10 Best Pirate Fantasy Books That Avid Readers Will Love

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Getting lost in a book is one of the best ways to spend your time. Fantasy is the perfect genre for escapism, and there are lots of different types of fantasy novels. Pirate fantasy is exciting and thrilling, with plenty of action and adventure. Here are our top recommendations for Pirate Fantasy books that you will love.

10 Best Pirate Fantasy Books That Avid Readers Will Love

1. Knightmare Arcanist – Shami Stovall

Knightmare Arcanist (Frith Chronicles Book 1)

This is book one of the Frith Chronicles. It follows the story of Volke Savan, a gravedigger who longs to be a magical pirate like the famous hero Gregory Ruma. To prove that he is capable of wielding magic, he must forge a bond with a mythical creature.

He comes across a knightmare – a shadowy creature – but as they get to know each other it turns out that that knightmare knows some dark secrets about Gregory. Volke will have to come face to face with his fallen hero to protect the ones he loves.

This is a fast-paced fantasy book from an award-winning author and former history teacher. The mysterious elements of the plot keep you hooked until the very end and leave you wanting more, so you will likely want to continue reading the rest of the series.

2. Dark Shores – Danielle L Jensen

Dark Shores

This story is the first of three in the Dark Shores trilogy. It is set in a fantasy world where the Main people traverse the dangerous oceans and the Gods meddle in the lives of ordinary people. Teriana is one of the Maarin people and is second mate on the Quincense ship.

She goes against the rules to help her friend escape a difficult situation, getting herself in trouble in the process.

Meanwhile, the 37th legion is helping the empire to conquer the East. Their commander. Marcus is hiding a secret that he will do anything to protect. When a senator of the empire discovers the secret, he uses it to blackmail Marcus into taking on a dangerous quest.

His unlikely sailing partner is Teriana, who’s crew mates have been captured by the senator. Both Marcus and Teriana are trying to protect the people they love, but how much will they be willing to sacrifice?

3. Pirate Latitudes – Michael Crichton

Pirate Latitudes: A Novel

This is a classic swashbuckling adventure from a number 1 New York Times bestselling author. Captain Hunter is hired as a privateer by the governor of Jamaica  to lead an expedition.

Hunter and his crew face many challenges along the way – abduction, duels, treasure hunting and betrayal. With everyone out for themselves, who can you trust on the open seas of the New World?

Michael Crichton is a writer and a filmmaker who has worked on movies such as Jurassic Park. He is the only person to have the number one book, movie and tv show in the US at the same time.

The gripping plot of this book is filled with twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end, and the characters are very well developed.

4. The Pirate King – R A Salvatore

The Pirate King: The Legend of Drizzt

The Pirate King is book 21 of 36 in the Legend Of Drizzt series and book 2 of 3 in the Transitions trilogy. It is part of the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms collection, so fans of the Dungeons and Dragons role play game will enjoy this novel.

The Arcane Brotherhood is a group of corrupt pirates and mages who have control over the city of Luskan. Captain Deudermont is a pirate hunter who wants to finally free the city from the Arcane Brotherhood, so he comes up with a plan to overthrow their leader – Arklem Greeth.

He needs the help of Drizzt and Regis to bring his plan into action. But the struggle is violent – even if the plan succeeds, how much of Luskan will be destroyed in the process?

5. Escape The Sea – G Bailey

Escape the Sea (Saved by pirates Book 1)

This is book 1 in the popular book series ‘Saved By Pirates’. Cassandra is a mortal who was born with special powers – others like her are killed at birth by the King, but Cassandra’s father has kept her abilities hidden.

When her secret is discovered she flees to the only place she can – the sea – but it is a dangerous place. She has heard many stories of the bloodthirsty pirates that sail the ocean, but the pirates she meets are not at all what she expected. The pirates take her in and teach her the truth, changing her life in unexpected ways.

This book has a strong female protagonist, themes of adventure and romance, and an exciting setting of a pirate fantasy world. It will sweep you away and leave you wanting more. It comes from an international bestselling author who knows how to build tension and get the reader emotionally invested in the plot.

6. The Assassin And The Pirate Lord – Sarah J Maas

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord: A Throne of Glass Novella

Fans of Sarah J Mass will enjoy this novella linked to the Throne Of Glass series. If you are new to her work but you love pirate fantasy, this is the perfect introduction to one of the most popular female fantasy writers of this generation.

Infamous assassin Celaena Sardothien has come to a remote tropical island to collect a debt for the Assassin’s Guild.

She expects to collect money, like usual, but finds out that the Lord Of The Pirates has agreed to pay his debt in human slaves rather than coins. Will Celeana be able to complete her mission now that the fate of these innocent people is in her hands?

Sarah J Mass is an international bestselling author with several number 1 New York Times bestselling books. This exciting story is a great addition to her collection.

7. Once A Pirate – Susan Grant

Once a Pirate: A Time Travel Romance

Andrew Spencer is a former nobleman who was outlawed and became a pirate. All he cares about is getting revenge on the Duke who ruined his life, so he comes up with a plan to abduct his niece. He will use her to get ransom money, draining the Duke of his wealth.

When Andrew captures the Duke’s niece he notices how strangely she is dressed. She won’t admit that she’s a noblewoman – in fact, she insists that she’s from a different century in time.

Andrew is confused by her stories of the flying machines of the future and doesn’t know whether to believe her far-fetched tale. Will she be able to persuade him to reconsider his plans and save her life?

This is a fun time-travel romance with plenty of adventure and drama. The modern character provides a great contrast to the pirate theme and adds some comedic moments to the book, creating a well balanced story.

8. On Stranger Tides – Tim Powers

On Stranger Tides

This pirate adventure is inspired by Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean and is reminiscent of an Indiana Jones story. It has plenty of action and intrigue, with immersive descriptions and lively characters.

John Chandagnac is sailing to Jamaica to recover a stolen birthright from his uncle when his vessel is attacked by pirates. He can either join their crew or die, so John decides to become a pirate.

He struggles to adapt to the swashbuckling life on the open seas, especially when the crew become involved in a supernatural world of voodoo and sorcery.

As they search for the elusive Fountain Of Youth, they come across a damsel in distress and get into a fight with Blackbeard and his band of ghostly pirate shipmates.

9. Shifting Seas – T A White

Shifting Seas: A Novella Set in the Dragon-Ridden World (Dragon Ridden Chronicles Book 6)

This novella is a prequel to the Dragon Ridden Chronicles series. It follows Jost, a pirate captain sailing the northern seas. He is on a dangerous mission for the empire which involves the pursuit of an enemy. It is a race against time that grows even more precarious as a mutiny brews among his crew.

Will Jost be able to keep his crew on side for long enough to complete his mission? Or will a stranger watching from the shadows scupper his plans?

10. Deadmen Walking – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Deadmen Walking: A Deadman's Cross Novel

This is book one of the Deadman’s Cross trilogy from New York Times bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Devyl Bane is an ancient warlord who has returned to the realm of the humans as a notorious pirate in command of a crew of Deadmen.

Bane and his crew are humanity’s last hope of returning the hellish creatures released by the Gods to their realm and securing the gates.

The ship they sail is the Sea Witch, but she is no ordinary vessel. The Sea Witch is a woman, part of ancient people who Bane wronged many years ago. She is also the sister of one of the evil creatures the crew are pursuing.

Will the Sea Witch remain loyal to her sister and doom the fate of humanity, or will she put aside her differences with Bane and help him?


These pirate fantasy books will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.

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