25 Best Arranged Marriage Romance Novels You’ll Love Reading

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Looking for some of the best arranged marriage romance novels to read?


See our newest picks for the month in the chart below:

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Mafia Bride: An Arranged Marriage Mafia RomanceMafia Bride: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance by Bella King

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The Sheikh's Arranged MarriageThe Sheikh's Arranged Marriage by Clare Connelly
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Forbidden BrideForbidden Bride by Penny Wylder
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An Arranged Marriage: A Pride and Prejudice VariationAn Arranged Marriage: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Jan Hahn
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A Perfect Gentleman

A Perfect Gentleman: Arranged Marriage Romance (Modern Match-Maker Romance)

Author Rocklyn Ryder

When Aiden and Brooke set out to find spouses, they end up together. Brooke is tired of trusting her own judgment when it comes to finding a husband, and Aiden just wants what his brother has – a beautiful family. But, when Aiden shows up, Brooke thinks he looks more like Mr. Rogers than Mr. Right. Of course, since he is out to show Brooke that not all men are jerks, this is the perfect façade for him. Can an arranged marriage ever work out, or are Brooke and Aiden just wasting their time?

Reluctant to Wed

Reluctant to Wed: Arranged Marriage Series, Book 1

Author Anneliese Dalaba

Devon and Emma have an arranged marriage – he is doing it because he needs a wife and wants no emotional ties, and she is doing it to help her family keep their farm. Devon is also the Earl of Devonport, so it is good for his family lineage. When the unexpected happens, it teaches both Devon and Emma lessons they didn’t even know they needed to learn, and it teaches them all about what God can do in your life if you just relax and let Him.

A Great Catch

A Great Catch: Arranged Marriage Romance (Modern Match-Maker Romance)

Author Rocklyn Ryder

When Olivia and Redd end up engaged thanks to a modern-day arranged marriage, they both have reservations. Olivia is concerned about what Redd will do if he finds out she still has her V-card, and Redd is concerned that she is so much younger than he is. This is the story of a modern woman who ends up with a rugged rancher, and how their initial difficulties lead to trust, understanding, and of course, love.

The Millionaire's Arranged Marriage

The Millionaire's Arranged Marriage (The Alexanders Book 1)

Author Tina Martin

When a woman forces her son into an arranged marriage so that he can calm down and not be so self centered, he objects vehemently. In fact, Dilvan eventually devises a plan to ensure that the marriage to Gabrielle doesn’t last. True to his usual selfish, spoiled, rude self, he decides to mentally and physically abuse his new wife so that she feels she has no reason to stay. But, along the way, Gabrielle develops a backbone, and the story from there doesn’t go as he’d planned.

Confessions from an Arranged Marriage

Confessions from an Arranged Marriage (The Burgundy Club Book 4)

Author Miranda Neville

Some people think that opposites attract, and this story proves this is often the truth. Minnie is independent and wants political power and influence, and Blake has that, but he doesn’t want it. Because of a sticky situation that could ruin both of them, they end up deciding to get married. After all, important people such as Blake have to keep all of their secrets hidden or they might be ruined for good. A story with powerful characters and a great storyline that you’ll never forget.

The Sheikh's Arranged Marriage

The Sheikh's Arranged Marriage

Author Clare Connelly

When an Arabian prince named Tariq finds out that his arranged marriage is to a British woman who knows nothing about his royal lifestyle, he is furious. He always expected to marry someone from his own country, so now he feels like everything is ruined. After he marries Rebecca, things get even worse, because he finds he doesn’t like this woman – this virgin – at all. He does, however, desire her greatly, which complicates things for him. Now, what choices does he have if he wants to be happy?

Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly

Author Lauren Runow

Sage and Everly spend one night together, and it is magical. But, when it’s over, they go back to their lives – or so they think. Everly is a modern, independent woman who wants to do something with her life that makes a difference. Unfortunately, she is third in line to marry the prince, who just happens to be Sage. But, if Sage wants Everly to be his bride, he’ll have to be more than just a terrific one-night stand, because neither him nor Sage want to get married for any other reason but love.

