Where the Werewolves Run

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Where the Werewolves Run (Moon of the Monsters Book 1)

Fate makes no exceptions. When stepping into a town full of werewolves like me for the first time in my life, I expected to be welcomed–or at least tolerated. Instead, I got hit in the face with a door. And then, found my dad’s face on a dartboard in their diner. The people there need my help, but I can’t help them unless I tell them who I am. And telling them who I am just might get me killed. The one connection I find comes in the form of a gorgeous, inked-up chemist who’s the only person in town that doesn’t hate me. He could be exactly what I need in more ways that one–and I’m pretty sure he’s my fated mate. Every day I’m there seems to increase my odds of dying as the townies try to force me out, but I refuse to back down. I’ll save them… even if they kill me for doing it.

Where the Werewolves Run (Moon of the Monsters Book 1)



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