Half-breed’s Bargain

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Half-breed's Bargain: Unity City Book 1

My name is Harlow Walsh. Yes, that Harlow Walsh. You know, the infamous killer enthralled by an evil mage with black magic and used to do all kinds of despicable things before I took him out and freed myself. My past is as violent and inscrutable as the city I now live in, and I keep to myself and avoid any trouble with the preternatural factions who occupy Unity right under all the mortals’ noses. I thought I’d found some measure of peace and normalcy living here for the last five years. But all that ends the night a friend asks me for a favor involving the fae, and I meet Van Cabrera, the gorgeous and sexy man my traitorous body inexplicably thinks is mine.

Half-breed's Bargain: Unity City Book 1



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