25 Best Hockey Romance Novels Steamy Enough to Melt Ice

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Looking for good hockey romance novels to read? It’s understandable. There’s few types of men that compare to those that skate on ice and carry a big stick.


See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

ImageProductWhere to Buy
Player: A Best Friends to Lovers College Hockey Romance (Westbury Warriors Book 1)Player: A Best Friends to Lovers College Hockey Romance by E. Cleveland

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Naughty or Ice: A Hockey Romance (Buffalo Tempest Hockey Book 1)Naughty or Ice by Sylvia Pierce
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Heartless King (Kings of Rittenhouse)Heartless King by Maya HughesView on Amazon
Gauging the Player: A One-Night-Stand Hockey Sports Romance (The Playmakers Series Book 3)Gauging the Player: A One-Night-Stand Sports Romance by G. K. Brady
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Hot Shot: A Bad Boy Sports RomanceHot Shot: A Bad Boy Sports Romance by Lulu Pratt
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You’re going to love these 25 books…

Changing on the Fly

Changing On The Fly: Friends to Lovers Romance (Hockey Punk Series Book 1)

Author Angela Stevens

Jude is a hockey player and Maya is his best friend and secret crush. When Maya decides to leave her abusive boyfriend, she asks Jude for help, but Carl isn’t giving up on her quite this easily. Because the dynamics of their relationship are changing, Jude sees some hope of getting Maya in his life, but how difficult will that be? A hot, steamy novel with characters you’ll be rooting for from the very beginning and a story you’ll love to the end.

Major Misconduct

Major Misconduct: An Aces Hockey Novel

Author Kelly Jamieson

Marc is the captain of a professional hockey team in Chicago and has a nice apartment he likes to retreat to. When his roommate Duncan announces that his sister will be moving in for awhile, Marc isn’t concerned at first. But, once he sees Lovey, his heart goes a flutter. Their attraction is instant, and even though they both know that dating a friend’s sister isn’t exactly kosher, they can’t stay away from one another. Besides, Lovey might be the only one to tear down the wall around Marc’s heart.

Playing Hurt

Playing Hurt: An Aces Hockey Novel

Author Kelly Jamieson

Chase is a professional hockey player with an all-party, bad-boy reputation that he’s trying to change. He’s trying to concentrate on his career only, until he starts up an online relationship with a pop star named Jordyn. Jordyn is very attracted to Chase, both physically and emotionally. Suddenly, they each find their careers on the line, but instead of splitting up, they decide to stick together so that they both get exactly what they want out of the relationship.

Sin Bin

Sin Bin (Blades Hockey Book 2)

Author Maria Luis

Andre is a professional hockey player with an image problem, so he hires a publicist to help him. But, he’s one heck of a client because he is rude and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Zoe is his new publicist whose career isn’t exactly in great shape, and she has only 30 days to prove she can do this job or she has to look for something else to do with her life. They both have challenges, but they also have a past together, so things can only get more complicated from now on.

Penalty Play

Penalty Play: Game On in Seattle (Seattle Sockeyes Book 5)

Author Jami Davenport

Matt and Vi couldn’t be more different. He is a single dad who loves his kids and hockey, a very traditional guy who doesn’t have time for nonsense. She is a free-spirited girl with wild-colored hair and a fun-loving personality. Neither of them expects the relationship to be a long one, and if a secret she’s been keeping threatens to ruin it all, their relationship might just be short term. But, they’re both determined to take it as far as possible, if only this secret doesn’t ruin it for them.

Power Play

Power Play (Blades Hockey Book 1)

Author Marie Luis

Charlie is a reporter whose career isn’t exactly booming, and Duke is a hockey player that she only has eight days to interview. Eight days to convince this man, whose own career hasn’t been in the spotlight for quite some time, to give up details about both his personal and professional life. This is a quirky, even funny story with characters who have unbelievable chemistry and who both discover something about themselves they never knew, with a truly heartwarming ending.

Slap Shot

Slap Shot: An Aces Hockey Novel

Author Kelly Jamieson

Max was a hockey player who quit playing after his wife died, but now he’s ready to get back into the game. And not just the hockey game. The problem is, he just wants sex and no commitment, so when he meets a hot bridesmaid while attending a teammate’s wedding, he decides to scratch his itch. After all, he’s in Chicago and she’s from New York, so how much commitment can there be once the tryst is over? Of course, that’s before one of them decides to fall in love … and it isn’t Max.


Alex: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Book 1)

Author Sawyer Bennett

Alex is an amazing hockey player, but doesn’t have much time for creating a good image. When the team hires Sutton, a social worker, to work with Alex to develop a drug-awareness program for at-risk youth, their chemistry is undeniable. But, Sutton is a true professional, and she is determined to change his bad-boy reputation into a good one. The more time they spend together, however, the more Sutton wants him, and she eventually becomes convinced that his bad-boy persona is just an act.