A Nice Boy

A Nice Boy: Arranged Marriage Romance (Modern Match-Maker Romance)

Author Rocklyn Ryder

This is the story of Caitlyn and Josh, who agree to an arranged marriage even though both of them have apprehensions about it. When Josh first meets Caitlyn, she is turned off by his foul mouth and his tattoos. He, on the other hand, loves what he sees in Caitlyn. Even though they are both tired of the dating scene and are convinced they can’t find a proper mate on their own, will this relationship ever work, or is it doomed from the very start?

Buying the Bride

Buying the Bride

Author Penny Wylder

Heath has to marry to receive his inheritance, so he agrees to marry Sylph. Their marriage is slated to be a fake one, but when he walks in on her as she’s trying on her wedding dress, they end up kissing. Then they end up having sex. Suddenly, for Sylph it is no longer an act because she is starting to have feelings for Heath. But, does Heath feel the same way? A true page turner that will have you looking forward to what happens next until the very last page.

The Asian Billionaire's Forbidden Match

The Asian Billionaire's Forbidden Match: A BWAM Arranged Marriage Love Story For Adults

Author Mary Peart

Kimberly owns a pet daycare center and enjoys being single, so when she starts a relationship with a billionaire named Peter, she is content for it to go no further. But, Peter is secretly engaged to someone through an arranged marriage agreement, and the closer he gets to the wedding date, the more nervous he becomes. He is completely smitten with Kimberly, but because of her independent ways and the pressure he feels from his family, he feels he likely won’t get out of his marriage to another woman.

The Wife Arrangement

The Wife Arrangement

Author Penny Wylder

When a hot billionaire needs a wife to receive his inheritance, he goes out in search of a bride. This is how Jasper and Dee’s story begins, but it gets more complicated than that. A fun and sexy romantic book with twists and turns you won’t see coming, it is a well-thought-out story with well-defined characters and a very interesting storyline. If you like a little angst and intensity with your books, this is one you’ll definitely want to check out.

A Lucky Break

A Lucky Break: A Modern Match-Maker Romance

Author Rocklyn Ryder

Ryan is tired of one-night stands and decides he wants to settle down, and Kimberly has decided that after everything she’s been through, she might need some assistance in finding Mr. Right. A matchmaking service is utilized, and Ryan and Kimberly are all set to be married. But, the wedding is more complex than Kimberly was prepared for, and she decides that she may want to stay single a little bit longer instead of getting married. But, is that even possible at this point?

The Marriage Trap

The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire Book 2)

Author Jennifer Probst

Michael is a billionaire who once promised his father that he would find a bride who makes his family in Italy happy. And, he has to marry soon or his engaged sister won’t be allowed to go through with her own wedding. He then proposes to a free-spirited photographer named Maggie and promises her it is just a business arrangement, but once they get to Italy sexual tension arises between them. Does this mean they shouldn’t get married, or is it a sign that they should?

Treasured by Thursday

Treasured by Thursday (Weekday Brides Book 7)

Author Catherine Bybee

Gabi is a number-cruncher at a matchmaking agency who discovers that her latest client, Hunter, is actually a perfect match for herself. But, arranged marriages aren’t for her, so at first she turns Hunter down. She finally agrees to the arrangement, but when Gabi ends up in danger later on, how far will Hunter go to protect her? After all, if he protects Gabi he will be protected also, but is he willing to go that far for a woman he essentially doesn’t know?

I Do(n't)

I Do(n't)

Author Leddy Harper

Janelle and Holden get married in Vegas when they are both very young, but Janelle doesn’t remember the ceremony because she was drunk. Five years later, she is set to become a contestant on a television show that helps a bachelor find a wife, but she is disqualified because she is still married to Holden. When she goes back to confront him about the entire fiasco, she is surprised by her reaction to him, and vice versa. Will she get her annulment, or will their true feelings for one another be made apparent?

