The Alpha Wolf’s Sacrifice

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The Alpha Wolf’s Sacrifice (The Wolves of Anchorage Book 1)

For my entire life, my clan tried to stifle me. I was smothered by traditions, customs, and rules. All I wanted was to live my dreams. But I couldn’t even work at my career without my brother’s interference. I ran and started over in a new city, living and working among humans. Then I met a gorgeous shifter, but he was a wolf, not a bear. I had no desire to be tied down, so I enjoyed our casual relationship. But casual wasn’t possible – we were meant to be. We had a connection that only mates share. Our families disagreed. My wolf shifter turned on me. He broke my heart, but left me with a surprise, a little piece of him that I will have forever. Five years after he broke my heart, we got a second chance. This time, could I start fresh with my sexy wolf shifter?

The Alpha Wolf’s Sacrifice (The Wolves of Anchorage Book 1)



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