Dragon’s Surrogate MatchMate

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As a powerful dragon shifter, I had everything I wanted. Everything except for the one thing that mattered most. A baby. I signed up for the Hybrid Baby Hearts service. A surrogate mother would give me what I wanted. No complications. No expectations. Little did I know that I’d be paired with my fated mate. Lily Bradford is carrying my baby. An innocent woman in trouble. A gorgeous angel I craved. Falling in love with my surrogate was a bad idea. But I had to protect Lily from her stalker. Her ex-boyfriend needed to back off. And when he didn’t, that’s when all hell broke loose. The enemy was a wolf shifter and had her hostage. The fire within me intensified. The love that I had for her grew. I knew I had to save her. To make her mine and make my family complete.

Dragon's Surrogate MatchMate (Dragon's MatchMate Agency Book 1)



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