Royally Arranged

Royally Arranged (Bad Boy Royals, 3)

Author Nora Flite

Thorne and Nova come from rival families, and they have had their marriage arranged for them. The plan is for them to marry so that their families’ feud will end, but even though Nova is attracted to Thorne from the very beginning, is this attraction enough to center a marriage around? As they are becoming acquainted, sparks fly, but neither of them is convinced that their marriage will be all it takes to get rid of the family feud once and for all.

Honeysuckle Dreams

Honeysuckle Dreams (A Blue Ridge Romance Book 2)

Author Denise Hunter

Hope is an up and coming radio personality, and Brady is a man who learns that his son isn’t his biological child after his wife dies. But, Brady loves his son and decides to fight to keep him, and after his lawyer informs him that being married will increase his chances of doing just that, he asks his friend Hope to be his fake fiancée. But, they are both in it for their own reasons, and they soon uncover a secret that neither is prepared for, but which will change their lives forever.

Bad Boy's Fake Wedding

Bad Boy's Fake Wedding

Author Lexi Whitlow

Liam is a bad guy who is nevertheless down on his luck. His wife is gone so he is a single dad, and when his psycho mother-in-law decides to sue for custody of his daughter, he panics. He decides that getting married is the best way to keep his daughter, so he asks Skye to be his wife. Innocent, goody-two-shoes Skye. At first, it seems like the perfect plan, but what happens when his feelings for Skye turn from fake feelings to the real kind?

Tying the Scot

Tying the Scot (The Highlanders of Balforss Book 1)

Author Jennifer Trethewey

Alex and Lucy are about to embark on an arranged marriage, but neither of them wants the wedding to take place. Lucy doesn’t like Scottish men, and Alex feels he is not marriage material. When an occurrence happens the night before their wedding, which appears to be a betrayal, Lucy runs away. For them to be together, two things have to happen. First, Alex has to reign in his temper and rescue Lucy from danger; and second, Lucy has to swallow her pride and admit how she really feels about her husband-to-be.

The Substitute Wife

The Substitute Wife (Brides of Little Creede Book 1)

Author CiCi Cordelia

It is the late 1800s, and Harrison’s fortune is now secured, so he sends for his fiancée of four years. But, when her sister, Retta, shows up instead – with her little girl by her side – he is shocked to find out that this is what his beloved wanted before she died. Although they barely know one another, Harrison agrees to marry Retta and take care of both her and her daughter. Will he come to love Retta as much as he loved her sister, or will Retta try to leave because she feels she’s made a mistake?

Author Tory Baker

When a man decides he needs a wife, he decides to enlist the help of social media. There, he sees Carly’s pictures, reads her words, and decides she is the one. He sends for her, and in the meantime he dreams about how much he’d like to touch her and make her scream his name. But, what happens when the woman who shows up at his doorstep isn’t the same woman he recently finished “ordering”? A great story with twists and turns you won’t see coming.

Marriage by Proxy

Marriage by Proxy: A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Petticoats and Pistols Series Book 4)

Author Emma Harper

Quaid and Pepper have an arranged marriage, but when Pepper arrives at Quaid’s home she finds one thing she didn’t expect – a father-in-law who is determined to make her miserable because he doesn’t want his son to marry her. But, Quaid is different than his father and is kind, handsome, and patient. Will Pepper stay and marry Quaid and try to change her future husband’s father, or will she consider it all not worth it and walk away?

Fake Wife

Fake Wife (Crazy Love Book 1)

Author Stacey Lynn

Corbin has to get married or lose the home his grandmother owns because it is a home he absolutely adores. When he meets Teagan, he decides she would make the perfect wife and proposes. Teagan thinks it’s fascinating – she only has to stay married for two years, live in a castle, and she doesn’t even have to have sex with him. There’s only one problem after the wedding happens – she is falling in love with Corbin, which means she has to rethink all of her life’s goals so she can make new ones.

