver in a way she never expected. Sly is falling for her too, despite the chaos happening in his club. There’s attacks on members of his club as someone as trying to take down the Great Wolves entirely.

Sly is an outlaw with skeletons in his closet. Scarlett is a tough, cool, and collected woman who was ready for this hit to be her last. When they find that they’re a perfect match both emotionally and sexually, their love proves to be stronger than their willpower to resist each other.

Can the bad boy and the bad girl get together and live happily ever after? You’re gonna have to read this hot and heavy tale of two unlikely lovers to find out.

If you can’t get enough of:

  • Dark romance
  • Romantic suspense
  • Strong female heroines

Then you won’t be able to get enough of this book.

The best part about this book is that there isn’t just a strong male hero, but a gutsy female lead who can totally carry her own. Scarlett is independent and feisty. She isn’t looking for love, but love finds her when she least expects it.

Sly is a sexy, ripped alpha whose dark past only makes him even more attractive. But, Scarlett is an alpha, too, who makes her own decisions and can fend for herself. A bad boy and a bad girl. An outlaw and an assassin.  The romance that ensues is filled to the brim with passion and want.

Oh, and if you’re already picturing insanely good sex between the two--you’re absolutely spot on. The steamy sex mixed with a suspenseful plot and well-written characters makes this book an absolute page turner.

10. Nickel (Fallen Lords M.C. Book 1) by Winter Travers 

Nickel (Fallen Lords MC Book 1)

Karmen’s upbringing was not simple by any means. Her mom left her when she was young, her dad is in prison, and her nightmare of a grandmother was the one responsible for raising her. The shy beauty works at a nursing home and never expected her job to be the place where she falls hard in love. In fact, she never expected to fall in love at all.

She has been burned so many times in her past that she knows better than to wear her heart on her sleeve. She knows to keep her guard up, because letting someone in could lead to getting hurt. Then, she meets Nickel, the complicated biker boy whose grandmother is in Karmen’s care. He becomes infatuated. Needless to say, he suddenly wants to spend more time than ever at his grandmother’s nursing home.

Karmen’s been through hell and back, without anyone to be her rock, to hold her hand through her complicated life, until Nickel. She lives a simple life until the confident, dangerous alpha becomes everything to her.

When demon’s from Karmen’s past begin to resurface, Nickel steps up to take care of his woman. He’s devoted to protecting her, to loving her, and to making sure nothing gets in the way of them being together forever.

Do you like:

  • Protective alphas
  • Clean(er) romance

If the answer is yes, then you’ll have to grab this book A.S.A.P.

I love the characters in this book. Karmen and Nickel seem like an unlikely match. She’s shy and quirky. He’s part of the Fallen Lords Motorcycle Club. She tries to stay away from trouble. He is trouble.

Against all odds, their love is powerful and real. Karmen really shys away at first because she’s afraid to be loved, but it makes their need for each other even more sweet and satisfying. I also had a few laughs--Karmen is totally hilarious when she’s drunk.

What’s your favorite? 

There’s plenty of biker boys to choose from. Do you have a new book boyfriend?

Comment your favorite, and let me know what gives you a thrill.

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3 thoughts on “My Top 10 Best Biker Romances That Will Rev Your Engine”

  1. Hi! I have read several of these books and I agree they belong here. But it is also obvious to me that you cannot possibly have read my personal favorite MC series: the “Chaos” MC series by Kristen Ashley, particularly “Ride Steady: Chaos series #3”. This series is part of her “Rock Chick-Dream Man-Chaos” interconnected world set in Denver. Every single book is populated by Singular characters, beautifully drawn and very Real. But Chaos #3 stands out and haunts you. The two main characters, Carissa and “Joker” each had very different lives but each was just heartbreaking, and they actually intersected back in high school, where he was an outcast and she was a popular girl who actually SAW him and, everyone, for the people they were and treated them with kindness. Years later he is the only one who stops to help her as she stands with her infant son beside her old deathtrap of a car along the freeway, pretty much out of options after a vicious divorce. She doesn’t
    recognize him and he says nothing, just helps and leaves. But as the story goes on we are introduced to their backstories, and the people who populate their lives…his hideously abusive father and the two neighbors who made such a difference in the life of the child he was. Of her family tragedy, and her shady lawyer ex husband and his crooked judge father who have deliberately made her life utterly miserable and are now trying to steal her baby away, the only thing of any Real importance to her. Nothing else matters. She is a terrific mom. And Joker has become a brilliant custom automotive/motorcycle designer and builder for “Ride”, Chaos MC’s business. When the club members meet her and realize she is important to him and what’s happening to her they step in, as subtly as possible. Ms. Ashley builds seamless relationships between Carrie & Joker, Joker an the baby, Carrie and the club and other people in their lives. There are no weak links. Each and every character has a clear and distinct personality. I especially love the kickass female attorney the club gets for her. And the two separate neighbors who have remained the family of his heart. But, reading back through this, I realize that by rhapsodizing about plot and character I have failed to mention how much fun this book is. So much emotion, you catch yourself going from laughing out loud to shedding real tears within the space of a few paragraphs. Very sexy yet touching love scenes..along with all the ambience and trappings and interpersonal relationships and history and politics of a motorcycle club. This one stands out, even in the midst of a series. But if you read them in order, you will be amazed at how much you care.

  2. Never ever a perdition mc novel. First of 3 by Isabel Wroth. I’ve read all 3 multiple times. I’ve finished the third to start over with the first again. They are that good. Can’t recommend them enough.

  3. I agree Kristen Ashley her rock chick series and chaos mc series are on the top of my list right next to jamie begley’s the last riders, the predators,biker bitches and porter brother series all of them intertwine. so it,s best to read them in order.My favorite shade’s fall, i just keep reading these over and over again they have everything funny,sad,sex(omg)alpha males what else does a girl need?I highly recommend them….


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