The Enchanted

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The Enchanted: Council of Seven Shifter Romance Collection

One night at an Enchanted bar changed my entire world forever… I should have just let him have the drink and run. I didn’t. Toby’s eyes sucked me in—almost as fast as his lips. I have no idea who I thought I was fooling. Could a thieving witch and a billionaire bear ever end up together? Of course not. Is that why I hid our baby from him for years? Or was it his underworld ties and workplace scandals? Now, I am caught up in something that is forcing me to steal from him.The matter is life or death, after all. He still has the same effect on me as he did when we first met, but I can’t get sucked in again. If fate finds you once, it has a pesky way of catching up with you again—not unlike your past.

The Enchanted: Council of Seven Shifter Romance Collection



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