Dirty Player

Dirty Player: A Hockey Romance (Back To You Book 2)

Author Mira Lyn Kelly

Greg and Julia were high-school friends, but Greg has always wanted more. At their 10-year high-school reunion, they decide to kiss based on something they wrote in their high-school yearbooks, but it is a kiss neither of them expected. It wasn’t just a peck on the lips; it was a sensuous kiss that both of them enjoyed more than they thought they would. Of course, Julia has a rule about dating pro athletes like Greg, and he’s always respected that rule when it came to his teammates. Now, however, all bets are off.

Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble (Chinooks Hockey Team Book 5)

Author Rachel Gibson

This book centers on Mark and Chelsea, an ex-hockey player whose career was sidelined due to a car accident, and a wannabe actress who decides to tend to him for three months, mostly because no other healthcare professional could handle Mark’s rudeness. Besides, it’s a short-term assignment and Chelsea needs the money. But, what happens afterwards is something neither of them expected, and now they have to deal with their feelings while trying to get Mark ready to play hockey again.

Delivery Girl

Delivery Girl: A contemporary sports romantic comedy (Minnesota Ice Book 1)

Author Lily Kate

Andi is delivering pizzas for her dad’s company to get money while she’s finishing school, and when she delivers one to Ryan, a professional hockey player, he opens the door and is naked. Eventually, they become friends with benefits, but then Ryan asks her to be his fake girlfriend for a wedding he’s planning to attend, and things get complicated. Can Andi handle the task without wanting more out of Ryan, or is this one package that she’ll find too much to handle?

See Jane Score

See Jane Score (Chinooks Hockey Team Book 2)

Author Rachel Gibson

Luc is a man who knows how to treat women, in part because he now has custody of his younger sister. Jane writes an erotic column for a magazine, and she’s also a reporter who shows up in the locker room after one of Luc’s hockey games. Their relationship develops slowly even though the chemistry between them is undeniable. Although the two are opposite in nearly every way, they soon find their way into each other’s hearts, making for an intriguing story you will never forget.

Protecting Her Heart

Protecting Her Heart (Indianapolis Eagles Series Book 4)

Author Samantha Lind

Mark and Laura have a relationship unlike many others’. He is a hockey player and she is recovering from a divorce, and the one thing Mark wants is to fix this broken woman and show her that he can cure what ails her. Can a woman who is just finding her path in the world and a pro hockey player make their relationship work? Set in Indianapolis, the story is filled with intrigue and passion, and it has a happily ever after ending that you will be very happy with.


Breakaway - A Hockey Romance

Author Kelly Jamieson

Jase is a pro hockey player with a great career that includes puck bunnies always chasing after him, and Remi is a schoolteacher who is merely looking for a fling. When they get together, sparks fly, even though Remi knows it cannot be a permanent arrangement because the real world is completely different than the fantasy world they’ve created for themselves. Being compatible between the sheets is one thing, but being compatible in all other parts of your life is quite another.

Top Shelf

Top Shelf: An Aces Hockey Novel

Author Kelly Jamieson

Jared is a hockey player who also owns a club that the team often hangs out in after a game. Sidney is a consultant the club has hired to give it a more updated appearance and appeal to more customers. She is also a divorcee who has closed off her heart to men. But, Jared is different, and once she sees him, she realizes she has to have him. With the attraction between them growing, will they succumb to their desires, or is this one game they’ll have to forfeit?

Puck Me Secretly

Puck Me Secretly (A Vancouver Wolves Hockey Romance Book 1)

Author Odette Stone

Rory and Max are on a plane that crashes, and since they survived, they sleep together so that she can have her very first orgasm. Then they disappear from one another’s lives, until Rory gets a job where she meets up with Max once again. Now, they both have secrets, but since she doesn’t know what his secrets are in the beginning, she only fears her own. Unfortunately, both of their secrets could destroy their lives. This is a sexy, intriguing, and often funny story that will have you pulling for both of the main characters from the very start.


Crush: A Single Dad Hockey Romance (Boston Brawlers Book 3)

Author June Winters

Shea is a pro hockey player, but he’s also a single dad with three kids who is looking for a nanny. Brynn is a young woman who had a crush on Shea when she was younger, but when she is hired to be his nanny she decides to take the job seriously. Shea’s team is headed to the playoffs, so he needs to get the nanny set up so he doesn’t have any distractions, but that might be harder than he thought. Every time he sees Brynn, he thinks dirty thoughts, and he may not be able to keep his hands off of her the rest of the season.

The Trouble with Valentine's Day

The Trouble With Valentine's Day (Chinooks Hockey Team Book 3)

Author Rachel Gibson

Kate’s self esteem has been suffering lately, and it doesn’t help that she’s in a small town with nothing going on and she was recently rejected by a hunk she propositioned. Rob is a former hockey super star who now owns a sporting goods store, and the reason he rejected Kate is because he’s been burned before and doesn’t want to get involved with anyone else. When they’re put in an unusual position after hours one night, all this starts to change, and suddenly there’s a whole new reason to hear gossip in their small town.

Mister Hockey

Mister Hockey: Hellions Angels

Author Lia Riley

Jed is a hockey player who is used to having fans with crushes on him. When he walks into a library for a summer reading event, Breezy notices him immediately. She is a big fan of his, but at first he doesn’t know it. After having some contact during the event, Jed thinks she is only interested in books, even though they soon find themselves in a sexy kiss. There’s only one problem – Jed doesn’t date fans, so what will he do when he finds out that Breezy is one of his biggest?


