7 Best Platforms for Free Romance Novels Online

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Whether you are an ardent reader or new to the genre of romance novels, enjoying your favorite hobby of reading something romantic doesn't always need to be at the expense of your finances. Sometimes, a free read can help you save up some cash; or, help you see if romance novels are your thing before actually investing in books. Well, regardless of what your reason may be, we have researched and gathered seven of the best platforms to find free romance novels online.

The serialized stories on Herlequin have made it a one-stop online spot for romance novel enthusiasts. The platform has thousands of stories categorized into various sub-domains, such as 'Be Seduced,' 'Fall in Love,' 'Walk on The Dark Side,' and many other categories to satisfy the ingrained desire of various romance novel readers.

Another feature you will love about this platform is that their books are categorized into time, and depending on how much time you have to read, you can pick a book that best fits your schedule.

Whether you want to publish and monetize your writing or read free romance novels online, then Readict is the platform for you. The platform has a plethora of books that are categorized by either the 'Editor's Choice or 'Reader's Favorite.' However, before accessing any of the books, you will need to download their app, which is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Some must-reads include 'Traded,' 'Hybrid,' and 'Bad Night Stand.' Give these books a read, and you will surely love them.

Our list cannot be complete without the mention of the largest eBook distributor for independent publishers – Smashwords. Unlike the two above-mentioned platforms on our list which are solely focused on romantic novels, Smashwords is a more generic platform. This means you will have to manually search for romantic novels on the platform via their Categories section, which shouldn't be a hassle.

Whether you are searching for free books or priced books, the platform has a catalog of over 91,735 free eBooks at its disposal. Therefore, you can never run out of romantic novels or other genre novels to read for free. Unlike Helequin which categorizes its novels based on time, Smashwords categorizes its novels based on pricing and word count.

Wattpad is another online platform for your favorite romance novels. Whether you are into erotic romance, contemporary romance, fantasy romance, historical romance, and whatnot, the platform has an inventory of over 1,200 romantic novels for you. The platform allows you to quickly sort the various books by leveraging their 'Refine by tags' tab or using the 'Sort by' tab to read either the hottest books or the newest books on the block.

Once you read a book and you fall in love with the writer's work, you have the option of supporting your favorite writer via the Wattpad paid stories program.

Download your favorite romance novel from famous and upcoming independent authors on Obooko. The platform allows you to download novels in various formats, such as PDF, Kindle, and or ePub, giving you the flexibility to read across multiple smart devices. Enjoy everything from the classic ‘Hot Summer’ by Judy Powell, the well-liked ‘A Dark Kiss of Rapture’ by Sylvia Day, and much more – all for free on Obooko.

Create a library of free eBooks by signing up for a free account on Prolific Works. The platform is created to accelerate the prolific stories of writers to the right audience. All you need to do is visit their website, select and claim the romantic novel you love, provide your email and name, and you will have a reader code sent to you (for signing up to the website). Once you have the code, download their app, and log in and the book should be in your library.

Just as the name implies, FreeBoosky is the website that gives you access to a world of both free and paid novels across all genres. Novels can be downloaded directly on various eReaders, such as Apple Books, Kobo, Kindle, and many more. However, we found Kindle to be the most used downloadable version among the rest.

With FreeBoosky, all you need to do is to select your genre and then skim through the various novels under each genre, and then select your favorite by reading the brief synopsis of each book.

You will not only have a better knowledge of various people and the relationships they have after reading romance novels, you will also learn from the events that the characters in the books went through. So go ahead and explore these seven best platforms where you can read romance novels online for free.

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