The Spellbinding Courtship

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The Spellbinding Courtship (Calatini Tales)

Welcome to Calatini, an enchanting Regency-inspired kingdom filled with faegifts, witches, and heartwarming romance. Miss Selena Midor is lonely, close to destitute, and trapped far away from home with her cruel uncle. She’s grown accustomed to outwitting him to keep herself safe, but when she overhears her uncle’s evil scheme with a witch, Selena must make a choice no lady of quality should have to make. She must find a man to deflower her, and quickly. Aragon, eldest son of the Duke of Childes, is caught in the rain without even a spelled cloak to protect him. So he stumbles into a brothel… and finds Selena. Though tempted, Aragon is too honorable to accept Selena’s desperate overtures. He can’t take from her what she should give to the gentleman she loves. Selena is astonished when Aragon instead offers to bring her home for his family to present at court. She accepts his rescue but longs to be more than his charity case. Yet Aragon refuses to act on their attraction, and soon he isn’t the only eligible bachelor spellbound by Selena. Should she wait for Aragon or choose another?

The Spellbinding Courtship (Calatini Tales)

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