Dragon Heat Box Set

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Dragon Heat: A 9 Book Shifter Collection

My friend surprised me with a new man. A dragon shifter. A strong, alpha dragon, looking for a mate. How exactly could I say no to such a generous offer? I live in a small town. There’s not much happening here. Kieran’s handsome, nice, and quite a catch. I’m with him, and it’s going great… right until the point where I get pregnant with his shifter baby. I’ve no idea how to break it to him. There’s also the fact his family doesn’t want him here. His brother’s trying to get him to return to their clan in the mountains. Kieran’s brother sounds like the kind of person who’ll do anything. Including ending people’s lives.

This collection includes: Ivy’s Dragon, Noely’s Dragon, & More!

Dragon Heat: A 9 Book Shifter Collection




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