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Oblivion (Rise of the Sphinx Book 1)

When you’re scared and alone, you’ll accept even the devil’s hand if only to know where he is in the darkness. Like parenting isn’t hard enough, let’s throw in a budding sociopath that an entire world I never knew existed is after for her power. The secrets my late husband took to his grave have come back to haunt us with a vengeance, setting the small shred of peace we’ve finally managed to find on fire. I never expected the threats I would have to shield her from. Magic, monsters, and people that will stop at nothing to use her power for their own. Enter Cain, Seros, and Ryker; three men sent to eliminate those that threaten the exposure of their world, and my resident stalkers. If I want any shot of the two of us making it out of this alive, I have to bet everything on the men that already have one woman’s blood on their hands. Will they be enough to not only shield us from the threats of their world and ours, but the ones awakening in the shadows?

Oblivion (Rise of the Sphinx Book 1)



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