Book Review: Arsenic Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Book 3) by Terry Bolryder

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Arsenic Dragon by Terry Bolryder is the third book out of four in the Dragon Guard of Drakkaris series, published on January 29, 2018. 

This story focuses on the dragon Arsenic, and features characters from the previous books. If you’re a fan of shifter romance, or even new to the genre and looking for an exciting romance filled with both action and emotion, then this is a book you don’t want to miss!


The story begins with a rescue mission. Farrah, a human woman, has been kidnapped by violent wolf shifters who are keeping her prisoner. She’s being abused and traumatized, and catches the attention of Marina, mate of the strong dragon Mercury of Drakkaris and a dragon heart herself.

The guards of Drakkaris need someone to rescue Farrah, and Arsenic is just the dragon for the job. Arsenic is an assassin who is masterful with poison daggers. He’s all about honor and respect.

Jumping through the portal, Arsenic and Marina go to save the tortured woman from Crios, an evil wolf shifter who performs brutal experiments on Farrah. They manage to rescue Farrah, who is thoroughly terrified. It’s then decided that Farrah will be escorted safely home by Arsenic and then she’ll have her memories erased so she can leave her trauma in the past.

When Farrah and Arsenic arrive home on Christmas Day, she’s still fearful and shaken. She’s suffering from PTSD, but she is not broken. She is hurt, scared, and weary of shifters, to say the least. Farrah is a strong heroine determined to bounce back to her real life.

What she finds, however, is that real life is not nearly as exciting or even as safe as she once thought. Slowly, she begins to have feelings for her dragon shifter protector, who goes by Nic when he’s amongst humans. But, Farrah is afraid to get too close, and Arsenic is determined to do his job without compromising his responsibilities.

He, too, is starting to have feelings for Farrah but he also knows he has a mate and she is going to have her memories erased. Plus, Farrah is not a dragon heart.

Despite the circumstances and the dangers that threaten the duo, they find each other irresistible. Will they be able to find a way to live happily ever after, even when it seems like the odds are stacked against them? 

Favorite Characters 

Farrah is an awesome and dynamic heroine. She’s suffers from PTSD due to being captured, abused, experimented on, and nearly raped. She’s not helpless by any means, and is eager to bounce back and get back to her life.

She really wants to be independent and not rely on the protection of Arsenic, but she’s not too proud to accept help when the situation calls for it. While she’s a victim of abuse, Farrah is not written using any tropes of helpless female victims. She’s got a lot of fight in her, and Arsenic is the best guy to be fighting by her side.

Arsenic is another one of my favorite characters. He’s handsome, ripped, and a total dreamboat, with a personality to match. Even though he’s immediately attracted to Farrah, he’s nothing but a respectful gentleman. He wants to respect Farrah, her path to healing, and also not compromise her safety by getting involved more than he was assigned to.

Arsenic shows tremendous patience and sweetness, but is also a valiant fighter and a total alpha when it comes to Farrah’s safety and comfort. It’s also hilarious watching him interact with the human world, as he often doesn’t pick up on human idioms and takes sayings quite literally.

The chemistry between these two is both sweet and explosively sexy. 

What I Think You’ll Love About The Book 

Arsenic and Farrah are a couple that you’ll be rooting for from their first encounter. They don’t get together instantly, as Farrah is still weary of shifters and distrustful of mostly everyone after her ordeal.

The author gives the characters time to get to know each other and build up trust before putting them in the bedroom together. When they are in the bedroom, though, it’s sizzling hot! Farrah calls the shots, which is empowering (and sexy!)

I also loved the supporting characters, including the Oracle, the fellow guardians of Drakkaris, and their mates. The characters all show a lot of empathy for Farrah, particularly the women, Marina, Casey, and Brittany, who all offer to be there for Farrah when they feared sending her a male shifter as a protector could potentially upset her.

Overall, the book moves at a great pace and we get to see character development as well as plenty of action and intense fight scenes. If you’re interested in getting lost in a dragon shifter romance, get your copy of Arsenic Dragon today!

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Arsenic Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Book 3) by Terry Bolryder
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