Her Dragons

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Her Dragons: Menage Protector Romance

My heart beats for two dragons.

I thought life with my dragon shifter ex would be a dream.
Until I discovered how easily he could fly into a murderous rage.

Before his anger could kill me, I ran…
Straight into the arms of two sexy dragon shifters who offer me a place to stay.
Desperate, I say yes but plan to keep my distance, which soon becomes impossible.

Jake is a blond god with perfect abs.
Empathetic and romantic, he makes me feel safe.

Alex is dark-haired, broody, and mysterious.
But unlike my ex, I’m not afraid of what I’ll uncover once I get to know him better.

Before long, I’m getting to know the two dragons on a very intimate level.
They worship my curvy body in ways I couldn’t imagine.
Finally, I’m getting my fairy tale ending.

That is until my ex finds us, vowing bloody revenge.

Her Dragons: Menage Protector Romance



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