Tis the Shifter Season

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'Tis the Shifter Season: A Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Box Set

I’ve never been a fan of Christmas. At least, until I met David. Aside from some alpha bear issues he has with an opposing family that insists on sabotaging his business, he’s a good, dependable guy. Someone I could easily see myself falling in love with. He’s strong, charming, kind… and he’s also a little obsessed with the festive side of Christmas. Something I am not. I was planning to spend my Christmas alone this year. I didn’t want to see my family, and be reminded of why I never fit in. Thought I’d be just fine by myself. Having David around, though is turning all my ideas upside down. I want to be closer to him. Get to know him more – and support him against the rival bear family that seeks to drag him down. Hell – maybe Christmas can be fun, after all…

'Tis the Shifter Season: A Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Box Set



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