Summer Camp Time Travel Class

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Summer Camp Time Travel Class (Shifter Academy Summer Camp Book 4)

I saw the future, and it’s not looking good. When I attended Dreadmor’s Summer Camp program, the last thing I expected was to be embroiled in something potentially world ending. It’s the nature of prophecy and time magic, at times. Sometimes you only see a cup of tea in your future. Sometimes you see the end of the world. Normal things. Everything’s coming to a head, now. It’s just me and my best shifter friend, Marlon. I can always trust him. He always has my back. He also knows a few people from all over the camp. And I’m going to need all the help I can get, if I don’t want this particular vision coming to pass. It just might involve a little bit of time travel in the process…

Summer Camp Time Travel Class (Shifter Academy Summer Camp Book 4)

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