Ruthless Mate

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Ruthless Mate (The Marked Dragon Prince Trilogy Book 1)

Two dragon princes. Arranged to marry one. Kidnapped by the other. I’d always hoped to marry for love. Fate had other plans. My mundane life gets spun off its axis when my family is threatened. The price of protection for the people I love? A forced marriage to a handsome, enigmatic man who holds… dark secrets. He’s fighting a war I didn’t even know existed. Thrust into the world of the supernatural, I’m kidnapped by his brother. And now, I’ve become a pawn in their sinister game. I shouldn’t be attracted to my captor. But something about Thorn overpowers my soul and makes me want to forget all the unforgivable things he’s done. Yet, none of it matters in the end. I won’t let my family suffer, which means going back to the man I must marry to save them. Even if it destroys me.

Ruthless Mate (The Marked Dragon Prince Trilogy Book 1)



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