The Caress of Fate

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Touched - The Caress of Fate: A YA Gothic Romance (Touched Saga Book 1)

An invisible world hides before our eyes. Since the beginning of time, good and evil have fought over the souls of mortals. Gemma is a quiet human girl who loves books and photography. When she meets a dark boy with icy eyes in the woods, she has no idea how dangerous he is. She isn’t afraid of him. Yet, she should be… because he’s there to take her life. Evan is a Subterranean, a ferryman of souls. For centuries he has carried out orders as the best of the soldiers of death. Until he met her… They seem bonded by a supernatural power. But Gemma’s fate is sealed and she’s next on his list. Can love rebel against fate?

Touched - The Caress of Fate: A YA Gothic Romance (Touched Saga Book 1)

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