Nobledark Academy 1

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Nobledark Academy 1: Secret Magic

Do bad girls have all the fun? Guess I’m about to find out… At Nobledark Academy, where light magic is used to keep dark magic contained, it’s good versus evil, right versus wrong. There is no in-between. Recent revelations, however, have shown me that not everything is so simple. Turns out, I’m not the daughter of the two witches who raised me. My real mother was a siren who gave her heart to a demon. Newsflash: There’s no place for Underworlders at Nobledark. Demons and sirens use some of the darkest magic there is. As demon spawn and the daughter of a siren, I can’t let anyone know who I really am. Is there anyone I can trust? I can’t trust the school’s biggest bully, one of the most dangerous bad boys, nor the two hottest brothers at Nobledark – even though I’m attracted to all of them. If I get too close, any one of them could find out I’m the heir to one of the siren queens. And that puts my life at risk. The safest place for me to hide from those who want to kill the heir is under the protection of Nobledark Academy. Where I am the enemy. I’m caught between two worlds. One who wants me dead because of who I am. And the other who will kill me if they find out the truth.

Nobledark Academy 1: Secret Magic



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