Roman: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Book 7)

Author Sawyer Bennett

Lexi has traveled to North Carolina to find her father, Brian, who is working in the office of a famous hockey team. It is there she meets one of the players, Roman, and she is immediately smitten. Not only is Roman good looking, but he’s also a sweetheart. But, soon her newfound dad and half sister start having conflicts with Roman, and Lexi isn’t sure what to do next. She does know, however, that she carries a torch for Roman, and that she’s not willing to give up on them this soon.

Hat Trick

Hat Trick (Blades Hockey Book 3)

Author Marie Luis

Gwen and Hunt are both hiding behind personas that are not showing who they truly are inside. She is known as the ice hockey queen and he is known for his reputation as a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em type, someone who is a little reckless both on and off the ice. Their romance is sometimes heart wrenching and always interesting, flirty, and even funny. If you’re interested in a relationship that explores the two characters and makes you realize how they tick, this is the book for you.

Finding Her Center

Finding Her Center: A Hockey Romance

Author Aja Cole

Greyson is a pro hockey player whose father also played the sport. For months now, he has been communicating online with a girl named Daya, but when he decides he wants to throw caution to the wind and meet Daya in person, he’s in for a surprise. Daya is happy for the relationship to remain anonymous, because she is an introvert who is afraid to meet Greyson in person. With Greyson feeling confident about them meeting in person and Daya a little afraid, what will happen to their relationship when or if they finally meet?

Beauty and the Beefcake

Beauty and the Beefcake (The Copper Valley Thrusters Book 3)

Author Pippa Grant

Talk about opposites attract. Ares is just what you think of when you think about the strong and silent type. But, not to worry, because Felicity talks enough for both of them. When they get together – this man who speaks only in grunts most of the time and a professional ventriloquist – sparks fly instantly. At first, they get on one another’s nerves, but soon they realize there is a real connection between them, and before you know it their relationship is very, very real.

Off the Ice

Off the Ice: A Breakaway Novel (Breakaway series Book 4)

Author L.P. Dover

Justin is a hockey player hiding away in a cabin in Wyoming before the next season starts, in part to get away from a bad experience with a dating television show. There he meets Meghan, who is down-to-earth and humble. When he helps her with some tasks at her ranch, she doesn’t know who he is, and they develop an attraction to one another. But, Justin can’t stay hidden forever, so is it possible for him to convince her that he is the one she should let into her life before he has to leave?

The Pilot & The Puck-Up

The Pilot and the Puck-Up (The Copper Valley Thrusters Book 1)

Author Pippa Grant

Zeus is a star hockey player with a rising star in his hockey career. There is a story between a cocky captain, a hockey stud, and involvement in an unexpected college hockey romance. A coed hockey team vies for the national championship to be hockey stars.

Zeus is in complete control when he’s playing hockey, and he is used to having a series of one-night stands until he meets Joey, a female pilot who has had more than her fair share of showing men how tough she truly is. They both think it’s just a fling at first until it isn’t. A quirky and often funny story that will have you laughing and rooting for the main characters to the very last page.

Why You Should Read Hockey Romance Novels

Anything that involves this well-loved sport, through the scenarios given above, plus other possibilities of narratives, is available through this genre.

Many have come to appreciate hockey romance novels, mainly due to a focused take on the sport and the intricacies of the relationships and sacrifices surrounding it. If you’re a fan of a hockey player, perhaps you want to relive a fantastic encounter at hockey camp, or are simply a hockey fan, these novels are for you.

Below are more reasons why you should read hockey romance novels.

1. The stories go beyond who the hockey superstar or hockey hottie is.

Based on this reason, one sees that hockey romance novels are not just lighthearted all the time. The lengths one must go for a career in sports, such as the gifted hockey player who defies all odds, the passion and dedication needed for hockey, and the sacrifices for oneself and involving meaningful relationships, are all part of these books.

2. You won’t run out of hockey romance titles anytime soon.

If this isn’t a strong indication of how popular this genre has slowly become, with more than a thousand titles and more available, we don’t know what is.

Fans of fiction might have to wait for a long time for the next book in a series to come, but not when it comes to hockey romance. You can have your pick of the tale of the brooding hockey team captain, a narrative about hockey team roommates’ friendship, or a close-knit hockey team locker room meeting after a failed defensive game.

3. The genre boasts of a good list of favorite authors.

There’s a place for a best-selling author in almost any genre, and this genre is no exception. These books include Helena hunting’s series about hockey teams and players.

Hockey romance authors can write and create formidable characters in fiction, such as the professional hockey player Eric Cameron in Lina Laverentz’s “Thin Ice.”

Spice up your reading life by giving hockey romance books  the chance to have a place on your bookshelf. Have the time of your life meeting the bookish girl falling in love with the bossy team captain, or have it the other way around, a girl boss who tempers a fiery hockey player. Trust us; you won’t regret it. 

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