In a World Without Coffee

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I’d stay with this tall and handsome demon, but there’s no coffee. Emergency room nurse Jill is used to double shifts and triple espressos. When her attempt to take her cat to the vet ends with her landing in a medieval fantasy world, she can’t believe her luck. Literally can’t believe it. Jill must’ve bumped her head, and this is a very confusing dream. She can just go for a ride with this beefy demon and then wake up. Except the dream turned out to be an unfortunate reality filled with dangerous foes who want to either kill or use her. The only person she can trust is Vinsor, the demon that dragged her away to a gloomy castle and locked her in the dungeon. The demon that can manipulate Jill’s emotions.

In a World Without Coffee: A Magic Portal into a Fantasy Romance (Doctors Without Boundaries Book 1)



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