His First Shifter Wolf Love

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His First Shifter Wolf Love: (The Clan of Hogan Falls)

She called the sheriff on me when we first met. I saw the hatred in her eyes when she found me digging up a tree, looking for a beetle thought to be extinct. Penny is a force to be reckoned with, but also a wall flower among her friends that she runs a bed and breakfast with. My attraction to her was undeniable before I even knew she was like me. A wolf shifter. She rescued me when I needed her, and in that instant, I vowed to protect her forever. That promise I made to myself would soon be tested when a tough choice would threaten to tear us apart. It wasn’t an enemy that came between us – but my own family. Saving her was my only priority, but would be she able to keep herself alive until then?

His First Shifter Wolf Love: (The Clan of Hogan Falls)

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