The Wolf Prince’s Fate

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The Wolf Prince's Fate (The Royals Of Presley Acres Book 2)

My fated mate has a bounty on her head…

I’ve always known my fated mate is special, but now the world knows the truth about Liza, she’s more at risk than ever.

There hasn’t been another wolf like her for centuries, and the public scrutiny directed her way is setting my wolf on edge. When a bounty is put on her head, my protective instincts go into overdrive.

No one—and I mean no one—is going to touch my mate. Now I’m suspicious of everyone including an old rival who claims Liza’s parents have more secrets than she realizes, and a mysterious buyer who approaches me about a business deal.

But Liza is struggling so much with the changes she’s going through that if I don’t find a way to help her control her powers soon, her biggest threat may not be our enemies. It could be herself…

The Wolf Prince's Fate (The Royals Of Presley Acres Book 2)



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