Ink Cursed

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Ink Cursed (Shifter Squad Next Gen Book 1)

Raised by a malevolent witch in an isolated cabin in the woods, Alex is being kept prisoner for her own good. A monster is trapped inside her and it desperately wants out. The enchantments that are tattooed on her body keep it contained, for now. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Alex feels the beast growing stronger. Escaping from captivity, Alex heads to Denver and joins the Shifter Squad. She’ll be working with twin werewolves, a werecougar, a wereconstrictor and the extremely sexy new recruit, Jaxon Remington. Jax seems strangely familiar from the first moment they meet. Is it possible he’s the mate she’s been dreaming about? If so, things are bound to be awkward, since it seems they’ll be working closely together.

Ink Cursed (Shifter Squad Next Gen Book 1)

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