The Duke's Accidental Wife

The Duke's Accidental Wife: A Regency Romance (Dukes Of War Book 7)

Author Erica Ridley

Katherine is a socialite who is convinced she is not the marrying, nor the mothering kind. When she finds out that she must marry the Duke of Ravenwood, she is enraged. At first. When the duke meets her, he finds her too headstrong and independent for his tastes, but she is thoroughly turned on as soon as she touches him. Will this be a match made in heaven, or the marriage from hell that both of them will try to escape?

A Sensible Arrangement

A Sensible Arrangement: A Modern Match-Maker Romance

Author Rocklyn Ryder

Tiffany is only in her 20s, but is a widow who is convinced she’ll never find true love again. She hires a professional matchmaker because she wants a marriage of convenience, and they find her Nathan. He is divorced and has older children, but when they meet sparks fly. Their relationship develops slowly and sweetly, and the story itself is believable, original, well-written, and sexy. For a couple who barely know one another, their story is hot and steamy enough to interest all readers, regardless of what you’re looking for in a story.

Different Arranged Marriage Romance Tropes

As a reader, we’re sure you are aware that even stories of the same genre won’t fit into the same mold. For instance, arranged marriage stories can be categorized into different tropes. The ones below are the most popular.

Marriage Before Romance

This is the first trope that most arranged marriage books fall into. It involves stories where the main characters find romance after they get married. The story will then show the couple’s married life together and how they fall in love.

Some of these stories also involve marrying a complete stranger to resolve a particular conflict. The most common conflicts are being beholden to family loyalty (or traditions), saving a family from debt, and accepting a political marriage (sometimes to prevent a war or a similar type of power struggle).

There are also a lot of stories under this theme that involves a third person. It is usually the person that one of the main characters initially loves.

The best part of this trope is that it has a lot of ending possibilities. The main characters can eventually fall in love and get married for real, one of the main characters can step aside to let another romance blossom, or both characters can also walk away, find their own life partners, and undergo tremendous character development in the process.

Regardless, most of them have a happy ending.

Marriage of Convenience Romance

Another popular trope is the Marriage of Convenience Romance where one character willingly accepts or even arranges the marriage itself to gain something. Like the previous trope, a Marriage of Convenience story usually has the wedding in the earlier parts of the story. The falling in love part comes after the initial fallout.

It’s also interesting to note that, most of the time, the main characters usually lose the advantages they gained after getting married. This point can turn into a final conflict that fully realizes the couple’s love for each other.

Fake Marriage

The next trope that can fall under Arranged Marriage stories is Fake Marriage. In this case, the arranged marriage isn’t completely binding.

Some of these stories tell of characters fully aware of the sham arrangement. Meanwhile, others involve only a single person being aware of the fake marriage. Lastly, while uncommon, we’ve also read fake marriage stories where the couple is not aware they are not actually “married.”

In most of these stories, finding out the truth, which was originally considered a solution, will turn out to be the couple’s worst nightmare. After all, it can put their now formed romance in jeopardy.

There’s no need to worry, though. Most of these tales have a happy ending, a real wedding; one made willingly, out of love, and binds people until death do them part.

Runaway Fiance

Finally, there are a lot of Arranged Marriage romance novels that involve the Runaway Fiance trope. It is where the other party gets away before getting married. The character will then eventually fall in love, sometimes with the person they initially ran away from.

Others involve another person, creating a love triangle until the conflicts are eventually resolved. Regardless, these stories almost always end in a happy ending.

What’s Your Favorite?

Speaking about happy endings, the books we featured are not the only Arranged Marriage novels out there. In fact, we encourage you to explore this genre better and even discover more tropes.

We sincerely hope you find your next favorite book from among our lineup. If you do read one of them, please feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below. You can drop a few of your recommended titles, as well. Happy reading!

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