The Girl Who Joined the Circus

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The Girl Who Joined the Circus (Dark Circus Book 1)

Cirque du Noir… the circus of the night, where the line between the real and the imagined is a thin one. It’s 1930, I’m nineteen years old, and I have high hopes of joining the circus with my best friend, Amelia. But when I find myself alone at the train station with no sign of Amelia, I have no choice but to find my own way to the Cirque du Noir, all the while figuring Amelia must have already arrived. As I reach the circus grounds, I’m summarily greeted by the alluring owner of the circus and ringmaster, Laurent, who tells me he’s been awaiting my arrival. And yet there’s still no sign of Amelia…

The Girl Who Joined the Circus (Dark Circus Book 1)



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